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Eakin family (8)

Ear training (2)

Eardley, Anthony

Eardley, Anthony--Interviews

Early childhood education--United States--Evaluation

Early life (8)

Earth sheltered houses.

Easley, Hilda Gernt

Easley, Hilda Gernt--Interviews

East Brunswick (N.J.)

East Chicago (Ind.)

East Germany

East Kentucky Power Cooperative


Easterling, Edith (2)

Easterling, Edith--Interviews (2)

Easterling, Jake

Easterling, Jake--Interviews

Easterly, Ed (2)

Easterly, Ed--Interviews (2)

Eastern Caribbean

Eastern Kentucky (2)

Eastern Kentucky University (14)

Eastman School of Music

Easton, David, 1917- (8)

Easton, David, 1917- --Interviews (7)

Easy Goer (Race horse)

Eaton, Clement, 1898-

Eaton, Clement, 1898- --Interviews

Eblen, Amos H. (Amos Hall)

Eblen, Amos H. (Amos Hall)--Interviews

Eccentrics and eccentricities

Eckdahl, Andrew

Eckdahl, Andrew--Interviews

Eckdahl, Betty Tevis

Eckdahl, Betty Tevis--Interviews


Economic anthropology.

Economic assistance (71)

Economic assistance, Domestic

Economic assistance, Domestic--Appalachian Region (6)

Economic conditions (8)

Economic conditions. (4)

Economic development (34)

Economic development--Kentucky (33)

Economic development. (9)

Economic policy.

Economic stabilization (2)

Economics (10)

Economics--Kentucky--Owensboro (3)



Economics. (4)

Economists (3)

Economy & Environment


Ectopic pregnancy

Ecuador (10)

Eddins, Ronnie--Interviews

Eddystone (Pa.)

Edeler, Joan Margerette

Edeler, Joan Margerette--Interviews

Edelman, Murray J. (Murray Jacob), 1919-2001 (3)

Edelman, Murray J. (Murray Jacob), 1919-2001--Interviews (3)

Edison (N.J.)

Edison, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931.

Edison, Thomas.


Editorial writing


Edmonson County (Ky.) (3)

Edmonton (Ky.)

Educated women

Education (505)

Education and state

Education and state--Virginia

Education policy

Education policy & development (4)

Education policy and development

Education, Elementary (2)

Education, Higher (183)

Education, Higher--Kentucky (151)

Education, Higher--Kentucky--Frankfort (12)

Education, Higher--Kentucky--Lexington (14)

Education, Higher--United States (2)

Education, Higher. (8)

Education, Secondary.

Education--Aims and objectives.

Education--Appalachian Region (28)

Education--Congo (Democratic Republic)

Education--Europe, Eastern.

Education--Finance--Kentucky (7)


Education--History (156)

Education--History. (2)

Education--Kentucky (275)

Education--Kentucky--Lexington (2)


Education--Kentucky. (4)

Education--Political aspects (16)

Education--South Africa

Education--study and teaching (26)

Education--United States (2)

Education--United States.

Education--Women in higher education

Education. (35)

Education: Youth Development

Educational anthropology (2)

Educational change (170)

Educational change--Kentucky (30)

Educational change. (5)

Educational development (101)

Educational equalization (3)

Educational equalization--Ohio--Cleveland

Educational equalization--United States (5)

Educational equalization.

Educational law and legislation (4)

Educational law and legislation -- Kentucky (3)

Educational law and legislation--Kentucky (4)

Educational leadership (9)

Educators (82)

Edwards, A.J.

Edwards, A.J.--Interviews

Edwards, Adolph M.

Edwards, Adolph M.--Interviews

Edwards, George W., 1938-2012

Edwards, George W., 1938-2012--Interviews

Edwards, James G.

Edwards, James G.--Interviews

Edwards, Martha L.

Edwards, Martha L.--Interviews

Edwards, Vera

Edwards, Vera--Interviews

Egerton, John

Eichelberger, Katherine

Eichelberger, Katherine--Interviews

Eiseman, Ben, 1917- (3)

Eiseman, Ben, 1917- --Interviews

Eisenhower doctrine

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969 (4)

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969.

Eklund, George, 1952-

El Salvador

Elder, Robert

Elder, Robert--Interviews

Eldersveld, Samuel James (2)

Eldersveld, Samuel James--Interviews (2)

Election law

Election law--Kentucky

Election law--Kentucky.

Elections (37)

Elections -- Corrupt practices

Elections--Corrupt practices (22)

Elections--Corrupt practices.



Elections--United States--Demographic aspects


Electric guitar

Electric guitar makers

Electric guitar.

Electric utilities--Kentucky. (3)

Electricity (3)


Electronic records


Elementary school

Elementary school administration.

Elementary school buildings

Elementary school environment

Elementary school teachers.

Elery, Sam B.

Elery, Sam B.--Interviews

Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965

Elizabethtown (Ky.) (4)

Elizabethtown Community & Technical College

Elizabethtown Community & Technical College. Fort Knox Campus

Elkhart County (Ind.) (3)

Elkhorn City (Ky.) (22)

Elkhorn City (Ky.)

Elkhorn City (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc.

Elkington, Linda

Elkington, Linda--Interviews

Elkins, Percy (4)

Elkins, Percy--Interviews (4)

Elkton (Ky.)

Eller, Jane W.

Eller, Jane W.--Interviews

Eller, Ronald D., 1948-

Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974

Ellington, George

Ellington, George--Interviews

Elliott County (Ky.) (6)

Elliott County (Ky.)--Genealogy.

Elliott, Amanda Cooper

Elliott, Amanda Cooper--Interviews

Elliott, Arthur

Elliott, Arthur--Interviews

Elliott, Edwin

Elliott, Edwin--Interviews

Ellis, Ercel, 1931-

Ellis, Ercel, 1931- --Interviews

Ellis, Jack

Ellis, Jack--Interviews

Ellis, Jewell Deene

Ellis, Jewell Deene--Interviews

Ellis, Kelly Norman, 1964-

Ellis, Ray S. (2)

Ellis, Ray S.--Interviews (2)

Ellison, William

Ellison, William--Interviews

Elmendorf Farm Inc. (Ky.)

Elmore, Maye

Elmore, Maye--Interviews

Elrington, Peggy

Elrington, Peggy--Interviews

Elvis Presley impersonators.


Emberton, Tom

Embroidery (2)

Embry, James, 1949- (6)

Embry, James, 1949- --Interviews (6)

Embry, Thomas P., 1930-

Embry, Thomas P., 1930- --Interviews (2)

Emergency medical personnel.

Emergency medical services--Utilization

Emergency medical services.

Emergency medical technicians.

Emergency responders.

EMI (Firm)

Emigration & immigration (2)

Emigration and immigration (4)

Emigration and immigration law--United States (3)

Emigration and immigration. (139)

Eminence (Ky.)

Emmy Awards

Emory University (2)

Emphysema, Pulmonary

Employee selection (2)

Employees (5)


Employment (40)

Employment--Kentucky (45)

Endicott, Keither, Jr.

Endicott, Keither, Jr.--Interviews

Energy (2)

Energy conservation (2)

Energy industries

Enete, Norma

Enete, Norma--Interviews

Engelhard, Charles W., Jr., 1917-1971

Engineering (9)

Engineering--Study and teaching (3)


Engineers (5)

Engineers. (2)

England (4)


English language--Research

English language--Study and teaching (Higher)

English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers. (3)

English language--Study and teaching--United States.

English language--Studying and teaching--Foreign speakers.

English language.

English teachers (3)

Enix, Z. C. (Zenas C.), 1923- --Interviews.

Enright, James

Enright, James--Interviews



Entrepreneurship (38)


Environment (4)

Environment and society

Environmental agencies (4)

Environmental cleanup

Environmental disasters

Environmental education (11)

Environmental education. (30)

Environmental engineering (2)

Environmental ethics (3)

Environmental health.

Environmental issues (3)

Environmental justice.

Environmental law (2)

Environmental law. (4)

Environmental protection (55)

Environmental protection--Kentucky (51)

Environmental protection. (2)

Environmental sciences.

Environmentalism (73)

Environmentalism--History. (40)

Environmentalism--United States--History

Environmentalism--United States--History. (39)

Environmentalism--United States. (40)

Environmentalism. (46)

Environmentalists. (40)

Epidemics. (10)


Episcopal Church (28)

Episcopal Church--Clergy. (15)

Epstein, Leon D. (2)

Epstein, Leon D.--Interviews (2)

Epstein, Steve (2)

Equal rights amendments--Kentucky (7)

Equal rights amendments--United States

Equality (3)

Equality before the law (2)


Equine sports medicine

Equine sports medicine.

Erdrich, Louise (2)

Eritrea (2)

Erskine, Carl

Erskine, Carl--Interviews

Ervin, Sam J. (Sam James), 1896-1985

Ervin, Sam J. (Sam James), 1896-1985--Interviews


ESPN, Inc.


Essex (England)

Esther Margaret, Sister

Esther Margaret, Sister--Interviews

Estill County (Ky.) (6)

Estill, Juanita, 1929-

Estill, Juanita, 1929- --Interviews



Ethics and compliance officers

Ethics. (2)

Ethiopia (7)

Ethiopia--Social life and customs.

Ethnic relations.

Ethnicity--Kentucky--Lexington. (36)

Ethnographic films. (2)

Ethnography and education

Ethnology (3)

Ethnology--Kentucky--Lexington. (36)

Ethnology. (3)



Ethridge, Mark

Ethridge, Mark--Interviews

Etowah (Tenn.) (25)

Eugene O'Neill Theatre (Organization : New York, N.Y.)

Eulau, Heinz, 1915-2004

Eulau, Heinz, 1915-2004--Interviews

Europe (7)

Europe. (2)

European literature--Renaissance, 1450-1600

European Union

Evaluation research (Social action programs)

Evangelical Revival (4)

Evangelicalism (4)


Evangelists--United States--20th century (3)

Evans, George E. (4)

Evans, George E.--Interviews (4)

Evans, John Kenneth

Evans, John Kenneth--Interviews

Evans, Marc, 1952-

Evans, Marc, 1952- --Interviews

Evarts (Ky.) (3)

Everett, George A., 1922-

Everett, George A., 1922- --Interviews

Evers, Charles, 1922-

Evers, Medgar Wiley, 1925-1963 (2)

Evers, Medgar Wiley, 1925-1963 --Assassination

Eversole, Jack (2)

Eversole, Jack--Interviews (2)


Evidence, Criminal.

Evins, Joe L.

Evins, Joe L.--Interviews

Executors and administrators.

Exeler, Linda

Exeler, Linda--Interviews



Expenditures, Public--Kentucky

Export marketing (10)

Export marketing.




Exports--South Africa

Express highways (2)

Express highways--Design and construction (2)

Express highways--Kentucky--Design and construction

Extension programs

Extrajudicial executions

Extraterrestrial abduction

Extraterrestrial artifacts (Alien artifacts)

Exum, William, 1910-1988

Exum, William, 1910-1988--Interviews

Ezelle, Sam W. (2)

Ezelle, Sam W.--Interviews (2)