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La Grange (Ky.) (4)

La Jolla Reservation (Calif.)

Labor (5)

Labor camps

Labor disputes (6)

Labor disputes--Kentucky (3)

Labor Management Relations Act, 1947

Labor movement (8)

Labor strikes (2)

Labor unions (41)

Labor unions--Kentucky (5)

Labor unions--Organizing (12)

Labor unions--Strike benefits (6)

Labor unions--Strikes

Laboratories (2)

Lackey, Hecht S. (2)

Lackey, Hecht S.--Interviews (2)

Lackey, Henry G.

Lackey, Henry G.--Interviews

Lackland Air Force Base (Tex.)

Lacy, Bertha Mae

Lacy, Bertha Mae--Interviews

Lacy, Daniel

Lacy, Daniel--Interviews

Lacy, Edith, 1893-

Lacy, Edith, 1893- --Interviews

Ladd Air Force Base (Alaska)

Ladino (Latin American people)

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Lady, Martha, 1927-2020

Lady, Martha, 1927-2020--Interviews

Laffoon, Ruby, 1869-1941 (2)

Lafond, Jeanne C.

Lafond, Jeanne C.--Interviews

Lagos (Nigeria) (2)

LaGrange (Ky.)

LaGrange County (Ind.) (3)

Lagrew, Embry D.

Lagrew, Embry D.--Interviews

Lahore (Pakistan) (3)

Laine, Patricia R.

Laine, Patricia R.--Interviews

Laine, Roberta

Laine, Roberta--Interviews

Lair, John, 1894-1985

Lair, John, 1894-1985--Interviews

Lake Cumberland Area Development District (Ky.)

Lake, Patrick (3)

Lake, Patrick--Interviews (3)

Lakeba (Fiji)


Lamb, Dock

Lamb, Dock--Interviews

Lamb, Essie L.

Lamb, Essie L.--Interviews

Lambert, James

Lambert, James--Interviews

Lambert, Joseph E. (2)

Lambert, Joseph E.--Interviews

Lambert, Ward L., 1888-1958

Lamm, Carol K.

Lamm, Carol K.--Interviews

Lampton, Dinwiddie, Jr.

Lampton, Dinwiddie, Jr.--Interviews

Lampton, Elizabeth

Lampton, Elizabeth--Interviews

Lampton, Nana

Lampton, Nana--Interviews

Lancaster (Ky.) (4)

Lancaster County (Pa.) (3)

Lancaster, Clay

Lancaster, Clay--Interviews

Land Between the Lakes (Ky. and Tenn.) (3)

Land Between the Lakes, (Ky. and Tenn.)

Land grants

Land ownership (3)

Land reform

Land subdivision.

Land tenure

Land use (2)

Land use, Rural

Land use, Rural--Kentucky (7)

Land use, Rural. (15)

Land use--Planning

Land use. (2)


Landing craft

Landing craft.

Landlord and tenant (5)


Landon, Hobart

Lane, Virginia

Lane, Virginia--Interviews


Language and culture (264)

Language and culture. (2)

Language and languages (269)

Language and languages. (17)

Language arts teachers

Language learning and language teaching

Language transfer (Language learning)


Languages (5)

Lanier, Max

Lanier, Max--Interviews

Laos (2)

Lapchick, Joe, 1900-

Lapsley, Josephine

Lapsley, Josephine--Interviews

Larue County (Ky.) (5)

LaRue, Cindy D.

LaRue, Cindy D.--Interviews

LaRue, Janice

LaRue, Janice--Interviews

Lasslo, Anna B.

Lasslo, Anna B.--Interviews

Lastey, A.R.

Lastey, A.R.--Interviews

Latin America (2)

Latin American students.

Latin Americans

Latin Americans--Kentucky

Latin Americans.

Latin language

Latino communities (2)

Latta, Clifford (2)


Laurel Branch (Ky.)

Laurel County (Ky.) (7)

Laurence, Brandon Maurice

Laurence, Brandon Maurice--Interviews

Lautoka (Fiji) (2)

LaViers, Harry, Jr., 1929-2016 (2)

LaViers, Harry, Jr., 1929-2016--Interviews (2)

Lavit, Theodore H.

Lavit, Theodore H.--Interviews

Law (3)

Law and legislation (38)

Law clerks (9)

Law enforcement (10)

Law enforcement equipment technology

Law enforcement--California

Law enforcement--Finance

Law enforcement. (6)

Law firm associates (2)

Law firms (4)

Law firms. (2)

Law reviews (2)

Law schools (9)

Law schools. (2)

Law students


Law--Study and teaching (2)

Lawrence (Mass.)

Lawrence County (Ky.) (5)

Lawrenceburg (Ky.) (3)

Lawrin (Race horse)

Laws and legislation

Lawson, James M., 1928-

Lawson, James M., 1928- --Interviews

Lawson, R.N.

Lawson, R.N.--Interviews

Lawyers (24)

Lawyers--Kentucky (38)

Lawyers--Kentucky--Louisville (3)

Lawyers. (5)

Layman, Jodie, 1941-

Layman, Jodie, 1941- --Interviews

Layman, Thomas, 1939-

Layman, Thomas, 1939- --Interviews

Layzell, Thomas

Layzell, Thomas--Interviews

LBJ Ranch House (Tex.) (5)

Leach, Nellie

Leach, Nellie--Interviews

Leach, Sill (2)

Leach, Sill--Interviews (2)

Leachman, Shirley L.

Leachman, Shirley L.--Interviews

Lead arsenate

Leaders (3)


Leadership (30)

Leadership--Political aspects (4)

Leadership. (3)

League of Women Voters

Leahy, Frank, 1908-1973

Leake, John

Leake, John--Interviews

Lear, William M., 1950-

Lear, William M., 1950- --Interviews

Learning disabilities

Leary, Joseph J. (2)

Leary, Joseph J.--Interviews (2)

Leasor, Roger (4)

Leasor, Roger--Interviews (4)

Leavell, Mary

Leavell, Mary--Interviews


Lebanon (Pa.)

Lebanon Junction (Ky.)

LeBoun, Gladys

LeBoun, Gladys--Interviews

Lebovitz, Hal

Lebovitz, Hal--Interviews

LeBus, Clarence

Lectio Divina (2)

Ledbetter, Jim T.

Ledbetter, Jim T.--Interviews

Ledbetter, Stella

Ledbetter, Stella--Interviews

Ledbetter, Theodore

Ledbetter, Theodore--Interviews

Ledford, Georgia

Ledford, Georgia--Interviews

Lee County (Ky.) (4)

Lee, Albert B. (2)

Lee, Albert B.--Interviews (2)

Lee, Elmer T., 1919- (2)

Lee, Elmer T., 1919- --Interviews

Lee, J.C.

Lee, J.C.--Interviews

Lee, Peggy

Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870 (2)

Leeper, Bob

Lees Junior College (2)

Legacies (3)

Legacy (24)

Legal research and writing (2)

Leggett, James L., Jr. (2)

Leggett, James L., Jr.--Interviews (2)

Legislation (5)

Legislative bodies (2)

Legislative bodies--Committees

Legislative bodies--Ethics (3)

Legislative oversight--United States

Legislative reporting--Kentucky (2)

Legislators (34)

Legislators -- Kentucky -- Interviews (10)

Legislators--Kentucky--Interviews (109)

Legislators--Term of office

Legislators--United States (56)

Legislators--United States. (2)

Leight, Adel

Leight, Adel--Interviews

Leight, Leonard

Leight, Leonard--Interviews

Leis, Larry (2)

Leis, Larry--Interviews (2)

Lemaster, James G. (2)

Lemaster, James G.--Interviews

LeMaster, Preston

LeMaster, Richard R., 1934-

LeMaster, Richard R., 1934- --Interviews

Lemon, Robert

Lemon, Robert--Interviews

Lennon, John

Lennon, John--Interviews

Leonard, Cynthia W.

Leonard, Cynthia W.--Interviews

Leonard, Molly A.

Leonard, Molly A.--Interviews


Lesbian bars

Lesbian community

Lesbian couples. (3)

Lesbian culture

Lesbian mothers

Lesbian musicians

Lesbian separatism

Lesbian youth.


Lesbianism. (4)

Lesbians (12)

Lesbians--Family relationships. (2)

Lesbians--Identity (2)

Lesbians--Identity. (5)

Lesbians--United States--Social conditions.


Leslie County (Ky.) (62)

Leslie County (Ky.)--Politics and government (7)

Leslie, Bruce

Leslie, Bruce--Interviews

Lesotho (4)

Lessing, Doris, 1919-2013

Lester, Betty

Lester, Betty--Interviews

Lester, Linda Ruth

Lester, Linda Ruth--Interviews

Letcher County (Ky.) (35)

Letters (5)


Levitch, David

Levitch, David, Jr.

Levitch, David, Jr.--Interviews

Levitch, David--Interviews

Levitch, Doris

Levitch, Doris--Interviews

Levitch, Rhonda

Levitch, Rhonda--Interviews

Lewis, Anne

Lewis, Anne--Interviews

Lewis, Ben

Lewis, Ben--Interviews

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963

Lewis, Earl M.

Lewis, Earl M.--Interviews

Lewis, Ron, 1946-

Lewis, Shelby, F.

Lewis, Shelby, F.--Interviews

Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951

Lexington (Ky.) (272)

Lexington (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc. (11)

Lexington (Ky.)--History (5)

Lexington (Ky.)--History--20th century

Lexington (Ky.)--Newspapers

Lexington (Ky.)--Newspapers.

Lexington (Ky.)--Politics and government (7)

Lexington (Ky.)--Politics and government. (2)

Lexington (Ky.)--Race relations (13)

Lexington (Ky.)--Race relations. (36)

Lexington (Ky.)--Social conditions (37)

Lexington (Ky.). (158)

Lexington (Ky.). Haitian Task Force (30)

Lexington Community College (16)

Lexington Herald-Leader (5)

Lexington Theological Seminary

Lexington Transit Corporation (Lexington, Ky.)

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (Ky.)

Leyte (Philippines) (2)

Leyte Gulf, Battle of, Philippines, 1944

Leyte Island (Philippines)

LGBTQ people

LGBTQ+ people--Family relationships.

LGBTQ+ people--Identity.

Liberal (2)

Liberal Arts College Movement

Liberal arts education

Liberalism (2)


Liberation theology (2)

Liberia (19)

LIberty ships

Liberty University

Librarians (4)

Libraries (5)

Libraries and business (16)

Libraries and business. (4)


Library administrators (3)

Library cooperation (7)

Library employees (2)

Library finance (7)

Library resources (11)

Library science (11)

Lickert, Gladys M., 1913-

Lickert, Gladys M., 1913- --Interviews

Lickert, Raymond H., 1901-

Lickert, Raymond H., 1901- --Interviews

Lieutenant governors (2)

Lieutenant governors--Kentucky (17)

Life (15)

Lifestyles (241)

Lifestyles. (4)

Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company

Lile, William J., 1946-

Lile, William J., 1946- --Interviews

Lilly, Austin P., (Austin Page), 1896-1991

Lilly, Austin P., (Austin Page), 1896-1991--Interviews

Lilongwe District (Malawi)

Lincoln County (Ky.) (3)

Lincoln University (Jefferson City, Mo.)

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 (5)

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 --Views on race relations (5)

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Views on slavery (6)

Lindbergh, Charles Augustus, 1930-1932

Lindsay Wilson College

Lindsay, Gross C. (2)

Lindsay, Gross C.--Interviews

Lindsey, Florence E. Walker

Lindsey, Florence E. Walker--Interviews

Lingayen Gulf (Philippines)


Linguistics teachers

Linney, Romulus, 1930-2011

Linton, Ron

Linton, Ron--Interviews

Lippmann, Judith Ann

Lippmann, Judith Ann--Interviews

Lipscomb, William N. (2)

Lipscomb, William N.--Interviews (2)

Liquor laws--United States


Liquors--Gaging and testing (2)

Lisle Stockings

Literacy (2)

Literacy tests (Election law) (4)

Literary readings

Literature (152)

Literature--History and criticism


Litigation (2)

Litter (Trash) (5)

Litteral, Grace, 1898-

Litteral, Grace, 1898- --Interviews

Little Creek (Ky.)

Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base (Va.)

Little Egg Harbor Township (N.J.)

Little Rock (Ark.)

Little Tennessee River (Ga.-Tenn.)

Little, C. Oran (Charles Oran), 1935- (16)

Little, C. Oran (Charles Oran), 1935- --Interviews (16)

Little, Lucille Caudill, 1909-2002

Little, Lucille Caudill, 1909-2002--Interviews

Little, Saundra S.

Little, Saundra S.--Interviews

Liuyang Shi (China)

Live radio programs

Live television shows

Lively, Carl W.

Lively, Carl W.--Interviews

Livestock (13)

Livestock Development Project Western Province (Zambia). Rangeland Management Team

Livestock--Artificial insemination

Livestock. (3)

Living History Association (2)

Livingston (Guatemala)

Livingston County (Ky.)

Livingston, Valinda

Livingston, Valinda--Interviews

Livisay, Charles (2)

Livisay, Charles--Interviews (2)

Livisay, Evelyn

Livisay, Evelyn--Interviews


Lloyd, Arthur Y.

Lloyd, Arthur Y.--Interviews

Loans (2)

Lobbying (19)

Lobbying--Kentucky (2)

Lobbyists (37)

Lobbyists-- Kentucky (14)

Lobbyists--Interviews (2)

Lobbyists--Kentucky (5)

Lobster fishers

Local elections (2)

Local elections.

Local foods (4)

Local foods.

Local government (6)

Local transit

Local transit accessibility (2)

Lockhart, Patsy C.

Lockhart, Patsy C.--Interviews

Locomotive engineers (2)

Log cabin quilts

Logan County (Ky.) (5)

Logan County (W. Va.)

Logan, Mary (2)

Logan, Mary--Interviews (2)

Logging (17)

Logistics (2)

Lominac, Lattie Buck

Lominac, Lattie Buck--Interviews

London (England) (4)

London (Ky.) (5)

Lonesome Glory (Race horse)

Long Beach Island (N.J.)

Long Island (N.Y.)

Long, D. Marshall

Long, D. Marshall--Interviews

Long, Dameta

Long, Dameta--Interviews

Long, Huey

Long, Marjorie, 1912-

Long, Marjorie, 1912- --Interviews

Long, Minnie, 1910- (2)

Long, Minnie, 1910- --Interviews (2)

Long-distance runners.

Long-distance running.

Longden, Johnny, 1907-2003

Loomis, Charles Price, 1905-1995--Interviews.

Lootens, Robert Lee

Lootens, Robert Lee--Interviews

Lopat, Ed, 1918-1992

Lopat, Ed, 1918-1992--Interviews

Lopez, Al, 1908-

Lopez, Al, 1908- --Interviews

Lorber, Alan

Lorch, Elizabeth Pugzles, 1952-

Lorch, Elizabeth Pugzles, 1952- --Interviews

Lorenzo, Jose T.

Lorenzo, Jose T.--Interviews

Loretta, Lynn, 1932-2022

Loretta, Lynn, 1932-2022--Interviews

Los Angeles (Calif.) (3)

Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball team)

Los Angeles Times (Firm)

Lotteries--Law and legislation--Kentucky

Lotz, Susan

Lotz, Susan--Interviews

Loudon County (Tenn.)

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Louis D. Brandeis School of Law (2)

Louisa (Ky.)

Louisiana (220)

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.)

Louisiana--Politics and government (34)

Louisville (Ky.) (227)

Louisville (Ky.)

Louisville (Ky.)--Church History

Louisville (Ky.)--History

Louisville (Ky.)--Newspapers

Louisville (Ky.)--Poetry

Louisville (Ky.)--Politics and government (6)

Louisville (Ky.)--Social conditions

Louisville (Ky.)--Social life and customs

Louisville (Miss.)

Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company (9)

Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. (4)

Louisville courier journal

Louisville times (2)

Louisville, (Ky.)

Lourie, Helen B.

Lourie, Helen B.--Interviews

Lovely, Sylvia L. (2)

Lovely, Sylvia L.--Interviews (2)

Lovers Sensation (Show horse)

Low-income housing

Lowell (Mass.)

Lowell, Robert, 1917-1977 (6)

Lowell, Robert, 1917-1977.

Lowery, Tom

Lowery, Tom--Interviews

Lowman, Harry King, 1913-1977 (3)

Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

Loyall (Ky.)


Loyalty. (3)

Loyd, Tara L.

Loyd, Tara L.--Interviews

Lucas, Annette Bowles, 1937-

Lucas, Annette Bowles, 1937- --Interviews

Lucas, George, 1944-

Lucknow (India)

Lumber trade

Lumber trade. (4)

Lummis, Eleanor Cammack

Lummis, Eleanor Cammack--Interviews

Lund (Sweden)


Lungs--Dust diseases (5)

Luscher, Michael L.

Luscher, Michael L.--Interviews

Lusky, Louis--Interviews

Lutheran Church. (8)

Luxembourg (3)

Lymon, Limenta Locke

Lymon, Limenta Locke--Interviews

Lynch (Ky.) (3)

Lynch, Cox, Gilman and Mahan, LLC

Lynchburg (Tenn.)

Lynching (2)

Lynn, June

Lynn, June--Interviews

Lyon County (Ky.)

Lyon, George Ella, 1949- (3)

Lyric writing (Popular music) (7)



Lʹviv (Ukraine)