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Faith (2)

Falireas, Reann Saunders

Falireas, Reann Saunders--Interviews

Fall?jah (Iraq) (3)

Fallon, Edward Hagyard, 1931- (5)

Fallon, Edward Hagyard, 1931- --Interviews (2)

Fallon, Harold

Falls City Tobacco Company

Falls of the Ohio (Ky. and Ind.)

Fallsburg (Ky.)

Fallujah, Battle of, Fallujah, Iraq, 2004 (2)

Families (23)

Families. (239)

Family (2)

Family business

Family businesses (3)

Family farms (558)

Family farms--Finance (3)

Family farms--Management

Family farms. (12)

Family histories. (27)

Family history (4)

Family history. (2)

Family law (2)

Family medicine (2)

Family medicine. (4)

Family nursing (10)

Family ties

Family violence (10)

Family violence.

Family--history (51)

Family-owned business enterprises. (11)

Family-owned business enterprises.;

Fancy Farm (Ky.) (2)

Faoro, Victoria

Faoro, Victoria--Interviews

Faraway Farm (Ky.)

Farish, William Stamps, III, 1939-

Farley, James A. (James Aloysius), 1888-1976--Interviews

Farm Aid (Fund raising enterprise)

Farm buildings (9)

Farm equipment (2)

Farm Life (6)

Farm life--Appalachian Region (35)

Farm life--Kentucky--Nicholasville region

Farm life. (91)

Farm management (2)

Farm Managers--Interviews (3)

Farm mechanization (2)

Farm produce (2)

Farm produce.

Farm production quotas (3)

Farm programs

Farm tenancy (12)

Farm tenancy--Economic aspects

Farm tractors (2)

Farmer, Henry

Farmer, Henry--Interviews

Farmer, James, 1920-1999

Farmer, James, 1920-1999--Interviews

Farmer, Richie

Farmers (3)

Farmers Home Administration

Farmers' markets

Farmers' spouses

Farmers. (10)

Farming (12)

Farming equipment (2)

Farming programs (2)

Farmland (2)

Farms (9)

Farms, Small

Farms, Small. (11)


Farnsley, Charles P. (Charles Rowland Peaslee), 1907-1990

Farr, Sidney Saylor, 1932-

Farr, Sidney Saylor, 1932- --Interviews

Farris, Edward Allen

Farris, Edward Allen--Interviews


Fasig-Tipton Co. (4)

Fasig-Tipton Company, Inc.

Fast food restaurants

Fasts and feasts--Judaism. (2)


Fathers (2)

Fathers of murder victims

Faulkner, Henry (2)

Faulkner, Henry, 1924-1981 (3)

Faulkner, Henry, 1924-1981. (3)

Faulkner, William, 1897-1962 (2)

Fayette County (Ky.) (110)

Fayette County (Ky.)--Newspapers.

Fayette County (Ky.)--Politics and government (31)

Fayette County Medical Society (Ky.) (2)

Feature films.

Federal courts

Federal Executive Institute

Federal government

Federal Judicial Center

Fehr, Paul E., 1905-

Fehr, Paul E., 1905- --Interviews

Fein, Harry

Feldhaus, Deron

Feller, Bob

Feller, Bob, 1918-2010 (2)

Feller, Bob, 1918-2010--Interviews (2)

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)

Feltner, Betty

Feltner, Betty--Interviews

Feltner, John Conrad, 1913-

Feltner, John Conrad, 1913- --Interviews

Feltner, Paul

Feltner, Paul--Interviews

Female impersonators

Female impersonators.


Feminism (9)

Feminism and art.

Feminism--Kentucky--Lexington (33)

Feminism. (3)

Feminist literature


Feminists--Kentucky--Lexington (33)

Fencing coaches



Fergus, Ernest N., 1892-

Fergus, Ernest N., 1892- --Interviews

Fertilization in vitro (2)


Fesler, James W. (James William), 1911-2005

Fesler, James W. (James William), 1911-2005--Interviews

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Fiction (2)


Field houses

Field houses--Design and construction.

Fields, Angela

Fields, Angela--Interviews

Fields, Isaiah

Fields, Isaiah--Interviews

Fields, Melvia B. Anderson (2)

Fields, Melvia B. Anderson--Interviews (2)

Figgs, Luther W.

Figgs, Luther W.--Interviews

Figgs, Roberta

Figgs, Roberta--Interviews

Fiji (2)


Film. (8)

Filmed interviews. (2)

Filmmakers (4)



Finch, John H., 1906-

Finch, John H., 1906- --Interviews

Fine, Robert

Finley, Charles Oscar, 1918-1996

Finn, Robert G. Jr.

Finn, Robert G. Jr.--Interviews

Finn, William G.

Finn, William G.--Interviews

Finney, Nikky (5)

Fire Department Training Network

Fire departments (3)

Fire departments--Officials and employees

Fire departments. (3)

Fire extinction.

Fire fighters--Kentucky

Fire fighters.

Fire fighting practices

Fire stations

Firearms. (2)



Fischer, Lydia Roberts (2)

Fischer, Lydia Roberts--Interviews (2)

Fish populations--Thinning

Fish, John S.

Fish, John S.--Interviews

Fishback, William

Fishback, William--Interviews

Fisher, Eddie

Fisher, M. F. K. (Mary Frances Kennedy), 1908-1992

Fisher, Rachel

Fisher, Rachel--Interviews


Fishery law and legislation (3)

Fishery management (3)

Fishery management--United States

Fishery policy

Fishery resources management

Fishery sciences (2)

Fishery scientists

Fishing--Anthropological aspects

Fisk University

Fit to Fight (Race horse)

Fitz, Reginald H.

Fitz, Reginald H.--Interviews

Fitzgerald, Harriet, 1904-1984 (3)

Fitzgerald, Tom (2)

Fitzgerald, Tom--Interviews (2)

Flannery, Ron

Flannery, Ron--Interviews

Flege, Robert F. (Robert Frederick), 1898-1995

Flege, Robert F. (Robert Frederick), 1898-1995--Interviews

Fleming County (Ky.) (4)

Fleming, James T.

Fleming, James T.--Interviews

Fleming, Joe W., 1937- (2)

Fleming, Joe W., 1937- --Interviews (2)

Fletcher, Alicia Bonita

Fletcher, Alicia Bonita--Interviews

Fletcher, Ernie, 1952- (21)

Fletcher, Joseph G.

Fletcher, Joseph G.--Interviews

Flight Time (Show horse)

Flood damage (3)

Flood damage prevention--Kentucky--Harlan

Floods--Kentucky (13)

Florence (Italy)

Florida (2)

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Florida State University--Basketball

Florida. Supreme Court

Floyd County (Ky.) (7)

Flue-cured tobacco (2)

Fluker, Otis, Jr.

Fluker, Otis, Jr.--Interviews

Flynn, Errol, 1909-1959

Flynn, Robert D.

Flynn, Robert D.--Interviews

Flynn, William V. (William Vergus)

Flynn, William V. (William Vergus)--Interviews

Foals (5)


Foley, Wendi

Foley, Wendi--Interviews

Folk art--Kentucky (59)

Folk art--Kentucky. (2)

Folk art.

Folk artists (3)

Folk music (2)

Folk music--Appalachian Region (7)

Folk music. (7)

Folk singers

Folk songs--Appalachian Region, Southern

Folk songs. (7)


Folsom, James Elisha (2)

Food (66)

Food cultures in America

Food habits (7)

Food habits--Appalachian Region, Southern (2)

Food habits.

Food industry and trade

Food service

Food service employees (3)

Food--Preservation (8)

Food--Preservation--Kentucky (5)


Football (6)

Football coaches

Football fans.

Football players (2)

Football players. (2)

Football stadiums


Football. (5)

Ford Foundation

Ford, Ann

Ford, Ann--Interviews

Ford, Danny R., 1954-

Ford, Danny R., 1954- --Interviews

Ford, Edward, 1930-2010 (2)

Ford, Edward, 1930-2010--Interviews (2)

Ford, Forest S.

Ford, Forest S.--Interviews

Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006

Ford, Thomas R., 1923- (3)

Ford, Thomas R., 1923- --Interviews (3)

Ford, Wendell H., 1924- (65)

Ford, Wendell H., 1924- --Interviews (2)

Ford, Wendell H., 1924-2015 (2)


Foreign fishing

Forensic pathology.

Foresman, Margaret

Forest Retreat Farm and Tavern (Ky.)


Forests and forestry.

Forgy, Lawrence E., Jr., 1939- (4)

Forgy, Lawrence E., Jr., 1939- --Interviews

Forman Christian College (Lahore, Pakistan)

Forman, James, 1928-2005

Forsythe, Hazel W., 1948- (3)

Forsythe, Hazel W., 1948- --Interviews (3)

Fort Benjamin Harrison (Ind.)

Fort Campbell (Ky. and Tenn.)

Fort Chaffee (Ark.)

Fort Dix (N.J.)

Fort Frederica (Ga.)

Fort George G. Meade (Md.)

Fort Gordon (Ga.) (2)

Fort Hood (Tex.)

Fort Jackson (S.C.) (3)

Fort Knox (Ky.) (10)

Fort Leonard Wood (Mo.)

Fort Lewis (Wash.)

Fort McClellan (Ala.)

Fort Ord (Calif.)

Fort Pulaski (Ga.)--History. (2)

Fort Riley (Kan.)

Fort Rucker (Ala.) (2)

Fort Thomas (Ky.)

Fort Totten (N.Y.)

Fort Wolters (Tex.)

Fort Wright (Ky.) (3)

Fort, Clara Margaret

Fort, Clara Margaret--Interviews

Forth, Stuart

Forth, Stuart--Interviews

Foster home care (2)

Foster, Charles Sheridan, 1951- --Interviews.

Foster, Jack Donald

Foster, Jack Donald--Interviews

Foster, William Forrester, 1895-1967.

Foust, Mary Louise

Foust, Mary Louise--Interviews

Foutch, William Curtis

Foutch, William Curtis--Interviews

Fowler, Daniel E.

Fowler, Daniel E.--Interviews

Fox hunting

Fox, Dewey

Fox, Dewey--Interviews

Fox, Jim

Fox, Mary Pauline

Fox, Mary Pauline--Interviews

Fraley, Blaine, 1905-

Fraley, Blaine, 1905- --Interviews

France (3)

France, Southern.


France. Arm?e.

Francis, Wilson

Francis, Wilson--Interviews

Frankfort (Ky.) (16)

Frankfort (Ky.)

Frankfort (Ky.)--History

Frankfort (Ky.)--Social life and customs

Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965

Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965. (3)

Franklin (Ky.)

Franklin County (Ky.) (26)

Franklin County (Ky.)--History. (19)

Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945

Franklin D. Roosevelt and the era of the New Deal

Franks, Allen C., 1934-

Franks, Allen C., 1934- --Interviews

Frazier, Charles W., (Charles Wes), 1919-

Frazier, Charles W., (Charles Wes), 1919- --Interviews

Frazier, Lynn

Frazier, Lynn--Interviews

Frazier, Mae, 1912- (2)

Frazier, Mae, 1912- --Interviews (2)

Free enterprise

Freedom of information--Kentucky

Freedom of religion (2)

Freedom of speech

Freedom Rides, 1961 (2)

Freeman, Glenn R.

Freeman, Glenn R.--Interviews

Freeman, Harold D.

Freeman, Harold D.--Interviews

Freeman, Robert E.

Freeman, Robert E.--Interviews

Freeport (Ill.) (2)

Freibert, Pat (2)

Freibert, Pat--Interviews

French, Morgan

French, Morgan--Interviews

French, Virginia

French, Virginia--Interviews

Frenchburg (Ky.)

Freund, Paul A. (Paul Abraham), 1908-1992

Freund, Paul A. (Paul Abraham), 1908-1992--Interviews

Friedell, Gilbert H. (6)

Friedell, Gilbert H.--Interviews (6)

Friend, Kelsey E., Sr. (4)

Friendship (7)


Fritsch, Mary Elizabeth

Fritsch, Mary Elizabeth--Interviews

Frogge, Willie Osville (2)

Frogge, Willie Osville--Interviews (2)

Frontier and pioneer life. (2)

Frontier Nursing Service Inc.

Frontier Nursing Service, Inc. (93)

Frontier Nursing Service, inc.--History.

Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing (4)

Frost, Robert, 1874-1963 (2)

Frost, Robert, 1874-1963.

Fruit juices--Pasteurization.

Fruit juices.

Frye, Helen Fisher

Frye, Helen Fisher--Interviews

Fryman, Richard J.

Fryman, Richard J.--Interviews

Frymire, Richard L. (5)

Frymire, Richard L.--Interviews


Fugate, Rufus, 1932-

Fugate, Rufus, 1932- --Interviews

Fugazzi, Fred

Fugazzi, Fred--Interviews

Fulbright scholars.

Fulbright, J. William (James William), 1905-1995

Fulbright, J. William (James William), 1905-1995--Interviews

Fuller, Paul E.

Fuller, Paul E.--Interviews

Fullerton, Judith

Fullerton, Judith--Interviews

Fullington, Patricia Sharp

Fullington, Patricia Sharp--Interviews

Fulton County (Ky.) (2)

Functional literacy (27)

Fund raising (6)


Funeral homes

Funeral rites and ceremonies


Funich, Bessie (2)

Funich, Bessie--Interviews (2)

Funich, Tony (2)

Funich, Tony--Interviews (2)

Futrell, Beverly

Futrell, Beverly--Interviews

Future Farmers of America.

Future life