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Cadle, Tillman, 1902-

Cadle, Tillman, 1902- --Interviews

Cafeterias (2)

Cain, Bob M.

Cain, Bob M.--Interviews

Calcutta (India) (2)

Caldwell, Jennie G.

Caldwell, Jennie G.--Interviews

California (3)

California Institute of Technology

Calipari, John, 1958-

Call, Charles F., Jr.

Call, Charles F., Jr.--Interviews

Callahan, James P., 1939- (2)

Callahan, James P., 1939- --Interviews (2)

Callahan, Joan C., 1946- (2)

Callahan, Joan C., 1946- --Interviews (2)


Callej?n de Huaylas (Peru)

Calloway County (Ky.)

Calumet Farm

Calumet Farm (Ky.) (3)

Camara, Jules (3)

Cambodia (3)

Cambridge (England)

Cambridge University

Camenisch, Dorothy C., 1920-

Camenisch, Dorothy C., 1920- --Interviews

Cameroon (3)

Camp Atterbury (Ind.) (3)

Camp Breckinridge (Ky.)

Camp Lejeune (N.C.) (5)

Camp Livingston, La.

Camp Nelson (Ky.)--History.

Camp Pendleton (Calif.) (3)

Camp Perry (Ohio)

Campagnari, Ben (2)

Campagnari, Ben--Interviews (2)

Campaign funds (2)

Campaign funds--Kentucky (3)

Campaign funds--Kentucky--Auditing

Campaign funds--Law and legislation

Campaign funds. (2)

Campbell B. (Campbell Blackshear), 1881-1944

Campbell County (Ky.) (7)

Campbell, Darrell

Campbell, Darrell--Interviews

Campbell, Henry A.

Campbell, Morton

Campbell, Morton--Interviews

Campbell, O.H., (Ollie Howard), 1917-

Campbell, O.H., (Ollie Howard), 1917- --Interviews

Campbell, Robert Thomas

Campbell, Robert Thomas--Interviews

Campbellsville (Ky.) (3)


Campton (Ky.)

Campus benefactors

Campus planning (3)

Campus planning. (4)

Camus, Albert, 1913-1960

Cancer (6)

Cancer treatment and research (2)



Cancer--Patients. (2)


Cancer--Research (6)

Cancer--Risk factors

Cancer--Study and teaching (3)

Cancer--Treatment (2)

Cancer--Treatment. (2)

Cancer. (4)

Cancun (Mexico)

Candaba (Philippines)

Cane Creek (Ky.)

Cane Creek (Ky.)--Social life and customs

Cane River (La.)

Cane River Creole National Historical Park (La.) (2)

Cann, Howard, 1895-1992


Canning and preserving (15)

Canning and preserving. (3)

Cannon, Frank R. (Frank Robert), Jr., 1937-

Cannon, Frank R. (Frank Robert), Jr., 1937- --Interviews

Cannon, Orman

Cannon, Orman--Interviews

Cantrill, Florence Shelby

Cantrill, Florence Shelby--Interviews

Cape Town (South Africa)

Capital punishment (5)

Capital punishment--Kentucky (3)



Capitol Records, Inc. (7)

Caplan, Malcolm H.

Card, Dana G.

Card, Dana G.--Interviews


Career changes (5)

Career moves (9)

Careers (14)

Careers & opportunities (7)

Careers. (8)


Carib Indians.

Carlisle County (Ky.) (2)

Carlson, Henry Clifford, 1894-1964 (2)

Carmichael, Stokely

Carmichael, Stokely--Interviews

Carmichael, Stokely.

Carpenter, Barbara

Carpenter, Barbara--Interviews

Carpenter, Cecil Clayton, 1904- (4)

Carpenter, Cecil Clayton, 1904- --Interviews (4)

Carpenter, Clyde R. (2)

Carpenter, Clyde R.--Interviews (2)

Carpenter, Fathia

Carpenter, Fathia--Interviews

Carpenter, Saul

Carpenter, Saul--Interviews


Carr, Edna

Carr, Edna--Interviews

Carr, Pat M., 1932-

Carriages and carts

Carrion, Jaime S.

Carroll County (Ky.) (4)

Carroll, Arvel, Jr. (2)

Carroll, Arvel, Jr.--Interviews (2)

Carroll, John S.

Carroll, John S.--Interviews

Carroll, Julian Morton, 1931- (60)

Carroll, Julian Morton, 1931- --Interviews (7)

Carson, Helen K.

Carson, Helen K.--Interviews

Carter, Estill

Carter, Estill--Interviews

Carter, Grace Potter

Carter, Grace Potter--Interviews

Carter, Gwendolen Margaret, 1906-1991

Carter, Gwendolen Margaret, 1906-1991--Interviews

Carter, Jimmy, 1924- (6)

Carter, Thea O.

Carter, Thea O.--Interviews

Case, Clifford P. (Clifford Philip), 1904-1982

Case, Clifford P. (Clifford Philip), 1904-1982--Interviews

Casey County (Ky.) (6)

Cash crops

Cash crops.

Cash, Tom

Cash, Tom--Interviews

Cassidy, J. Peter

Cassidy, J. Peter--Interviews

Cassidy, Samuel M., 1902- (3)

Cassidy, Samuel M., 1902- --Interviews (3)

Castiglione, Peter P. (Peter Paul)

Castiglione, Peter P. (Peter Paul)--Interviews

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument (Saint Augustine, Fla.) (2)

Castle, Dorthea L., 1919-

Castle, Dorthea L., 1919- --Interviews

Castle, Doug (2)

Castle, Doug--Interviews (2)

Castle, Marjorie, 1909- (3)

Castle, Marjorie, 1909- --Interviews (3)

Castleton Farm (Ky.) (2)

Castro, Fidel, 1926-2016

Cathers, Chris

Cathers, Chris--Interviews

Catholic children

Catholic Church (6)

Catholic Church--United States (3)

Catholic Church--United States.

Catholic Church.

Catholic Maternity Institute (Santa Fe, N.M.) (2)

Catholic schools (4)

Catholic theological seminaries.

Catholic University of America (2)

Catholicism (7)

Catholics--Kentucky (5)



Cattle breeders (2)


Caucus (4)

Caudill, C. Louise

Caudill, C. Louise--Interviews

Caudill, Harry M., 1922-1990 (5)

Caudill, Harry M., 1922-1990--Interviews (2)

Caulder, William F., 1915-2001

Caulder, William F., 1915-2001--Interviews

Cauthen, Ronald "Tex"

Cauthen, Ronald "Tex"--Interviews

Cauthen, Steve, 1960-

Cavett, Dick


Cawood, Edward Lee (2)

Cawood, Edward Lee--Interviews (2)

Cawood, Stephen C. (2)

Cawood, Stephen C.--Interviews (2)

CBS Television Network. (2)

Cecconi, Joseph A., (Joseph Anthony)

Cecconi, Joseph A., (Joseph Anthony)--Interviews

Cemeteries (2)


Center for Rural Development (3)

Centers for the performing arts

Central African Republic

Central High School (Louisville, Ky.)

Central State University (Wilberforce, Ohio)

Centre College (Danville, Ky. : 1918- ) (5)

Centre College (Danville, Ky. : 1918- )

Centre College (Danville, Ky.) (4)

Centre College (Danville, Ky.)--Sports (2)


Cetrulo, Christine (3)

Cetrulo, Christine--Interviews (3)

Cetrulo, Robert

Cetrulo, Robert--Interviews

Chaclacayo (Peru)

Challenges (2)

Chambers, Bonnie (2)

Chambers, Bonnie--Interviews (2)

Chambers, Erve

Chandler, Albert Benjamin, 1898-1991

Chandler, Albert Benjamin, Jr. (8)

Chandler, Alice Headley, 1926- (2)

Chandler, Alice Headley, 1926- --Interviews (3)

Chandler, Alta Mae, 1893-

Chandler, Alta Mae, 1893- --Interviews

Chandler, Ben, 1959- (17)

Chandler, Billy N.

Chandler, Billy N.--Interviews

Chandler, Dan, 1933- (3)

Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991 (255)

Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991--Interviews (44)

Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991.

Chandler, Mildred Watkins, 1899-1995 (7)

Chandler, Mildred Watkins, 1899-1995--Interviews (3)

Chandler, Toss Dunlap (4)

Chandler, William S.

Chaney, Alice

Chaney, Alice--Interviews

Change (2)


Changes (3)

Changjin Reservoir (Korea)


Chapman, H. Stow (2)

Chapman, H. Stow--Interviews (2)

Character (10)




Charleston (Ill.)

Chattanooga (Tenn.) (3)

Cheaney, George

Cheaney, George--Interviews

Cheek, William A.

Cheek, William A.--Interviews

Cheerleaders. (10)

Cheerleading (2)

Cheerleading--1980-1990. (2)



Cheerleading--Competitions. (3)

Cheerleading--History. (3)

Cheerleading--United States--History.

Cheerleading--United States. (3)

Cheerleading. (10)

Chemical engineering

Chemicals--Fires and fire prevention



Chenault, Dennis, 1927-

Chenault, Dennis, 1927- --Interviews

Chenault, Louisa D.

Chenault, Louisa D.--Interviews

Chenery, Christopher T.

Chenery, Penny, 1922-2017.

Cherbourg, Battle of, Cherbourg, France, 1944.

Chernihiv (Ukraine)

Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Nation

Chery, Phillip L., Sr., 1955-

Chery, Phillip L., Sr., 1955- --Interviews

Chess Records

Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, Oklahoma

Chicago (Ill.) (5)

Chicago (Ill.)

Chicago White Sox (Baseball team). (2)

Chief of Greystone (Show horse)

Child abuse (2)

Child abuse--Law and legislation--Kentucky

Child abuse.

Child care.

Child labor. (8)

Child mental health.

Child rearing (7)

Child rearing--Kentucky--Lexington

Child Support Enforcement Project

Child support--Law and legislation

Child support--Taxation--Law and legislation--Kentucky

Child welfare

Child welfare workers.

Child welfare--United States.

Childbirth (49)

Childers, Alva, 1907-

Childers, Alva, 1907- --Interviews

Childers, Clifford

Childers, Clifford--Interviews (2)

Childers, Gertrude

Childers, James E., 1910-

Childers, James E., 1910- --Interviews

Childers, Johnny Bear, 1910-

Childers, Johnny Bear, 1910- --Interviews

Childhood (240)

Childhood and youth

Childhood in America

Childhood. (4)

Childre, Marilyn E.

Childre, Marilyn E.--Interviews


Children (43)

Children of blue collar workers (2)

Children of clergy

Children of miners

Children of physicians

Children's authors (3)

Children's books

Children's literature.

Children's theater.


Children--Health and hygiene

Children--Health and hygiene--Kentucky (108)

Children--Institutional care (6)

Children--Kentucky (32)

Childress, Constance Elaine

Childress, Constance Elaine--Interviews

Childress, Joanna Offutt

Childress, Joanna Offutt--Interviews

Childress, William H.

Childress, William H.--Interviews

Childs, G.A. (2)

Childs, G.A.--Interviews (2)

Childs, George H., Sr.

Childs, George H., Sr.--Interviews



Chilton, Robert Dudley, 1918-

Chilton, Robert Dudley, 1918- --Interviews

China (6)

China--Cultural policy.

China--Foreign relations.


China--Politics and government.

China--Social conditions.

China--Social life and customs.

China--Social policy.

China-Burma-India Veterans Association.


Chinn, George Morgan

Chinn, George Morgan--Interviews

Chinn, Phillip T.

Chino (Calif.)

Chinook (Military transport helicopter)

Chiswell, C. Lawrence "Larry"

Chiswell, C. Lawrence "Larry"--Interviews

Choir & organ


Choral conductors (2)

Choral music (7)

Choral singing (6)


Chrisman, C. R.

Christ Church (Lexington, Ky.) (4)

Christian Appalachian Project (48)

Christian County (Ky.) (2)

Christian education

Christian fiction.

Christian leadership

Christian saints.

Christian universities and colleges

Christianity (3)

Christianity. (3)

Christians--Political activity


Christmas, Mae

Christmas, Mae--Interviews

Christmas--Appalachian Region (3)

Church (6)

Church and state (3)

Church architecture--Conservation and restoration.

Church buildings--Kentucky.

Church history (11)

Church history.

Church membership

Church music

Church of the Good Shepherd (Lexington, Ky.) (15)

Churches (13)

Churches--Kentucky (27)

Churchill Downs (Louisville, Ky. : Racetrack) (3)

Churchill Downs Incorporated

Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947 (2)

Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947.

Churchill, Winston, 1874-1965.

Cigarette filters (2)

Cigarettes (9)

Cigarettes--Taxation (3)


Cincinnati (Ohio) (10)

Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Cioffi, Frederick T.

Cioffi, Frederick T.--Interviews

Cirillo, Marie

Cirillo, Marie--Interviews

Citation (Race horse) (2)

Cité Soleil (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)




City and town life (2)

City council members (2)

City councils

City planning

Civil disobedience--United States.

Civil engineering (2)

Civil engineering.

Civil rights (36)

Civil rights and the struggle for Black equality in the twentieth century

Civil rights demonstrations (37)

Civil rights demonstrations--Alabama--Birmingham

Civil rights demonstrations--North Carolina--Greensboro

Civil rights demonstrations--Tennessee--Nashville

Civil rights leaders--United States (11)

Civil rights movement (16)

Civil rights movement--United States

Civil rights movements (17)

Civil rights movements--Northern States

Civil rights movements--Press coverage--United States (2)

Civil rights movements--Southern States

Civil rights movements--United States (104)

Civil rights movements.

Civil rights workers (44)

Civil rights workers--Interviews (5)

Civil rights workers--Violence against (3)

Civil rights--Kentucky (31)

Civil rights--Law and legislation (13)

Civil rights--Law and legislation--Kentucky (3)

Civil rights--Law and legislation--United States

Civil rights--Tennessee--Memphis (2)

Civil rights--Tennessee--Nashville

Civil rights. (2)

Civil service (2)

Civil service--Retirement

Civil service--Study and teaching (Internship)

Civil war (7)

Civil War leaders (3)

Civil war--America--History--19th century. (7)

Civil war.

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) (2)

Civilians in war. (5)

Claflin College (Orangeburg, S.C.)

Claiborne Farm (Paris, Ky.)

Clapp, Lloyd E.

Clark Air Base (Philippines) (2)

Clark County (Ky.) (15)

Clark, Billy C. (Billy Curtis)

Clark, Carolyn C.

Clark, Carolyn C.--Interviews

Clark, Dennis, 1927-1993

Clark, Eleanor

Clark, Florence Stokes, d. 1950

Clark, Hazel

Clark, Hazel--Interviews

Clark, Hubert C.

Clark, Hubert C.--Interviews

Clark, Kenneth Bancroft, 1914-2005 (5)

Clark, Kenneth Bancroft, 1914-2005--Interviews

Clark, Kenneth Bancroft, 1914-2005.

Clark, Leula Wallace--Interviews. (2)

Clark, Loretta J.

Clark, Loretta J.--Interviews

Clark, Martha E.

Clark, Martha E.--Interviews

Clark, Martha Elizabeth

Clark, Martha Elizabeth--Interviews

Clark, Rodes V.

Clark, Rodes V.--Interviews

Clark, Thomas D.

Clark, Thomas Dionysius, 1903-2005 (36)

Clark, Thomas Dionysius, 1903-2005--Interviews (30)

Clark, Tom C. (Tom Campbell), 1899-1977.

Clark, Tom, 1941-

Clark, Verna B.

Clark, Verna B.--Interviews

Clarke, P. Joseph, Jr. (2)

Clarke, P. Joseph, Jr.--Interviews (2)

Clary, Mark (2)

Clary, Mark--Interviews (2)

Class consciousness



Classism (2)


Classmates (2)

Claus, Daniel, 1727-1787

Clawson, D. Kay, 1927-

Clawson, D. Kay, 1927- --Interviews

Clay City (Ky.)

Clay County (Ky.) (27)

Clay Seed Company

Clay Tobacco Company

Clay, Albert

Clay, Crupper

Clay, Crupper--Interviews

Clay, Glen

Clay, Grady (3)

Clay, Grady--Interviews (3)

Clay, Robert N., 1946- (2)

Clay, Robert N., 1946- --Interviews (2)

Claymore mines.

Claytor, W. Graham

Claytor, W. Graham--Interviews


Cleary, Walter Kim

Cleary, Walter Kim--Interviews

Clem, Clyde R. (Clyde Richard)

Clem, Clyde R. (Clyde Richard)--Interviews

Clements, C. Ray

Clements, C. Ray--Interviews

Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985 (68)

Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985--Interviews (9)

Clergy (3)

Clergy--Kentucky (15)



Cleve, John Van

Cleve, John Van--Interviews

Cleveland (Ohio) (19)

Cleveland (Ohio)--History.

Cleveland (Ohio)--Race relations (2)

Cleveland Browns (Football team)

Cleveland Orchestra

Cliffwood Beach (N.J.)

Clifton, Frank D., 1916- (2)

Clifton, Frank D., 1916- --Interviews (2)

Clifton, Lila M., 1916- (2)

Clifton, Lila M., 1916- --Interviews (2)

Clinchfield Coal Company

Clinical clerkship (2)

Clinton County (Ky.) (3)

Clinton, Bill, 1946- (8)

Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Closeted gays

Closeted gays. (8)

Clothing and dress. (2)

Clubs--Kentucky--Lexington. (6)

Coach-athlete relationships. (2)

Coaches (athletic) (2)

Coaches (Athletics) (36)

Coaching (Athletics) (7)

Coaching (Athletics). (9)

Coal (11)

Coal fields

Coal industry

Coal Lands--West Virginia

Coal mine accidents (8)

Coal mine accidents--Kentucky

Coal miners (140)

Coal miners and mining--Technological innovations

Coal miners' spouses (13)

Coal Miners' Strike, Harlan County, Ky., 1973. (9)

Coal Miners' Strike, Harlan County, Ky.,1973

Coal miners--Kentucky (11)

Coal miners--Kentucky--Auxier

Coal miners--Kentucky--Burdine

Coal miners--Kentucky--Elkhorn City (19)

Coal miners--Kentucky--Harlan County (2)

Coal miners--Kentucky--Jenkins (3)

Coal miners--Kentucky--Leslie County (2)

Coal miners--Kentucky--Letcher County (2)

Coal miners--Kentucky--Pike County (18)

Coal miners--Labor unions (3)

Coal miners--Labor unions--Kentucky (6)

Coal miners--Labor unions--Organizing (13)

Coal miners--Labor unions. (17)

Coal miners. (2)

Coal mines (6)

Coal mines and mining (63)

Coal mines and mining--Accidents

Coal mines and mining--Appalachia

Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region (160)

Coal mines and mining--Environmental aspects (4)

Coal mines and mining--Government policy

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky (41)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Auxier

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Elkhorn City (23)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Harlan County (4)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--History (35)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Jenkins (2)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Leslie County (2)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Letcher County

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Pike County (19)

Coal mines and mining--Kentucky. (2)

Coal mines and mining--Law and legislation

Coal mines and mining--Safety measures (2)

Coal mines and mining--Safety measures. (3)

Coal mines and mining--Safety regulations (2)

Coal mines and mining--Waste disposal (2)

Coal mines and mining. (4)

Coal mining (2)

Coal trade (4)


Coal--Kentucky (2)


Coal. (2)

Coastal Heritage Society (Ga.) (2)

Coberly, Jay G. (4)

Coberly, Jay G.--Interviews (4)

Coca-Cola Company.

Cochran, Lewis W., 1915- (28)

Cochran, Lewis W., 1915- --Interviews (28)

Cockerham, H.D.

Cockerham, H.D.--Interviews


Cockfighting--Law and legislation--United States

Coffee shops.

Coffee-Tytko, Dee (2)

Coffee-Tytko, Dee--Interviews (2)


Coffman, Edward M. (8)

Coffman, Edward M.--Interviews (8)

Coffman, Eleanor

Coffman, Eleanor--Interviews

Cognition and culture.

Cognitive psychology.

Cohen, Bernard Cecil, 1926- (3)

Cohen, Bernard Cecil, 1926- --Interviews (3)

Cohen, Naomi Weintraub

Cohen, Naomi Weintraub--Interviews

Cold Spring (Ky.) (3)

Cold War (10)

Cold war. (2)

Cole, Berlin

Cole, Berlin--Interviews

Cole, Betty

Cole, Betty--Interviews

Cole, Gitana

Cole, Gitana--Interviews

Cole, JoNelda, 1934-

Cole, JoNelda, 1934- --Interviews

Cole, Leslie, 1954-

Cole, Leslie, 1954- --Interviews

Cole, Taylor, 1905-1991

Cole, Taylor, 1905-1991--Interviews

Colebank, Ken

Colebank, Ken--Interviews

Coleman, A. Lee (Amoss Lee), 1913-

Coleman, A. Lee (Amoss Lee), 1913- --Interviews

Coleman, Annie B.

Coleman, Annie B.--Interviews

Coleman, Ben E.

Coleman, Ben E.--Interviews

Coleman, Carruthers

Coleman, Carruthers--Interviews

Coleman, Grace G.

Coleman, Grace G.--Interviews

Coleman, J. Winston (John Winston), 1898-1983

Coleman, J. Winston (John Winston), 1898-1983--Interviews

Coleman, Robert M.

Coleman, Robert M.--Interviews

Coleman, Thurmond (2)

Coleman, Thurmond--Interviews (2)

Coles, Sherri R.

Coles, Sherri R.--Interviews

Collective bargaining (3)

Collective bargaining--Coal mining industry (16)

Collective bargaining--Government employees

Collective bargaining--Law and legislation.

Collective labor agreements (4)

Collective labor agreements--Coal mining industry (2)

College administrators (86)

College administrators--Rating of (3)

College administrators--Selection and appointment. (5)

College admissions officers

College applications

College applications.

College athletes (64)

College athletes--Recruiting (38)

College athletics

College benefactors (2)

College buildings (2)

College buildings. (5)

College campuses

College campuses. (23)

College choice (18)

College costs

College costs.

College department heads (4)

College dropouts

College dropouts--United States.

College environment (123)

College facilities (3)

College facilities--Planning. (2)

College facilities. (18)

College football players (2)

College freshmen

College graduates

College histories

College integration (22)

College integration -- Connecticut -- Hartford

College integration--United States--History.

College majors (3)

College of Arts and Sciences

College of William and Mary

College presidents (32)

College presidents' spouses (7)

College presidents--Dwellings (2)

College publications (5)

College publicity (2)

College radio stations

College sports (6)

College sports for women (2)

College sports--Coaching (41)

College sports--Corrupt practices (6)

College sports--Economic aspects--United States. (2)

College sports--Kentucky (40)

College sports--Kentucky--Recruiting.

College sports--Law and legislation

College sports--Mississippi

College sports--Scouting (19)

College sports--United States--History. (6)

College sports--United States. (6)

College sports. (51)

College stories, American

College student government

College student newspapers and periodicals (5)

College students (11)

College students, Black (14)

College students--Attitudes

College students--Attitudes. (65)

College students--Conduct of life

College students--Conduct of life. (64)

College students--Economic conditions (5)

College students--Employment

College students--Employment.

College students--Kentucky--Interviews (11)

College students--Kentucky--Interviews. (18)

College students--Mental health

College students--Mental health.

College students--Political activity

College students--Political activity. (2)

College students--Religious life (12)

College students--Social conditions (93)

College students--Social networks (5)

College students--United States--History--20th century

College students. (11)

College teachers (8)

College teachers' spouses

College teachers, Black (2)

College teachers--Employment--United States.

College teachers--Job satisfaction (20)

College teachers--Nazi persecution

College teachers--Political activity (2)

College teachers--Rating of. (2)

College teachers--Salaries, etc

College teachers--Salaries, etc. (8)

College teachers--Selection and appointment. (3)

College teachers--Social conditions (27)

College teachers--Tenure (3)

College teachers--United States

College teachers--Workload (17)

College teachers. (41)

College teaching (2)

College teaching. (32)

Collier, Blanton, 1906-1983

Collier, James M.

Collier, James M.--Interviews

Collier, Morris S. (2)

Collier, Morris S.--Interviews (2)

Collier, Robert

Collier, Robert--Interviews

Collins, C. Tony (2)

Collins, C. Tony--Interviews (2)

Collins, Hubert, 1936-

Collins, Janice Taylor, 1935-

Collins, Janice Taylor, 1935- --Interviews

Collins, Martha Layne (49)

Collins, Susan Elaine

Collins, Susan Elaine--Interviews

Collins, W. Bert, 1908-

Collins, W. Bert, 1908- --Interviews

Collis, Patricia J.

Collis, Patricia J.--Interviews


Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Va.)



Colorado (Battleship)


Colson, Clay A., (Clay Alton)

Colson, Clay A., (Clay Alton)--Interviews

Colten, Lee

Colten, Lee--Interviews

Colten, Marianna

Colten, Marianna--Interviews

Columbia (3)

Columbia (Ky.) (2)

Columbia (Tenn.) (3)

Columbia Broadcasting System, inc.

Columbia Dam (Tenn.)

Columbia Records, Inc. (6)

Columbia University

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

Columbus (Ind.)


Colvin, Ruth Y.

Colvin, Ruth Y.--Interviews

Combat troops in action. (2)

Combat. (8)

Combs, Amanda

Combs, Amanda--Interviews

Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991 (35)

Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991--Interviews (6)

Combs, Dan Jack

Combs, Dan Jack--Interviews

Combs, Greta (3)

Combs, Greta--Interviews (3)

Combs, Hobart

Combs, Hobart--Interviews

Combs, Pauline "Penny" Ritter

Combs, Pauline "Penny" Ritter--Interviews

Combs, R.V.

Combs, R.V.--Interviews

Combs, Sara

Combs, Sara--Interviews

Combs, Sarah Jane

Combs, Sarah Jane--Interviews

Combs, Vicie

Combs, Vicie--Interviews

Comics (Graphic works)

Coming out (Gender identity) (8)

Coming out (Sexual orientation) (29)

Coming out (Sexual orientation)

Coming out (Sexual orientation);

Commerce (3)

Commercial products--Testing.

Committees (12)

Commodity Credit Corporation (2)

Common Cause Kentucky

Common Cause Ltd.


Communication and culture (57)

Communication and culture. (34)

Communication-sex differences

Communication. (8)

Communications Workers of America (2)

Communications Workers of America. (6)

Communism (15)

Communism--United States (5)

Communism--United States--History

Communist Party of the United States of America (4)

Communists (4)

Communities (31)

Communities in music (5)

Communities. (64)

Community (4)

Community activists

Community centers (6)

Community centers.

Community colleges (8)

Community colleges--Administration (120)

Community colleges--History (112)

Community colleges--Kentucky (122)

Community colleges.

Community development (53)

Community development. (11)

Community engagement in higher education

Community Farm Alliance (2)

Community Health Services--Kentucky (8)

Community leadership (35)

Community life (2)

Community organization

Community organization. (6)

Community radio

Community relations (5)

Community relations.

Community-based education

Community-based family services. (2)

Community-based social services. (2)

Company stores (5)

Company towns (8)

Comparative studies

Comparisons (2)


Compliance (2)

Compulsive behavior. (2)

Computer crimes

Computer programming.

Concentration camps--Psychological aspects.

Conder, Reed

Conder, Reed--Interviews

Conductors (Music)

Cone, Carl B., 1916-

Cone, Carl B., 1916- --Interviews

Coney Island (Ohio)

Confederate States of America--Biography

Confederate States of America.

Conflict management

Congleton, Isaac

Congleton, Isaac--Interviews

Congleton, Robert

Conglomerate corporations (5)

Congo (Democratic Republic) (9)

Congress (5)

Congress of Racial Equality (7)


Congress. Senate.

Conley, Opal

Conrad (Mont.)

Conroy, Virginia K., (Virginia King)

Conroy, Virginia K., (Virginia King)--Interviews

Consent decrees


Conservation and restoration

Conservation of natural resources (47)

Conservation of natural resources--Law and legislation

Conservatism (2)

Conservative (3)

Consolidated Coal Company (3)

Consolidation and merger of corporations

Consolidation Coal Company (8)

Consortia. (7)


Constitution--United States (2)

Constitutional law (2)

Constitutional law--United States

Construction workers (2)

Consumer Advocacy

Consumption (Economics)


Contract labor

Control (Psychology) (2)

Converse, Philip E., 1928- (3)

Converse, Philip E., 1928- --Interviews (3)


Conwood Sales Company (2)

Coogle, Faurest, 1940-

Coogle, Faurest, 1940- --Interviews

Cook, Emory, 1913-2002

Cook, Kathie

Cook, Kathie--Interviews

Cook, Marlow W. (Marlow Webster), 1926- (3)

Cook, Marlow W. (Marlow Webster), 1926- --Interviews

Cook, Marlow W. (Marlow Webster), 1926-2016

Cook, Samuel DuBois, 1927-

Cook, Samuel DuBois, 1927- --Interviews

Cook, Ted

Cook, Ted--Interviews


Cooke, Edward

Cooke, Edward--Interviews

Cooking (3)

Cooking and dining

Cooking schools.

Cooking, American--Southern style

Cooking--Study and teaching.


Cooley, Leona G.

Cooley, Leona G.--Interviews

Coons, Anna

Coons, Anna--Interviews

Cooper, C. Vernon, Jr. (2)

Cooper, C. Vernon, Jr.--Interviews (2)

Cooper, Donald E.

Cooper, Donald E.--Interviews

Cooper, Dorothy M.

Cooper, Dorothy M.--Interviews

Cooper, Grace

Cooper, Grace--Interviews

Cooper, John Sherman, 1901-1991 (122)

Cooper, John Sherman, 1901-1991--Interviews (29)

Cooper, Lorraine (3)

Cooper, Lorraine--Interviews

Cooper, Mary Hester

Cooper, Mary Hester--Interviews

Cooper, Mary Thomas

Cooper, Mary Thomas--Interviews

Cooper, Richard E. (4)

Cooper, Richard E.--Interviews (4)

Cooper, Robert

Cooper, Robert--Interviews

Cooperation (3)

Cooperative societies--United States

Copper miners--Labor unions



Coral Sea, Battle of the, 1942.

Corbin (Ky.) (12)

Corbin (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc. (7)

Corder, Hazel

Corder, Hazel--Interviews

Cornett, Chester

Cornett, Dock (2)

Cornett, Dock--Interviews (2)

Cornett, Robert

Cornett, Robert--Interviews

Cornett, Sidney

Cornett, Sidney--Interviews

Corns, Ray (2)

Corns, Ray--Interviews (2)

Coronavirus infections.

Coronavirus infections. (35)




Corporal punishment

Corporal punishment of children



Corruption (2)

Corruption--Afghanistan. (3)

Corsale, Lorraine

Corsale, Lorraine--Interviews

Corydon (Ky.) (4)

Costa Rica (6)

Costagnaro, Betty

Costagnaro, Betty--Interviews

Costagnaro, Guido

Costagnaro, Guido--Interviews

Costagnaro, Joseph M.

Costagnaro, Joseph M.--Interviews

Costich, Emmett R. (2)

Costich, Emmett R.--Interviews

Cote d'Ivoire (2)

Cothran, Martin Lynn

Cothran, Martin Lynn--Interviews

Couch, Virgil, 1907-

Couch, Virgil, 1907- --Interviews

Council for Burley Tobacco (2)

Council of State Governments

Council of State Governments. Southern Legislative Conference

Counseling in higher education--Administration

Counterculture (3)




Country life (110)

Country music. (15)

Country stores

County government--United States

County officials and employees

County school systems


Courier-journal (Louisville, Ky.) (13)

Court administration (2)

Court cases

Court decisions and opinions

Court proceedings (2)

Courtney, Robert E. (2)

Courtney, Robert E.--Interviews (2)

Courts (2)



COVID-19 (Disease) (56)

COVID-19 (Diseases) (36)

Covington & Burling

Covington (Ky.) (6)

Covington (Ky.)--Politics and government

Covington, Jerry

Covington, Jerry--Interviews

Cowan, Frederic J. (3)

Cowan, Frederic J.--Interviews (3)

Cowans, Hugh (2)

Cowans, Hugh--Interviews (2)

Cowans, Julia (4)

Cowans, Julia--Interviews (4)

Cox, Charles A.

Cox, Charles A.--Interviews

Cox, John Henry

Cox, John Henry--Interviews

Cox, Susan Bradley

Cox, Susan Bradley--Interviews

Cox, Virginia B., 1908-

Cox, Virginia B., 1908- --Interviews

Cox, W. Russell

Cox, W. Russell--Interviews

Cox, William Meredith, 1942-

Cox, William Meredith, 1942- --Interviews

Crabbe, Alan

Crabbe, Alan--Interviews

Crabtree Farms Incorporated (Ky.)

Crabtree, Charles Edward

Crabtree, Charles Edward "Redd" (3)

Crabtree, Charles Edward "Redd"--Interviews

Crabtree, Helen K.

Crady, Harold

Crady, Harold--Interviews

Craft and art (6)

Craft festivals. (5)

Craft, Dave L.

Craft, Dave L.--Interviews

Crafts & decorating (25)

Crafts & decorating

Craig, Gatliff

Craig, Gatliff--Interviews

Crandall, Penelope

Crandall, Penelope--Interviews

Cranes, derricks, etc.

Cranfill, Elma B. (2)

Cranfill, Elma B.--Interviews (2)

Cranfill, Samuel Elliot

Cranfill, Samuel Elliot--Interviews

Crank, Bill

Crank, Bill--Interviews

Crase, Lovel

Crase, Lovel--Interviews

Craven, R. Kenton

Craven, R. Kenton--Interviews

Crawford, John L.

Crawford, John L.--Interviews

Crawford, Oscar L. (2)

Crawford, Oscar L.--Interviews (2)

Crawley, Lilly H.

Crawley, Lilly H.--Interviews

Creasey, Fred

Creasey, Fred--Interviews

Creative ability (2)

Creative nonfiction (2)

Creative writing (7)

Creativity (8)

Creech, Curtis C.

Creech, Curtis C.--Interviews

Creech, Glenwood L., 1920- (2)

Creech, Glenwood L., 1920- --Interviews (2)

Creech, Lora

Creech, Lora--Interviews

Crenshaw, Eva L.

Crenshaw, Eva L.--Interviews

Crescent Farm (Ky.)

Crescent Springs (Ky.)

Crespi, Muriel Kaminsky, 1929- (2)

Crestfield Farm (Ky.) (2)

Crestwood (Oldham County, Ky.) (4)

Crib quilts



Crime. (5)

Crimes against humanity.

Criminal act

Criminal defense lawyers

Criminal justice (3)

Criminal justice system

Criminal justice, Administration of--United States.

Criminal procedure--Kentucky

Crimora (Va.)



Crittenden County (Ky.)

Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836.

Crockett, John R.

Crockett, John R.--Interviews

Crofton (Ky.)

Croix de guerre (France) (3)

Cromer, Carolyn

Cromer, Carolyn--Interviews

Crop rotation

Cropper, Mary Elizabeth

Cropper, Mary Elizabeth--Interviews

Crops (13)

Crosby, Bing, 1903-1977

Crosby, Stills, & Nash (Musical group)

Cross cultural communication (4)

Cross cultural studies

Cross, Al

Cross-country runners (2)

Cross-country running (2)

Crosthwaite, Carolyn

Crosthwaite, Carolyn--Interviews

Crowe, Jeff

Crowe, Jeff--Interviews

Cruise, Faustina

Cruise, Faustina--Interviews

Crumlin, James

Crumlin, James--Interviews

Cruse, Susan Langley, 1927-

Cruse, Susan Langley, 1927- --Interviews

Crusenberry, Sudie (2)

Crusenberry, Sudie--Interviews (2)

Crutcher, Daniel

Crutcher, Daniel--Interviews

Crutcher, Dorothy H.

Crutcher, Dorothy H.--Interviews

Crutcher, William E. (2)

Crutcher, William E.--Interviews (2)

Crutchfield, Isobel, 1921-

Crutchfield, Isobel, 1921- --Interviews

Cruze, Jackie

Cruze, Jackie--Interviews

Cuba (4)

Cuba--History--Revolution, 1959.

Cuban Americans

Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 (3)

Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962. (2)

Cultural awareness.

Cultural competence.

Cultural interactions

Cultural memories

Cultural relations.

Culture (77)

Culture shock (67)

Culture shock.

Culture. (56)

Cultures & communities. Community studies

Cultures & communities. Native peoples

Cultures, beliefs, and traditions

Cumberland College (Princeton, Ky.)

Cumberland County (Ky.) (5)

Cumberland County (Ky.)--Description and Travel

Cumberland River Valley (Ky. and Tenn.)--Social life and customs (45)

Cumberland River, Big South Fork (Tenn. and Ky.) (46)

Cumberland Valley Area Development District (Ky.)

Cumberland, Lake (Ky.)

Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962

Cunha, George Daniel Martin (2)

Cunha, George Daniel Martin--Interviews (2)

Cunningham, Annette McGee, 1954-

Cunningham, Annette McGee, 1954- --Interviews

Cunningham, Melvin B.

Cunningham, Melvin B.--Interviews

Curd, Freed

Curd, Freed--Interviews

Curd, Philip R. (Philip Richard)

Curd, Philip R. (Philip Richard)--Interviews

Cure, Spurlock

Cure, Spurlock--Interviews

Curriculum and methods in education

Curriculum change (4)

Curriculum planning (5)

Curry, Bill, 1942-

Curry, Constance, 1933- --Interviews

Curry, Robert

Curry, Robert--Interviews

Curtis, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1905-2000

Curtis, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1905-2000--Interviews

Customer service.

Cutting (Horsemanship)

Cutting horse competitions--Rules

Cutting horse competitions.

Cutting horses.

Cyberstalking (2)

Cycling. (2)


Cyclone damage

Cynthiana (Ky.) (4)

Cyrus, Billy Ray, 1961-

Cyrus, Ronald Ray, 1935-2006 (3)

Cyrus, Ronald Ray, 1935-2006--Interviews

Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia. (3)