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U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II.

U.S. Army Ranger School (2)

U.S. Open (Tennis tournament)

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company

U.S. Supreme Court

UAB Libraries

Ueland, Brenda

Ukraine (3)

Underground music (2)

Underground press publications--Kentucky.

Undertakers and undertaking (2)

Underwood, Linda C.

Underwood, Linda C.--Interviews

Underwood, McKinley

Underwood, McKinley--Interviews

Unemployment (3)

Unger, Klaus, 1934-

Union (N.J.)

Union Beach (N.J.) (12)

Union College

Union County (Ky.) (5)


United Church of Christ (2)

United Farm Equipment and Metal Workers of America (2)

United Methodist Church

United Mine Workers of America (27)

United Nations

United Nations. Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals

United Professional Horsemen's Association (UPHA)

United States (3)

United States Air Force

United States Air Force.

United States Attorney's Office

United States Attorney’s Office

United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)

United States Military Academy, West Point (3)

United States Military Academy. (2)

United States National Student Association

United States Postal Service (2)

United States Steel Corporation (3)

United States Tennis Association

United States--Air National Guard.

United States--Armed Forces--African Americans.

United States--Armed Forces--Recruiting, enlistment, etc (3)

United States--Armed Forces--Recruiting, enlistment, etc.

United States--Economic conditions

United States--Economic conditions--1918-1945. (3)

United States--History--1961-1969

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Causes

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865. (10)

United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783

United States--History--War of 1812

United States--History.

United States--Marine Corps--4th Division

United States--National Guard (6)

United States--Officials and employees (5)

United States--Politics and government (357)

United States--Politics and government--Moral and ethical aspects (2)

United States--Race relations (10)

United States--Race relations--Political aspects

United States--Race relations. (44)

United States--Trials, litigation, etc. (11)

United States. (2)

United States. Agricultural Marketing Service

United States. Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (9)

United States. Air Force

United States. Air Force. (2)

United States. Army (24)

United States. Army Air Forces (7)

United States. Army Air Forces. Bomb Group, 100th

United States. Army Air Forces. Bomb Group, 303rd

United States. Army Air Forces. Fighter Group, 352nd

United States. Army Nurse Corps

United States. Army Reserve.

United States. Army, Vietnam (3)

United States. Army--African American troops.

United States. Army--Military life (13)

United States. Army--Military life. (8)

United States. Army--Officers

United States. Army--Procurement.

United States. Army--Reserves

United States. Army--Reserves--Job descriptions

United States. Army--Reserves--Military life

United States. Army--Women (4)

United States. Army. (29)

United States. Army. Air Corps (2)

United States. Army. Air Corps. (2)

United States. Army. Airborne Brigade, 173rd

United States. Army. Airborne Brigade, 173rd.

United States. Army. Airborne Division, 82nd

United States. Army. Airborne Division, 82nd.

United States. Army. Anti-Aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion, 325th

United States. Army. Armored Division, 12th

United States. Army. Armored Signal Company, 150th

United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.

United States. Army. Field Artillery, 135th. Battery D

United States. Army. Glider Infantry Regiment, 325th.

United States. Army. Infantry (6)

United States. Army. Infantry Division, 25th.

United States. Army. Infantry Division, 4th.

United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 339th. Battalion, 2nd. Company E

United States. Army. Medical Service Corps

United States. Army. Officer Candidate School (2)

United States. Army. Officer Candidate School.

United States. Army. Parachute Infantry Regiment, 504th

United States. Army. Ranger Battalion, 3rd.

United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps (5)

United States. Army. Tank Battalion, 192nd

United States. Army. Tank Battalion, 192nd. Company D (2)

United States. Army. Women's Army Corps. (3)

United States. Circuit Court (6th Circuit)

United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964 (2)

United States. Coast Guard.

United States. Congress (10)

United States. Congress--Elections

United States. Congress--History--20th century (3)

United States. Congress. House (4)

United States. Congress. House.

United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities.

United States. Congress. Senate

United States. Congress. Senate. (7)

United States. Court of Appeals (District of Columbia Circuit).

United States. Court of Appeals.

United States. Declaration of Independence

United States. Department of Agriculture.

United States. Department of Justice

United States. Department of Justice. Office of Legal Policy

United States. Department of the Treasury

United States. Dept. of Agriculture (2)

United States. Dept. of the Army--Officials and employees

United States. District Court (California : Northern District)

United States. District Court (Kentucky : Western District) (9)

United States. District Court (Kentucky: Western District)

United States. District Court. (Kentucky : Western District)

United States. Environmental Protection Agency.

United States. Foreign Agriculture Service

United States. Forest Service

United States. Forest Service. (2)

United States. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

United States. Marine Corps (21)

United States. Marine Corps Reserve (4)

United States. Marine Corps--Infantry (4)

United States. Marine Corps--Military life (16)

United States. Marine Corps--Military police

United States. Marine Corps--Officers. (7)

United States. Marine Corps--Women.

United States. Marine Corps. (12)

United States. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support

United States. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Civil Operations and Rural Development Support.

United States. National Guard Bureau

United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

United States. National Park Service (2)

United States. Naval Reserve. Women's Reserve

United States. Navy (2)

United States. Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

United States. Navy Nurse Corps.

United States. Navy--Anecdotes

United States. Navy--Aviation electronics technicians.

United States. Navy--Barracks and quarters. (2)

United States. Navy--Boats. (3)

United States. Navy--Boiler technicians (2)

United States. Navy--Drill and tactics. (2)

United States. Navy--Hospital corpsmen

United States. Navy--Job descriptions. (2)

United States. Navy--Military life

United States. Navy--Physical training.

United States. Navy--Recruiting, enlistment, etc. (2)

United States. Navy--Shore patrol

United States. Navy--Submarine forces.

United States. Navy--Supplies and stores.

United States. Navy--Weapons systems. (2)

United States. Navy. (19)

United States. Navy. Seabees. (2)

United States. Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

United States. Senate

United States. Soil Conservation Service

United States. Solicitor General

United States. Solicitor General. (2)

United States. Supreme Court (27)

United States. Supreme Court--Cases (11)

United States. Supreme Court.

United States. War Department. Military Intelligence Service.

United States. Works Progress Administration of Kentucky

United States. Works Progress Administration. (6)

Universities & colleges

Universities and colleges (14)

Universities and colleges--Administration (6)

Universities and colleges--Administration--United States

Universities and colleges--Administration. (11)

Universities and colleges--Admission (8)

Universities and colleges--Employees (2)

Universities and colleges--Faculty. (21)

Universities and colleges--Finance (3)

Universities and colleges--Graduate work (3)

Universities and colleges--Kentucky--Lexington (21)

Universities and colleges--Religion.

Universities and colleges--Research (5)

Universities and colleges--Safety measures.

Universities and colleges. (40)

University of Alabama at Birmingham (2)

University of Alabama--Basketball

University of Arizona (2)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville--Basketball.

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, San Francisco.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago.

University of Cincinnati

University of Colorado

University of Florida--Basketball (2)

University of Georgia--Basketball

University of Idaho

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Kansas--Basketball (3)

University of Kentucky (1206)

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky (Lexington, Ky.) (15)

University of Kentucky Alumni Association (12)

University of Kentucky basketball (4)

University of Kentucky Transportation Center (26)

University of Kentucky--Administration (23)

University of Kentucky--Athletics

University of Kentucky--Baseball (8)

University of Kentucky--Basketball (61)

University of Kentucky--Basketball--History (55)

University of Kentucky--Basketball.

University of Kentucky--Employees (7)

University of Kentucky--Faculty (20)

University of Kentucky--Faculty--Periodicals

University of Kentucky--Football (7)

University of Kentucky--History (715)

University of Kentucky--Presidents (27)

University of Kentucky--Sports--History (285)

University of Kentucky--Tennis

University of Kentucky. (24)

University of Kentucky. Agricultural Extension Service

University of Kentucky. Art Museum

University of Kentucky. Board of Trustees (2)

University of Kentucky. College of Agriculture (18)

University of Kentucky. College of Agriculture.

University of Kentucky. College of Dentistry

University of Kentucky. College of Dentistry--History (2)

University of Kentucky. College of Education

University of Kentucky. College of Engineering

University of Kentucky. College of Fine Arts (10)

University of Kentucky. College of Law (7)

University of Kentucky. College of Medicine (32)

University of Kentucky. College of Medicine--History (23)

University of Kentucky. College of Nursing--History (2)

University of Kentucky. College of Pharmacy (2)

University of Kentucky. Cooperative Extension Service (102)

University of Kentucky. Department of Music (3)

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Anesthesiology

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Behavioral Science (2)

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Pediatrics (2)

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Pediatrics. Division of Pediatric Cardiology

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Sociology

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Surgery (3)

University of Kentucky. Dept. of Surgery--History

University of Kentucky. Health Care Access Committee

University of Kentucky. Kentucky Kernel.

University of Kentucky. Libraries (8)

University of Kentucky. Libraries.

University of Kentucky. Libraries. Division of Special Collections and Archives (13)

University of Kentucky. Medical Center (114)

University of Kentucky. Medical Center--History (43)

University of Kentucky. Military Veterans of America

University of Kentucky. Opera Theatre (10)

University of Kentucky. Professional Education Preparation Program

University of Kentucky. School of Journalism

University of Kentucky. School of Music (6)

University of Kentucky. University Health Service

University of Louisville (14)

University of Louisville. (7)

University of Michigan (3)

University of Michigan--Basketball

University of Nebraska

University of North Carolina--Basketball (2)

University of Notre Dame--Basketball

University of Oklahoma

University of Pennsylvania. (2)

University of Pittsburgh

University of South Florida

University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tenn.) (2)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Library.

University of the Cumberlands

University of Virginia

University of Virginia's College at Wise

University towns (3)

Urban hospitals

Urban League of Lexington (Ky.). (31)

Urban Renewal

US military forces

US Special Forces. (3)

Used car trade

Used cars

Utah. (2)

Utley, Francis White

Utley, Francis White--Interviews

Utz, Alan

Utz, Alan--Interviews