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R.C. Owen Company

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (7)

Rabbis (3)


Race discrimination (59)

Race discrimination--Kentucky (6)

Race discrimination. (67)

Race discrimination. United States--Race relations. African Americans--Employment. African Americans--Social conditions. African Americans--Religion. African Americans--Social life and customs.

Race horses (2)

Race horses. (4)

Race relations (192)

Race relations--Appalachian Region (4)

Race relations--Case studies

Race Relations--Kentucky (68)

Race relations--Kentucky--Lexington (24)

Race relations--Kentucky--Louisville

Race relations--Philosophy

Race relations--United States (6)

Race relations.

Race riots--Tennessee

Race, class, and social structure (3)



Racetracks (Horse racing) (6)

Racial profiling in law enforcement.

Racially mixed people

Racism (102)

Racism--Kentucky--Lexington (17)

Racism--United States

Racism--United States--Public opinion

Racism. (4)


Radio (79)

Radio announcing.

Radio audiences.

Radio authorship.

Radio broadcasters

Radio broadcasters--Interviews (53)

Radio broadcasters.

Radio broadcasting (4)

Radio broadcasting--America

Radio broadcasting--History

Radio broadcasting--Kentucky. (2)

Radio broadcasting. (5)

Radio journalism.

Radio journalists.

Radio programs

Radio programs. (19)

Radio public speaking.

Radio scripts.

Radio stations (2)

Radio stations. (18)

Radio stories.

Radio writers

Radio--History. (71)

Radio. (2)

Radioactive waste disposal -- Kentucky

Rafting (Sports)

Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973

Railroad (2)

Railroad accidents (2)

Railroad accidents. (3)

Railroad cars. (5)

Railroad companies

Railroad depots

Railroad engineering. (2)

Railroad museums (2)

Railroad passenger cars (6)

Railroad stations (5)

Railroad stations. (5)

Railroad tracks.

Railroad travel. (10)

Railroad workers

Railroad Workers United

Railroad yards

Railroads (27)

Railroads--Employees--Labor unions. (4)

Railroads--Employees. (8)


Rains, Avo G.

Rains, Avo G.--Interviews

Raise a Native (Race horse)

Rall, C. E. (2)

Rall, C. E.--Interviews (2)

Ramey, Florence, 1900-

Ramey, Florence, 1900- --Interviews

Ramone, Phil

Ramos, Jackie

Ramos, Jackie--Interviews

Ramsey, Homer W.

Ramsey, Homer W.--Interviews

Ramsey, Pam

Ramsey, Pam--Interviews

Ramsey, Ralph J.

Ramsey, Ralph J.--Interviews


Randolph, Jennings, 1902-1998

Randolph, Jennings, 1902-1998--Interviews

Randolph, Mary Long

Randolph, Mary Long--Interviews

Randolph-Macon College (4)

Ranney, Austin (3)

Ranney, Austin--Interviews (3)

Ranta, Ray R.

Ranta, Ray R.--Interviews

Rapier, Kenny (2)

Rapier, Kenny--Interviews

Rapino, Ann Marie

Rapino, Ann Marie--Interviews

Rapp, Graham

Rapp, Graham--Interviews

Rasche, Frank

Rasche, Frank--Interviews

Rashid, Shahied S. (2)

Rashid, Shahied S.--Interviews (2)

Rationing--United States (4)

Ratliff, Buster, 1918-

Ratliff, Buster, 1918- --Interviews

Ratliff, James E., 1893-

Ratliff, James E., 1893- --Interviews

Ratliff, Kermit, 1912-

Ratliff, Kermit, 1912- --Interviews

Ratterman, George


Ravdal, Hege

Ravdal, Hege--Interviews

Rawlings, Mary E., 1919-

Rawlings, Mary E., 1919- --Interviews

Ray, John, 1926-2007

Ray, Teddy

Ray, Teddy--Interviews

Raymond, J. Basil

Raymond, J. Basil--Interviews

Raymond, Rexie (2)

Raymond, Rexie--Interviews (2)

RCA Corporation (2)

RCA Records (3)

Reading (3)

Reagan, Ronald (9)

Reagan, Ronald. (2)

Real estate agents

Real estate agents--Kentucky--Biography

Real estate development.

Real property (2)

Real property. (3)

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) (6)

Record industry (4)

Record labels (2)

Record labels. (35)

Record Research Association

Record stores

Recording industry (6)

Recording Industry Association of America

Recording method

Recording of sound (2)

Records. (24)

Recreation (19)


Recycled products


Recycling (Waste) (3)

Recycling (Waste, etc.) (5)

Recycling centers

Recycling centers.

Recycling programs (6)

Red Bird (Ky.)

Red Cross

Red River Gorge (Ky.)

Redford, Emmette Shelburn, 1904-1998 (3)

Redford, Emmette Shelburn, 1904-1998--Interviews (3)

Redman, Fran

Redman, Fran--Interviews

Reed, Adolph, 1921-2003

Reed, Adolph, 1921-2003--Interviews

Reed, B. F. (Boyd Franklin) 1896- (3)

Reed, B. F. (Boyd Franklin) 1896- --Interviews (3)

Reed, Billy, 1943-

Reed, Billy, 1943- --Interviews

Reed, Field M.

Reed, Field M.--Interviews

Reed, John A.

Reed, John A.--Interviews

Reed, Mary

Reed, Mary--Interviews

Reed, Nancy

Reed, Nancy--Interviews

Reed, Stanley Forman, 1884-1980 (19)

Reed, Stanley Forman, 1884-1980. (3)

Reed, Stanley Forman, Jr.

Reed, Stanley Forman, Jr.,--Interviews

Reedy, George E., 1917-1999

Reedy, George E., 1917-1999--Interviews

Reenactment history

Rees, T.W.

Reeves, Jesse Siddall, 1872-1942

Reeves, John Estill (2)

Reeves, John Estill--Interviews (2)

Reeves, Robert E. (2)

Reeves, Robert E.--Interviews (2)


Refugee camps (3)

Refugee children. (2)

Refugees (12)

Refugees. (3)

Refuse and refuse disposal (5)

Refuse and refuse disposal. (31)

Refuse collection (2)

Regionalism (11)

Regionalism and the arts. (2)

Regionalism--Appalachian Region (10)

Regionalism--Southern States (4)

Regions and regionalism

Rehabilitation centers.

Rehabilitation counseling.

Rehabilitation counselors.

Reichbach, Candace

Reichbach, Candace--Interviews

Reichert, Walter S. (2)

Reichert, Walter S.--Interviews (2)

Reinders, Agnes

Reinders, Agnes--Interviews


Religion (186)

Religion and politics (2)

Religion and politics--Kentucky

Religious ethics (2)



Remount service

Renfro Valley (Ky.)

Reporters and reporting. (2)

Reproductive health

Republican Party (Ky.) (17)

Republican Party (Pa.)

Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ) (19)

Republican Party (U.S.)

Research grants (2)

Research. (2)


Residents (Medicine)

Resonator guitar (2)

Resonator guitar music (Bluegrass) (2)

Resonator guitar music.


Restaurants (9)

Restaurants--Kentucky (8)


Restoration and conservation

Retirement (6)

Reynolds, Genevieve Stephens

Reynolds, Genevieve Stephens--Interviews

Reynolds, George N.

Reynolds, George N.--Interviews

Reynolds, Lauren

Reynolds, Lauren--Interviews

Reynolds, Mary Beth

Reynolds, Mary Beth--Interviews

Reynolds, Nancy J.

Reynolds, Nancy J.--Interviews

Reynolds, Ora, 1913-

Reynolds, Ora, 1913- --Interviews

Rhoads, Judith

Rhoads, Judith--Interviews

Rhode Island State House (Providence, R.I.)

Rhodes, Nona Stricker

Rhodes, Nona Stricker--Interviews


Rice, Gilbert

Rice, Gilbert--Interviews

Rice, Harold C.

Rice, Harold C.--Interviews

Rice, Lillian H.

Rice, Lillian H.--Interviews

Richards, Jody (2)

Richards, Jody--Interviews

Richards, Stephanie

Richards, Stephanie--Interviews

Richardson, Benny R.

Richardson, Benny R.--Interviews

Richardson, Bobby H. (3)

Richardson, Bobby H.--Interviews

Richardson, Daniel

Richardson, Daniel--Interviews

Richardson, F. L. W. (Frederick Leopold William)--Interviews.

Richardson, Saunda

Richardson, Saunda--Interviews

Richmond (Ky.).

Richmond (Va.).

Richmond, Opal, 1916-

Richmond, Opal, 1916- --Interviews

Rickard Seeds (2)

Rickard, F.W.

Rickard, F.W.--Interviews

Rickey, Branch, 1914-1961

Riddle, Leonard--Interviews

Riddle, Samuel Doyle, 1861-1951

Ridgeway, Florence

Ridgeway, Florence--Interviews

Riffe, Lilla

Riffe, Lilla--Interviews

Rifle practice.

Riggs, Robert L. (Robert Langmuir), 1901-1980

Riggs, Robert L. (Robert Langmuir), 1901-1980--Interviews

Right to labor--Kentucky (2)

Rigney, Jennifer Ann

Rigney, Jennifer Ann--Interviews

Riker, William H.

Riker, William H.--Interviews

Riley, Herbert Parkes, 1904-

Riley, Herbert Parkes, 1904- --Interviews

Riley, James W.

Riley, James W.--Interviews

Ringo, David (4)

Ringo, David--Interviews (4)

Rivel, Jack (2)

Rivel, Jack--Interviews (2)

River Downs (Ohio)

River of Earth

River tourism. (7)

Rivers (2)

Rivers--Kentucky (13)

Rizzardi, Isabelle

Rizzardi, Isabelle--Interviews

Roach, Ann

Roach, Ann--Interviews

Roach, Rebecca

Roach, Rebecca--Interviews

Roach, S.T. (Sanford T.) (4)

Roach, S.T. (Sanford T.)--Interviews (4)

Roads (7)

Roads--Design and construction

Roads--Design and construction--Kentucky. (6)


Roads--Maintenance and repair

Roadside litter (13)

Roadside Theater (Organization : Whitesburg, Ky.) (5)

Robbins, Earl G. (3)

Robbins, Earl G.--Interviews (3)

Robbins, Sue D.

Robbins, Sue D.--Interviews

Roberts, C. R. (Clarence Richard), 1926-

Roberts, C. R. (Clarence Richard), 1926- --Interviews

Roberts, Francis A., III (2)

Roberts, Francis A., III--Interviews (2)

Roberts, Helm--Interviews (5)

Roberts, Kay H.

Roberts, Kay H.--Interviews

Roberts, Mae W.

Roberts, Mae W.--Interviews

Roberts, Malcolm

Roberts, Malcolm--Interviews

Roberts, Marjorie

Roberts, Marjorie--Interviews

Roberts, Rona, 1949-

Roberts, Rona, 1949- --Interviews

Robertson County (Ky.) (2)

Robertson, Dora

Robertson, Dora--Interviews

Robertson, Jim Blount, Sr., 1926- (3)

Robertson, Jimmy, 1951-

Robertson, Jimmy, 1951- --Interviews

Robertson, John

Robertson, John C.

Robertson, John C.--Interviews

Robertson, John--Interviews

Robertson, Mayme

Robertson, Mayme--Interviews

Robertson, Preston

Robertson, Preston--Interviews

Robertson, Walter Scott, 1948- (2)

Robertson, Walter Scott, 1948- --Interviews (2)

Robey, Lee

Robinett, Joan (3)

Robinett, Joan--Interviews (3)

Robinette, Bruce K.

Robinette, Bruce K.--Interviews

Robinson, Albert, 1938-

Robinson, Ann H.

Robinson, Ann H.--Interviews

Robinson, Clara E., 1918-

Robinson, Clara E., 1918- --Interviews

Robinson, Kim Stanley.

Robinson, Lucien

Robinson, Lucien--Interviews

Rock Bottom Remainders (Musical group)

Rock Creek Riding Club

Rock music (4)

Rockcastle (Ky.)

Rockcastle County (Ky.) (6)

Rockefeller Foundation (2)

Rockne, Knute, 1888-1931

Rocky Mountain horse

Rogers, Harold Dallas, 1937- (2)

Rogers, Harold Dallas, 1937- --Interviews

Rogers, Harold, 1937- (3)

Rogers, Ida Long

Rogers, Lon B., 1905- (2)

Rogers, Lon B., 1905- --Interviews (2)

Rogers, Mary

Rogers, Mary--Interviews

Rogers, Phyllis

Rogers, Phyllis--Interviews

Rogers, William D., 1927-2007

Rogers, William D., 1927-2007--Interviews

Roland, Charles Pierce, 1918- (11)

Roland, Charles Pierce, 1918- --Interviews (11)

Role models.

Rollins, Albert

Rollins, Albert--Interviews

Rollins, Bishop

Rollins, Bishop--Interviews

Rollins, Katherine H.

Rollins, Katherine H.--Interviews

Romano, Michael T. (Michael Thomas), 1924-

Romano, Michael T. (Michael Thomas), 1924- --Interviews (2)

Romanowitz, Byron

Romanowitz, Byron--Interviews

Roney, Fannie H.

Roney, Fannie H.--Interviews

Rook, Robin

Rook, Robin--Interviews

Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962 (6)

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945 (9)

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945. (2)

Rose, James L. (2)

Rose, James L.--Interviews (2)

Rose, John A. (8)

Rose, John A.--Interviews (3)

Roselle, David P.

Rosen, Al

Rosen, Al--Interviews

Rosenberg, John

Rosenberg, John--Interviews

Rosenblatt, Maurice

Rosenblatt, Maurice--Interviews

Rosenstein, Samuel M.

Rosenstein, Samuel M.--Interviews

Rosenthal, Warren W. (Warren Weil) (7)

Rosenthal, Warren W. (Warren Weil)--Interviews

Rosett, Arthur I. (Arthur Irwin), 1934-2011

Rosett, Arthur I. (Arthur Irwin), 1934-2011--Interviews

Ross, Ann E.

Ross, Ann E.--Interviews

Ross, Charles

Ross, Charles--Interviews

Ross, Gerald D.

Ross, Gerald D.--Interviews

Ross, Joe

Ross, Joe--Interviews

Ross, Lucius

Ross, Lucius--Interviews

Ross, Smith

Ross, Smith--Interviews

Rottgering, Howard

Rottgering, Howard--Interviews

Rouse, Colvin P.

Rouse, Colvin P.--Interviews

Roush, John A.

Roush, John A.--Interviews

Rowan County (Ky.) (2)

Rowan, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1925-2000

Rowan, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1925-2000--Interviews.

Rowland, Betty J.

Rowland, Betty J.--Interviews

Rowles, Graham

Rowles, Graham--Interviews

Rowlette, Jeanette

Rowlette, Jeanette--Interviews

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Rex Sea (Show horse)

Royster, Wimberly (8)

Royster, Wimberly--Interviews (7)

Ruark, John D.

Ruark, John D.--Interviews

Ruberg, Robert E.

Ruberg, Robert E.--Interviews

Rubio, Angel, 1947-

Rubio, Angel, 1947- --Interviews

Rubio, Gwyn Hyman

Rubio, Gwyn Hyman--Interviews

Rucker, Garnetta, 1925-

Rucker, Garnetta, 1925- --Interviews

Rucker, Russell

Rucker, Russell--Interviews

Ruckriegel, Daniel H., Sr.

Ruckriegel, Daniel H., Sr.--Interviews

Rudzik, Elizabeth

Rudzik, Elizabeth--Interviews

Rue, Edwin W. (2)

Rue, Edwin W.--Interviews (2)

Runyon, Pearl F.

Runyon, Pearl F.--Interviews

Rupp, Adolph, 1901-19

Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977 (37)

Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977--Interviews (30)

Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977. (5)

Rupp, Adolph. 1901-1977

Rural (6)

Rural African Americans (6)

Rural African Americans. (3)

Rural areas (2)

Rural children (12)

Rural churches (11)

Rural conditions (92)

Rural development

Rural education (3)

Rural electrification (3)

Rural electrification--Kentucky

Rural electrification--United States

Rural families

Rural health clinics--Kentucky (2)

Rural health services (39)

Rural health--Kentucky (16)

Rural hospitals

Rural public utilities

Rural roads (9)

Rural roads--Kentucky--Safety measures

Rural schools (12)

Rural schools--Appalachian Region (2)

Rural schools--Kentucky (24)

Rural schools.

Russell County (Ky.) (8)

Russell Springs (Ky.)

Russell, George

Russell, George--Interviews

Russia (4)


Russian language.

Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987

Rutbah (Iraq)

Rutherford, Frances

Rutherford, Frances--Interviews

Rutherford, William B.

Rutherford, William B.--Interviews

Rutledge, Wiley, 1894-1949


Ryley, Kenneth R.

Ryley, Kenneth R.--Interviews