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SPOKE is the Nunn Center's online collection catalog. This online resource is where you go to search our oral history project and interview records. These records tell you what we have in our collection and how to obtain access to the information that you are looking for. Many of our archived projects and interviews have not yet been digitized, transcribed or available (in digital form) online at this time. We are working on digitization of interviews on an ongoing basis. If an interview is not yet digital, it does not mean that the interview is not accessible. Once requested, we will digitize interviews and work with you to identify the best mode of making the interviews available to you.

Listening to/Watching/Reading Interviews Online

Numerous interviews and projects in our collection are digitized and are accessible online. To identify the collections that you can listen to or watch, read, browse and search in our OHMS system are available here: http://kentuckyoralhistory.org/projects/online

Requesting Interviews Online

The "Request Materials" form allows you to submit via email a request for access to interviews and projects. Please be as specific as possible with regard to interviews you are requesting. Someone will contact you regarding your request within the next 2-3 days. http://kentuckyoralhistory.org/request-materials.

Publishing/Reproduction Permissions

Online access does not constitute permission to publish or reproduce archived material. Please contact the Nunn Center to request appropriate permissions for publishing or reproduction. nunncenter@lsv.uky.edu

Recommended Citation

Here are recommended citations for oral histories: http://kentuckyoralhistory.org/citations


The Nunn Center is located in the Margaret I. King Building at the University of Kentucky. Call (859) 257-9672 or email: nunncenter@lsv.uky.edu