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B-17 bomber.

B-24 (Bomber)

Ba'qubah (Iraq)

Babbage, Bob

Babbage, Bob--Interviews


Baby boom generation

Baby boom generation.

Bacdayan, Carolyn B.

Bacdayan, Carolyn B.--Interviews

Back, Margaret

Back, Margaret--Interviews

Bado, Walter J., 1928-

Bado, Walter J., 1928- --Interviews


Baghdad (Iraq) (6)

Baghl?n (Afghanistan)

Bagram Airfield Afghanistan. (2)


Bailey, Benny Ray, 1944- (2)

Bailey, Benny Ray, 1944- --Interviews

Bailey, Bruce

Bailey, Bruce--Interviews

Bailey, E. Shannon

Bailey, E. Shannon--Interviews

Bailey, Hazel

Bailey, Hazel--Interviews

Bailey, Nikki

Bailey, Nikki--Interviews

Bailey, Sandra

Bailey, Sandra--Interviews

Bailey, Troy

Bailey, Troy--Interviews

Baker, Benjamin S. (Benjamin Stanley)

Baker, Benjamin S. (Benjamin Stanley)--Interviews

Baker, Ella, 1903-1986

Baker, F. L.

Baker, F. L.--Interviews

Baker, Fannie

Baker, Fannie--Interviews

Baker, Howard H. (Howard Henry), 1925-

Baker, Howard H. (Howard Henry), 1925- --Interviews

Baker, Moira P.

Baker, Moira P.--Interviews

Baker, Nicholas, 1937-

Baker, Nicholas, 1937- --Interviews

Baker, Robert G.

Baker, Robert G.--Interviews

Baker, Ruth Yarrow (2)

Baker, Ruth Yarrow--Interviews (2)

Baker, Walter A., 1937-2010 (7)

Baker, Walter A., 1937-2010--Interviews (4)

Baker, Woodrow

Baker, Woodrow--Interviews

Bakers and bakeries. (3)


Balad (Iraq) (2)

Balden, William H., 1921-

Balden, William H., 1921- --Interviews

Baldridge, Lawrence

Baldridge, Lawrence--Interviews

Baldwin, Albert

Baldwin, Albert--Interviews

Baldwin, Granny

Baldwin, Granny--Interviews

Baldwin, James, 1924-1987

Baldwin, James, 1924-1987--Interviews

Bale, Gary

Bale, Gary--Interviews

Baling (13)

Ball, Hubert Eugene, 1928-

Ball, Hubert Eugene, 1928- --Interviews

Ballads, English--Appalachian Region, Southern

Ballads, English--Kentucky

Ballard County (Ky.)



Baltimore (Md.)

Baltimore (Md.).

Bambara (African people) (2)

Bambara language (2)

Bamyan (Afghanistan). (4)

Band directors (3)


Bands (Music) (52)

Bangladesh (5)

Bangladesh--History. (10)

Banjo music (Bluegrass) (10)

Banking law (2)

Banking law--Kentucky (2)

Banking law--United States (2)


Bankruptcy trustees

Bankruptcy--United States

Banks and banking (6)

Banks and banking--Kentucky

Banks and banking. (2)

Banks, Fontaine, 1929-

Banks, Fontaine, 1929- --Interviews

Banzhaf, Marion

Banzhaf, Marion--Interviews

Baptist Church (2)

Baptist schools (9)

Baptists (3)

Baptists, Black

Barbash, Joseph

Barbash, Joseph--Interviews

Barber, Alma

Barber, Alma--Interviews

Barber, Carroll G.

Barber, Carroll G.-Interviews

Barber, Raymond

Barber, Raymond--Interviews

Barber, Red, 1908-1992

Barber, Red, 1908-1992--Interviews

Barbershop quartets. (2)


Barbour, Antwain

Barbourville (Ky.) (5)

Barclay, John

Barclay, John--Interviews

Bardstown (Ky.) (5)


Barker, Garry, 1943-

Barker, Garry, 1943- --Interviews

Barker, Lucius Jefferson, 1928- (2)

Barker, Lucius Jefferson, 1928- --Interviews

Barker, Stonie, Jr., 1926-

Barker, Stonie, Jr., 1926- --Interviews

Barker, Twiley Wendell, 1926-

Barker, Twiley Wendell, 1926- --Interviews

Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956 (38)

Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956--Interviews (30)

Barkley, David M., 1906-1983

Barkley, David M., 1906-1983--Interviews

Barlow, Harmon H., Jr., 1913-

Barlow, Harmon H., Jr., 1913- --Interviews

Barlow, Jay R., 1918- (2)

Barnett, June, 1934- --Interviews.

Barnhart, Charles E., 1923- (24)

Barnhart, Charles E., 1923- --Interviews (24)

Barnhart, Mitch (2)


Barns--Tobacco (4)

Barr, Frances Keller

Barr, Frances Keller--Interviews

Barren County (Ky.) (4)

Barret, Elizabeth

Barrier-free design--Law and legislation

Barrow, John, Mrs.

Barrow, John, Mrs.--Interviews

Barrows, John E.

Barrows, John E.--Interviews

Barrows, Joseph, 1950-

Barrows, Joseph, 1950- --Interviews

Bars (Drinking establishments)--Kentucky. (2)

Bars (Drinking establishments). (2)





Barth (Germany)

Bartleman, John William, Jr., 1949- --Interviews.

Bartlett, Charles L.

Bartlett, Charles L.--Interviews

Bartley, Teamus, 1891-

Bartley, Teamus, 1891- --Interviews

Barton, Lon Carter (3)

Barton, Lon Carter--Interviews (3)

Baseball (51)

Baseball coaches (9)

Baseball commissioners (6)

Baseball players (17)

Baseball programs (2)

Baseball teams

Baseball--Anecdotes. (2)




Baseball--United States (73)

Baseball. (4)

Bashful, Emmett Wilfort, 1917-

Bashful, Emmett Wilfort, 1917- --Interviews

Basic training (Military education) (33)

Basic training (Military education); (2)

Basketball (84)

Basketball arenas

Basketball coaches (4)

Basketball coaches--Kentucky (58)

Basketball courts

Basketball fans

Basketball for women--Kentucky

Basketball for women.

Basketball managers (2)

Basketball players (26)

Basketball players--Kentucky (50)

Basketball players--Kentucky--Biography

Basketball players--Mississippi

Basketball players. (2)

Basketball teams (12)

Basketball--Coaches--Biography (16)

Basketball--Coaching (54)

Basketball--History (17)


Basketball. (11)

Bass players


Bassett, James E. (James Edward), 1921-

Bassett, James E. (James Edward), 1921- --Interviews

Bassett, Ted, 1921- -- Interviews


Bastin, Garland M., 1920-

Bastin, Garland M., 1920- --Interviews

Bastin, Glen.

Bataan (Philippines : Province) (2)

Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942

Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942.

Bates, Frederick W.

Bates, Frederick W.--Interviews

Bates, Mary

Bates, Mary--Interviews

Bates, Theodore Bright, 1923- (2)

Bates, Theodore Bright, 1923- --Interviews (2)

Bath County (Ky.) (4)


Battle casualties.

Battle Creek (Mich.)

Battle Creek, Mich.

Battle of, Perryville, Ky., 1862.

Batts, Boyd Duncan (2)

Batts, Boyd Duncan--Interviews (2)

Batts, Juanita Good, 1927- (3)

Batts, Juanita Good, 1927- --Interviews (3)

Baumholtz, Frank C.

Baumholtz, Frank C.--Interviews


Bazell, Dianne M.

Bazell, Dianne M.--Interviews

Beach Haven West (N.J.)

Beach, Charles, III

Beach, Charles, III--Interviews

Beam, James B., 1864-1947--Family. (2)

Bear, Elizabeth M.

Bear, Elizabeth M.--Interviews

Beard, Major Louie A.


Beat generation

Beattie, Linda (7)

Beatty, Anthany, Sr.

Beatty, Anthany, Sr.--Interviews

Beatty, C.M.

Beatty, C.M.--Interviews

Beatty, Elizabeth

Beatty, Elizabeth--Interviews

Beatty, Josephine

Beatty, Josephine--Interviews

Beatty, Julian

Beatty, Julian--Interviews

Beatty, Mary L. (Mary Lucille)

Beatty, Mary L. (Mary Lucille)--Interviews

Beatty, Morgan

Beatty, Morgan--Interviews

Beatty, Rosetta

Beatty, Rosetta--Interviews

Beattyville (Ky.)

Beaumont Farm (Ky.) (2)

Beauty shops.

Beavers, Arnold

Beavers, Arnold--Interviews

Beavers, Jane

Beavers, Jane--Interviews

Beavers, Virginia

Beavers, Virginia--Interviews

Becker, Thomas L., 1928-

Becker, Thomas L., 1928- --Interviews

Becker, Viola, 1899- (2)

Becker, Viola, 1899- --Interviews (2)

Becket, Elise

Becket, Elise--Interviews

Becket, George Campbell

Becket, George Campbell--Interviews

Beckham, John Crepps Wickliffe, 1869-1940

Beckwith, Byron de la--Trials, litigation, etc.

Bee culture. (2)

Bee, Clair Francis, 1896-1983

Beebe, Morris W.

Beebe, Morris W.--Interviews

Beech, Gould (2)

Beeman, Ruth Coates (3)

Beeman, Ruth Coates--Interviews (3)

Beer. (2)

Beers, Howard W. (Howard Wayland), 1905- (5)

Beers, Howard W. (Howard Wayland), 1905- --Interviews (4)



Begley, Joe T. (2)

Begley, Joe T.--Interviews (2)

Begley, Malvery

Begley, Malvery--Interviews

Begley, William A.

Begley, William A.--Interviews

Behaviorism (Political science)

Behr, Brian

Behr, Brian--Interviews

Beijing (China) (2)

Beiting, Ralph W. (6)

Beiting, Ralph W.--Interviews (3)

Belew, James

Belew, James--Interviews


Bell (Sound recording label) (3)

Bell County (Ky.) (6)

Bell, Austin

Bell, Austin--Interviews

Bell, Brenda Sue

Bell, Brenda Sue--Interviews

Bell, Earle

Bell, Earle--Interviews

Bell, Jean LeMaster, 1921-

Bell, Jean LeMaster, 1921- --Interviews

Bell, Jessica, 1922-

Bell, Jessica, 1922- --Interviews

Bell, John A., III, 1918-2007

Bell, Patrick R. (2)

Bell, Patrick R.--Interviews (2)

Bell, William Hollis

Bell, William Hollis--Interviews

Bell, Zack, Sr.

Bell, Zack, Sr.--Interviews

Bellarmine University

Bellevue (Ky.)

Bellow, Saul

Belmont Stakes (N.Y.)

Belmont Stakes, N.Y.

Benberry, Ruby

Benberry, Ruby--Interviews


Benge, Frances Hackworth, 1936-

Benge, Frances Hackworth, 1936- --Interviews

Benham (Ky.) (3)

Benin (2)

Benjamin, E. V. (2)

Bennett, Clyde

Bennett, Clyde--Interviews

Bennett, Duane L. (3)

Bennett, Duane L.--Interviews (3)

Bennett, Esther

Bennett, Esther--Interviews

Bennett, Geneva

Bennett, Geneva--Interviews

Bennett, Hugh

Bennett, Hugh--Interviews

Bennett, Linda A.

Bennett, Linda A.--Interviews.

Bentley, Eric, 1916-

Benwood (W. Va.)


Berea (Ky.) (6)

Berea College (18)

Berea College.

Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959

Berger, Charles W. (2)

Berger, Charles W.--Interviews (2)

Berkeley (Calif.) (2)

Berlin (Germany)

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany, 1961-1989

Berlin, Battle of, Berlin, Germany, 1945.

Bernard, Juanita

Bernard, Juanita--Interviews

Berry, John M., Sr. (4)

Berry, John Marshall, Jr., 1935- (6)

Berry, John Marshall, Jr., 1935- --Interviews (5)

Berry, Julius (2)

Berry, Julius--Interviews (2)

Berry, K. Norman (2)

Berry, K. Norman--Interviews (2)

Berry, Mary Edna

Berry, Mary Edna--Interviews

Berry, Ronald

Berry, Ronald--Interviews

Berry, Theodore, 1947- (2)

Berry, Theodore, 1947- --Interviews (2)

Berry, Wendell, 1934

Berry, Wendell, 1934- (19)

Beshear, Steven L. (2)

Best, Billy F., 1935-

Best, Billy F., 1935- --Interviews

Beta Theta Pi

Bethlehem Steel Company (2)

Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Bethune, Mary McLeod, 1875-1955

Betts, Raymond F. (3)

Betts, Raymond F.--Interviews (3)

Beulah Park (Ohio)

Beverly, J. Sterling

Beverly, J. Sterling--Interviews

Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828

Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali, 1928-1979. (2)

Bianchi, Lewis

Bianchi, Lewis--Interviews

Bibbs, Benjamin A. (2)

Bibbs, Benjamin A.--Interviews (2)

Bibbs, William C.

Bibbs, William C.--Interviews

Bickel, Charles A.

Bickel, Charles A.--Interviews

Bickel, John, III (3)

Bickel, John, III--Interviews (3)

Bicol River Basin Development Program (Philippines)

Bicycles. (2)

Biddle, Robert L.

Biddle, Robert L.--Interviews

Biesemeyer, David

Biesemeyer, David--Interviews

Big Bald Mountain (N.C. and Tenn.)

Big Band music (4)

Big band music--Discography

Big bands

Big bands. (2)

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America

Big Brown (Race horse) (2)

Big Bullskin Creek (Ky.) (3)

Big chill (Motion picture)

Big Rivers Electric Corporation. (2)

Big Sandy Community and Technical College (3)

Big Sandy River (Ky. and W. Va.) (2)

Big Sandy River Valley (Ky. and W. Va.)

Big Sink Farm (Ky.) (2)

Biglieri, Anibal A.

Biglieri, Anibal A.--Interviews


Billboards (4)

Billings, John S. (John Shaw), 1838-1913

Bills, Legislative

Billy Graham Evangelical Association

Bingham, Barry, 1906-1988 (7)

Bingham, Barry, 1906-1988--Interviews (3)

Bingham, Mary Caperton, 1904-

Bingham, Mary Caperton, 1904- --Interviews

Bingham, Sallie

Bingman, Mary Beth

Bingman, Mary Beth--Interviews

Binion, Eugene S.

Binion, Eugene S.--Interviews




Biomedical engineering.


Bird, Keith W.

Bird, Keith W.--Interviews

Birds of prey


Birdwhistell, Ira V.

Birdwhistell, Ira V.--Interviews

Birdwhistell, Terry L.

Birkhead, Kenneth Milton, 1914-

Birkhead, Kenneth Milton, 1914- --Interviews

Birmingham (Ala.)

Birth certificates.

Birth control

Birth control.

Bisexual college students (2)

Bisexual high school students

Bisexual youth (2)

Bisexuality. (2)

Bisexuals--Relations with heterosexuals


Bisexuals—Relations with heterosexuals

Bishop, Anita

Bishop, Anita--Interviews

Bishop, Charles Maceo

Bishop, Charles Maceo--Interviews

Bishop, Daisy Carolyn

Bishop, Daisy Carolyn--Interviews

Bishop, Fannie Arnold

Bishop, Fannie Arnold--Interviews

Bishop, Millard T.

Bishop, Millard T.--Interviews

Bishop, Robert T. (2)

Bishop, Robert T.--Interviews (2)

Bishop, Wilbur W.

Bishop, Wilbur W.--Interviews

Black Arts movement (2)

Black athletes

Black Forest (Germany)

Black Lung Association

Black militant organizations--United States.

Black Muslims (5)

Black Muslims--Race identity

Black nationalism (2)

Black nationalism--United States

Black Panther Party

Black Patch War, 1906-1909

Black power

Black power--United States--History--20th century.

Black Seminoles

Black universities and colleges (5)

Black, Ann B.

Black, Ann B.--Interviews

Black, Gilbert I.

Black, Gilbert I.--Interviews

Black, Valerie

Black, Valerie--Interviews

Black, Wells

Black, Wells--Interviews

Blacks--Race identity (5)

Blacks--Segregation (3)


Blackwater USA.

Blackwood Brothers Quartet

Blair, Douglas Lee, 1917- (2)

Blair, Douglas Lee, 1917- --Interviews (2)

Blake, H. Stanley (2)

Blake, H. Stanley--Interviews (2)

Blake, Robert John, Jr.

Blake, Robert John, Jr.--Interviews

Blandford, Donald J. (19)

Blandford, Donald J.--Interviews (3)

Blanding, Sarah G.

Blanding, Sarah G.--Interviews

Blankenship, Beth

Blankenship, Beth--Interviews

Blankenship, Dorothy

Blankenship, Dorothy--Interviews

Blankenship, Henry, 1917-

Blankenship, Henry, 1917- --Interviews

Blanton, Albert B. (Albert Bacon), 1881-1959 (3)

Blanton, Alice, 1918-

Blanton, Alice, 1918- --Interviews

Blanton, Carolyn Steward (2)

Blanton, Carolyn Steward--Interviews (2)

Bledsoe, John

Bledsoe, John--Interviews

Blevins, Ermon

Blevins, Ermon--Interviews

Blevins, Oscar

Blevins, Oscar--Interviews

Blevins, Vivian

Blevins, Walter

Blind women




Bloomfield, Clemence S.

Bloomfield, Clemence S.--Interviews

Bloomfield, T. Clarke (2)

Bloomfield, T. Clarke--Interviews (2)

Blount County (Tenn.)

Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation (9)

Blue, Thomas F., Jr.

Blue, Thomas F., Jr.--Interviews

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (8)

Bluegrass Community and Technical College. (5)

Bluegrass festivals (12)

Bluegrass Horseshoers Association, Inc.

Bluegrass music (3)

Bluegrass music--1951-1960. (3)

Bluegrass music--1961-1970.

Bluegrass music--History and criticism. (9)

Bluegrass music. (65)

Bluegrass musicians (61)

Bluegrass musicians.

Bluegrass singers

Bluegrass State Skills Corporation

Blume, Norbert L., 1922-2011 (8)

Blythe, David K., 1917- (3)

Blythe, David K., 1917- --Interviews (3)

Blyton, Gifford, 1909-

Blyton, Gifford, 1909- --Interviews

Boarding houses

Boarding schools

Boards of directors

Body snatching--United States--History.

Boggs, Daryl

Boggs, Daryl--Interviews

Boggs, Kendall

Boggs, Kendall--Interviews

Bogotá (Colombia)

Bohannon, Kimmye

Bohannon, Kimmye--Interviews

Boisseau, Michelle, 1955-

Bold Ruler (Race horse) (2)

Boleyn, D. G.

Boleyn, D. G.--Interviews

Bolivia (2)

Bolling, Anna N.

Bolling, Anna N.--Interviews

Bologna, Joe

Bologna, Joe--Interviews

Bolton, Evelyn Hurt (3)

Bolton, Evelyn Hurt--Interviews (3)

Bombing, Aerial.

Bond, Julian, 1940- --Interviews

Bond, Mrs. Thomas

Bond, Mrs. Thomas--Interviews

Bonds, Ernest

Bonds, Ernest--Interviews

Bonds, Virginia

Bonds, Virginia--Interviews

Book collecting.

Book editors.


Booker Washington Institute of Liberia

Books (4)

Books. (2)

Booksellers and bookselling.

Boone County (Ky.) (3)

Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820

Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820.

Boone, George Street

Boone, George Street--Interviews

Boonesboro (Ky.) (3)

Booneville (Ky.)

Borders, Charlie

Borders, Charlie--Interviews

Borders, Roberta

Borders, Roberta--Interviews

Boruca (Costa Rica)

Bosch, Anna R.

Bosch, Anna R.--Interviews

Boskey, Bennett, 1916-

Boskey, Bennett, 1916- --Interviews

Bosley, Ella

Bosley, Ella--Interviews

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Bosomworth, Peter P., 1930- (4)

Bosomworth, Peter P., 1930- --Interviews (3)

Bost, Howard L. (Howard Lee), 1918-2005 (4)

Bost, Howard L. (Howard Lee), 1918-2005 -- Interviews (5)

Boston (Mass.) (5)

Boston Celtics (Basketball team) (2)

Boston Children's Hospital.

Boswell, David E., Jr., 1949- (2)

Boswell, David E., Jr., 1949- --Interviews

Botswana (4)


Bottoms, J.V.

Bottoms, J.V.--Interviews

Bottoms, Jenny M.

Bottoms, Jenny M.--Interviews

Bottoms, Laurie Louise Shafer, 1939- (3)

Bottoms, Laurie Louise Shafer, 1939- --Interviews (3)

Boudin, Leonard, 1912-1989

Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea) (3)

Boulder County (Colo.)

Boundaries, State

Bourbon County (Ky.) (16)

Bourbon County (Ky.)--Race relations.

Bourbon whiskey (67)

Bourbon whiskey. (2)

Bourgeois, Ashley

Bourgeois, Ashley--Interviews

Bowen, Ollie J.

Bowen, Ollie J.--Interviews

Bower, Billy Francis Jackson

Bower, Billy Francis Jackson--Interviews

Bower, William Clayton, b. 1878

Bower, William Clayton, b. 1878--Interviews

Bowl Championship Series.

Bowling Green (Ky.) (4)

Bowling, Abraham

Bowling, Abraham--Interviews

Bowling, Lawrence

Bowling, Lawrence--Interviews

Bowman Field (Ky.) (3)

Boxing matches.


Boxwood. (3)

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of America.

Boy scouts.

Boycotts (2)

Boycotts. (2)

Boyd County (Ky.) (10)

Boyd, Thomas A.

Boyd, Thomas A. -- Interviews

Boyd, Tommy

Boyd, Tommy--Interviews

Boyle County (Ky.) (3)

Boysen, Thomas C. (4)

Boysen, Thomas C.--Interviews (3)

Brabant, Kenneth A.

Brabant, Kenneth A.--Interviews

Bracken County (Ky.) (10)

Brackett, Ray

Brackett, Ray--Interviews

Bradberry, Wanda, 1939- --Interviews.

Bradbury, Raymond A., 1928-

Bradbury, Raymond A., 1928- --Interviews (2)

Braden, Anne, 1924-2006 (18)

Braden, Anne, 1924-2006--Childhood and youth (2)

Braden, Anne, 1924-2006--Interviews (7)

Braden, Carl, 1914-1975 (19)

Bradford, Lawrence Alan, 1895-

Bradford, Lawrence Alan, 1895- --Interviews

Bradley, Ann

Bradley, Ann--Interviews

Bradley, Elizabeth B.

Bradley, Elizabeth B.--Interviews

Bradley, Fred F. (3)

Bradley, Fred F.--Interviews

Bradley, Jacqueline H.

Bradley, Jacqueline H.--Interviews

Bradley, Jerry, Mrs.

Bradley, Jerry, Mrs.--Interviews

Bradley, Mollie M.

Bradley, Mollie M.--Interviews

Bradley, Omar Buck

Bradley, Omar Buck--Interviews

Bradley, Pat

Bradley, Pat--Interviews

Bradley, Walter T.

Bradley, Walter T.--Interviews

Bradshaw, Charlie, 1924-1999

Bradshaw, Frank (2)

Bradshaw, Garland

Bradshaw, Richard A.

Bradshaw, Richard A.--Interviews

Brady, George K. (2)

Brady, George K.--Interviews (2)

Brafford, Angie

Brafford, Angie--Interviews

Brain drain

Brain drain--Kentucky


Branches of government

Branding (Marketing) (4)

Branham, Dan H. (2)

Branham, Dan H.--Interviews (2)

Branham, Dana S.

Branham, Dana S.--Interviews

Brannon, Coy H. (2)

Brannon, Coy H.--Interviews (2)

Brannon, Lena

Brannon, Lena--Interviews

Branscome, Jim

Branscome, Jim--Interviews

Bransford, Jerry

Bransford, Jerry--Interviews

Branson, Ashley N., 1987-

Branson, Ashley N., 1987- --Interviews

Branton, Wiley Austin, 1923-1988

Branton, Wiley Austin, 1923-1988 --Interviews

Brashear, Nora

Brashear, Nora--Interviews

Brass bands.

Braxton, Gloria J.

Bray, Howard

Bray, Howard--Interviews

Brazelton, T. Berry, 1918-



Bread Loaf Writers' Conference of Middlebury College

Bread Loaf Writers? Conference of Middlebury College (2)

Breaks Interstate Park (Ky.-Va.)

Breathitt County (Ky.) (2)

Breathitt, Edward T., 1924- (38)

Breathitt, Edward T., 1924- --Interviews (13)

Breathitt, Edward T., 1924- --Childhood and youth (2)

Breathitt, Edward T., 1924- --Interviews (3)

Breathitt, Edward T., 1924-2003

Breckinridge County (Ky.) (2)

Breckinridge family (5)

Breckinridge's fall from horse

Breckinridge's father

Breckinridge, Helen Babbitt

Breckinridge, Helen Babbitt--Interviews

Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965 (71)

Breeders' Cup Championship Day races


Brescia University (Owensboro, Ky.)

Bressuire (France)

Brewer, Ann

Brewer, Ann--Interviews

Brewer, Clyde

Brewer, Clyde--Interviews

Brewer, Edna

Brewer, Edna--Interviews

Brewer, Mary Taylor, 1909-

Brewer, Mary Taylor, 1909- --Interviews



Briar Hill Farm (Ky.)

Brickell, Jean (2)

Brickell, Jean--Interviews (2)


Brigade of the American Revolution (2)

Brigadier generals

Briggs, Cordie M.

Briggs, Cordie M.--Interviews

Bright, Steve

Bright, Steve--Interviews

Brinson, Betsy (3)

Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940.



British--India--History. (11)

Britt, James

Britt, James--Interviews

Broadbent, Smith D., Jr.

Broadbent, Smith D., Jr.--Interviews

Broadcast journalism

Broadcast journalism. (2)

Broadcasting--Kentucky--History (70)

Broadcasting. (3)

Broadside Press

Broadway League

Brock, John H. (2)

Brock, John H.--Interviews (2)

Broeg, Bob, 1918-2005

Broeg, Bob, 1918-2005--Interviews

Bronze Star Medal (U.S.) (2)

Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)--Race relations

Brooks & Dunn (Musical group)

Brooks School of Concord (Concord, Mass.)

Brooks, Arthur Leroy, Jr.

Brooks, Arthur Leroy, Jr.--Interviews

Brooks, Charlie Mae (2)

Brooks, Charlie Mae--Interviews (2)

Brooks, Cleanth, 1906-1994 (2)

Brooks, Clem

Brooks, Clem--Interviews

Brooks, Everett

Brooks, Everett--Interviews

Brooks, Joanne

Brooks, Joanne--Interviews

Brooks, Michael

Brooks, Michael--Interviews

Brooks, Theresa

Brooks, Theresa--Interviews

Brookshire, Margie B., 1922-

Brookshire, Margie B., 1922- --Interviews

Brookside Women's Club

Brooksville (Ky.) (6)

Brosi, George

Brosi, George--Interviews



Brothers (3)

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (5)

Brown, Annette C.

Brown, Annette C.--Interviews

Brown, Charles A.

Brown, Charles A.--Interviews

Brown, Earl B. (2)

Brown, Earl B.--Interviews (2)

Brown, George

Brown, George, 1835-1913

Brown, George--Interviews

Brown, Georgia F.

Brown, Georgia F.--Interviews

Brown, H. Templeton

Brown, H. Templeton--Interviews

Brown, Henry Corley, 1902-

Brown, Henry Corley, 1902- --Interviews

Brown, Hugh Victor

Brown, Hugh Victor--Interviews

Brown, Huntington

Brown, James S. (2)

Brown, James S.--Interviews (2)

Brown, Jan

Brown, Jan--Interviews

Brown, John Will (2)

Brown, John Will--Interviews (2)

Brown, John Y. (John Young) Jr., 1933- (3)

Brown, John Young, 1900-1985 (17)

Brown, John Young, 1933-

Brown, John Young, Jr., 1933- (46)

Brown, John, 1800-1859

Brown, Lisa A.

Brown, Lisa A.--Interviews

Brown, Macon B.

Brown, Macon B.--Interviews

Brown, Martin "Marty"

Brown, Martin "Marty"--Interviews

Brown, Phyllis George

Brown, Robert N.

Brown, Robert N.--Interviews

Brown, Robert T.

Brown, Robert T.--Interviews

Brown, Sadie

Brown, Sadie--Interviews

Brown, Sam

Brown, Sam--Interviews

Brown, Simpson

Brown, Simpson--Interviews

Brown, W.R.

Brown, W.R.--Interviews

Brown, Willard

Brown, Willard--Interviews

Brown, William Horace

Brown, William Horace--Interviews

Brown-Forman Corporation (5)

Browne, Vincent J.

Browne, Vincent J.--Interviews.

Browning, Hazel, 1897-

Browning, Hazel, 1897- --Interviews

Bruce, James, 1927- (2)

Bruce, James, 1927- --Interviews

Brumm, Jamison

Brumm, Jamison--Interviews

Brummett, Grover C.

Brummett, Grover C.--Interviews

Bryan, John T., 1973-1987

Bryant, Paul W. (2)

Bryant, Thomson R., 1885-1979 (5)

Bryant, Thomson R., 1885-1979--Interviews (5)

Buchanan County (Va.) (3)

Buchanan County Public Library

Buchenwald (Concentration camp)

Buckingham Army Air Field (Fla.)

Buckner, Lyle Walters

Buckner, Lyle Walters--Interviews

Budget (8)

Budget deficits

Budget--United States--States

Buffalo Springfield (Musical group)

Buffalo Trace Distillery (13)

Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Building (2)

Building. (6)


Bukavu (Congo)


Bull Lea (Race horse)

Bull, Jacqueline, 1911-1987 (3)

Bull, Jacqueline, 1911-1987--Interviews (3)

Bullitt County (Ky.) (3)

Bullock, Thelma

Bullock, Thelma--Interviews


Bunche, Ralph J. (Ralph Johnson), 1904-1971 (2)

Bunn, John William, 1898-

Bunning, Jim, 1931-

Buntin, Lillian

Buntin, Lillian--Interviews

Burch, J. Elliott (John Elliott)

Burch, Joseph T. (3)

Burch, Joseph T.--Interviews (3)

Burch, Preston M., b. 1884

Burchett, Leon

Burchett, Leon--Interviews

Burchfield, Irene

Burchfield, Irene--Interviews

Burchfield, Lizzie

Burchfield, Lizzie--Interviews

Burden of proof

Burdine (Ky.) (2)


Burke, Ellen

Burke, Ellen--Interviews

Burke, Frank W., (Frank Welsh), 1920-2007 (2)

Burke, Frank W., (Frank Welsh), 1920-2007--Interviews

Burke, Julian

Burke, Julian--Interviews

Burke, Parris (2)

Burke, Parris--Interviews (2)

Burkich, Jack M.

Burkich, Jack M.--Interviews

Burley and Dark Leaf Tobacco Export Association (2)

Burley Auction Warehouse Association (3)

Burley tobacco (63)

Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association (7)

Burley Tobacco Warehouse Association

Burn out (Psychology)

Burnam, Emmett P.

Burnam, Emmett P.--Interviews

Burney, Leroy E. (Leroy Edgar), 1906-1998

Burney, Leroy E. (Leroy Edgar), 1906-1998--Interviews

Burns, James MacGregor

Burns, James MacGregor--Interviews

Burr, Raymond, 1917-1993 (2)

Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950

Burton, Robert W.

Burton, Robert W.--Interviews


Bus driving

Bush, George Herbert Walker, 1924-2018

Bush, George W., (George Walker), 1946- (3)

Bush, Sherman L.

Bush, Sherman L.--Interviews

Business (3)

Business anthropology.

Business education

Business enterprises, Foreign.

Business enterprises--Kentucky

Business enterprises--Kentucky--Corbin

Business enterprises--Kentucky--Taylor Mill

Business enterprises.

Business operations policies

Business records.

Business. (3)

Businesses (2)

Businesspeople (5)

Businesspeople, Black (2)


Businesswomen. (4)

Busing for school integration (10)

Busing for school integration--Kentucky--Jefferson County

Buster, William R. (14)

Buster, William R.--Interviews (14)

Butler County (Ky.) (5)

Butler, Frank, 1942-

Butler, Frank, 1942- --Interviews

Butler, Hansford

Butler, Hansford--Interviews

Butler, Richard

Butler, Richard--Interviews

Butler, Wendell Pace, 1912-2000 (3)

Butler, Wendell Pace, 1912-2000--Interviews (2)

Butner, Lillian

Butner, Lillian--Interviews

Butterworth, Renee

Butterworth, Renee--Interviews

Byars, Don W., II

Byars, Don W., II--Interviews

Byrd, Chaney

Byrd, Chaney--Interviews

Byrd, Everett

Byrd, Everett--Interviews

Byrd, Harry F. (Harry Flood), 1887-1966 (5)