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Pacific Islanders

Pacific Ocean

Paducah (Ky.) (11)

Paducah Junior College (Ky.) (4)

Pagan, Barbara, 1941- --Interviews

Page, Mitchell

Page, Virginia

Page, Virginia--Interviews

Pago Pago (American Samoa)

Painter, Ina Mae

Painter, Ina Mae--Interviews


Painting (3)

Paintsville (Ky.) (3)

Pakistan (20)

Pakistan movement (9)

Pakistan--History (36)

Pakistan--Military relations--India (6)

Pakistan--Military relations--India. (4)

Pakistan. Army (3)

Pakistan. Army. (9)

Pakistan. Army. General Headquarters.

Pakistan. Navy.

Palawan Massacre, Philippines, 1944


Paleontologists--United States--Biography


Palestine (6)

Palk, Roy M.

Palk, Roy M.--Interviews

Palladino, John

Palmer, Hugh D.

Palmer, Hugh D.--Interviews

Palmer, Zirl A.

Palmer, Zirl A.--Interviews

Palmore, John S.

Palmore, John S.--Interviews

Panama (2)

Panama Canal

Panama Canal.


Pandemics (9)

Pandemics and COVID-19 (18)

Panjshir (Afghanistan) (5)

Paparella, Joseph

Paparella, Joseph--Interviews


Paper industry



Papua New Guinea.

Parachute troops (2)

Paraguay (5)



Paralysis, Spastic



Paredes, J. Anthony (James Anthony), 1939- --Interviews.

Parente, Judy

Parente, Judy--Interviews

Parenthood (2)

Parenting (5)

Parents (9)

Parents of gay people.

Parents of gays

Parents of gays. (3)

Parents of LGBTQ+ people.

Parents of murder victims


Paris (France) (2)

Paris (Ky.) (11)

Paris green

Parish, David

Parish, David--Interviews

Park, George

Park, George--Interviews

Park, James, Jr.

Park, James, Jr.--Interviews

Park, R. Smith

Park, R. Smith--Interviews

Parker Tobacco Company (4)

Parker, John David, 1940- --Interviews.

Parker, Richard Harry

Parker, Richard Harry--Interviews

Parker, William C.

Parker, William C.--Interviews

Parks (4)

Parks, Christine

Parks, Christine--Interviews

Parks, Irvin

Parks, Irvin--Interviews

Parks--Kentucky--Management (2)


Parliamentary practice

Parms, Russell

Parms, Russell--Interviews

Parrent, John

Parrent, John--Interviews

Parris Island (S.C. : Recruit depot) (2)

Parris Island (S.C.) (7)

Parrish, Charles H., Jr.

Parrish, Charles H., Jr.--Interviews

Parrish, Tom

Parrish, Tom--Interviews

Part-time farming (3)

Parties (2)

Partisanship (2)

Partition (16)

Partoll, Alfred C.

Partoll, Alfred C.--Interviews

Party affiliation--Kentucky

Parvan (Afghanistan) (5)

Pasig River (Luzon, Philippines)

Passenger trains

Passive resistance (5)

Passmore, Norman L., Sr. (2)

Passmore, Norman L., Sr.--Interviews (2)

Patchwork quilts (3)

Pate, Dewayne

Pate, Dewayne--Interviews

Patent medicines


Patient advocacy

Patients (2)

Patkin, Max

Patkin, Max--Interviews

Patriarchy (2)


Patten, Mary

Patten, Mary--Interviews

Patterson, John W.

Patterson, John W.--Interviews

Patton, Lucy Hall

Patton, Lucy Hall--Interviews

Patton, Paul E., 1937- (35)

Patton, Paul E., 1937- --Interviews (7)

Paul, Gabriel

Paul, Gabriel--Interviews

Paul, Les

Pavot (Race horse)

Paw Paw (Mich.).

Pay equity

Payne Hollow (Trimble County, Ky.) (2)

Payne, Jenifer

Payne, Jenifer--Interviews

Payne, John V.

Payne, John V.--Interviews

Payne, Marlene Ellis

Payne, Marlene Ellis--Interviews

Payne, Roy Glen Jr.

Payne, Roy Glen Jr.--Interviews

Peabody (Mass.)

Peace (2)

Peace Corps (U.S) (4)

Peace Corps (U.S)--Samoa

Peace Corps (U.S)--Solomon Islands

Peace Corps (U.S)--Tanzania

Peace Corps (U.S.) (359)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--1960-1970 (18)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--1970-1980 (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--1990-2000 (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--2000-2010 (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--2010-2020 (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Afghanistan (9)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Afghanistan--Biography (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Afghanistan.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Africa, West.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Albania (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Armenia (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Bangladesh (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Belize (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Benin (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Bolivia (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Botswana (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Brazil (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Bulgaria

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Burkina Faso

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Cambodia (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Cameroon (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Central African Republic

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Chad

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Chile (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--China (11)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Colombia (12)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Congo (Democratic Republic)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Costa Rica (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Cote d'Ivoire

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Czech Republic

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Democratic Republic of the Congo

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Democratic Republic of Zaire

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Dominica

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Dominican Republic (23)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--East Malaysia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--East Pakistan (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Eastern Caribbean

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ecuador (23)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--El Salvador

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Eritrea (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ethiopia (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Fiji (9)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Fiji. (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Gabon (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Gambia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Georgia (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ghana (8)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Gilbert Islands

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Guatemala (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Guinea (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Guyana

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History (87)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1960-1969 (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1960-1969. (11)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1970-1979 (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1970-1979. (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1980-1989 (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1980-1989. (8)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1990-1999 (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--1990-1999. (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--2000-2009 (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History--2000-2009. (13)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Hungary

Peace Corps (U.S.)--India (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Indonesia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Iran

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ivory Coast

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Jamaica (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Jordan (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kenya (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kingdom of Eswatini

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kiribati (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kiribati

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Korea

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kosovo

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kyrgyz Republic

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Kyrgyzstan

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Lesotho (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Liberia (13)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Macedonia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Madagascar (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Malawi (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Malawi.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Malaysia (8)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Mali (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Management (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Marshall Islands (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Marshall Islands.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Mexico

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Micronesia (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Mongolia (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Montenegro

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Morocco (16)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Mozambique

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Namibia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Nepal (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Nevis

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Nicaragua

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Niger (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Nigeria (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--North Macedonia (7)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Panama (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Paraguay (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Peru (12)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Philippines (18)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Poland

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Republic of Georgia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Republic of North Macedonia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Republic of The Gambia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Romania

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Russia (Federation)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Russia.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Rwanda (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Samoa (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Senegal (10)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Sierra Leone (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Slovakia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Somalia (6)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Somaliland

Peace Corps (U.S.)--South Africa (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--South Africa.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--South Korea (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Sri Lanka

Peace Corps (U.S.)--St. Kitts

Peace Corps (U.S.)--St. Lucia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Swaziland (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Tanzania (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Thailand (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Thailand.

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Timor-Leste

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Togo (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Tonga Islands (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Turkey (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ukraine (10)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Vanuatu

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Venezuela

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Washington

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Yemen

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Zaire (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Zambia (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Zimbabwe (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.). Africa Region (9)

Peace Corps (U.S.). Africa Region.

Peace Corps (U.S.). Medical Program Division

Peace Corps (US)

Peace Corps (US): 1960-1970

Peace Corps Institute (U.S.) (3)

Peace Corps Niger

Peace Corps/Philippines

Peace movements (2)

Peace officers

Peacetime history

Peak, Bart N., 1894-1981

Peak, Bart N., 1894-1981--Interviews

Peal, W. Hugh, 1898- (2)

Peal, W. Hugh, 1898- --Interviews

Pearce, Della V.

Pearce, Della V.--Interviews

Pearce, John Ed (7)

Pearce, John Ed. (7)

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) (2)

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941 (18)

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941. (13)

Pearson, Leonard

Pearson, Leonard--Interviews

Pearson, Manda

Pearson, Manda--Interviews

Pearson, Wayne

Pearson, Wayne--Interviews

Peck, Clara S.

Peden, Katherine G. (2)

Pediatric cardiology

Pediatric clinics

Pediatric gastroenterology (2)

Pediatricians (2)


Pediatrics (4)

Pedrick, Willard H.

Peeples, Porter G., Sr. (5)

Peeples, Porter G., Sr.--Interviews (5)

Peercy, O.N.

Peercy, O.N.--Interviews

Pejko, Jeannie

Pejko, Jeannie--Interviews

Peleliu Island (Palau)

Pell, Claiborne, 1918-2009

Pell, Claiborne, 1918-2009--Interviews

Pellegrino, Edmund D., 1920- (4)

Pellegrino, Edmund D., 1920- --Interviews (2)

Pelphrey, John

Pelphrey, Ron, 1944-

Pelphrey, Ron, 1944- --Interviews

Pelster, Gale

Peltason, J. W. (Jack Walter), 1923- (3)

Peltason, J. W. (Jack Walter), 1923- --Interviews (2)

Peltier, Arma M. (2)

Peltier, Arma M.--Interviews (2)

Pelto, Pertti J., 1927- (4)

Pelto, Pertti J., 1927- --Interviews (4)

Pendergrass, George D.

Pendergrass, George D.--Interviews

Pendleton County (Ky.) (8)

Penn, Martha V. (Martha Veltschi)

Penn, Martha V. (Martha Veltschi)--Interviews

Penniman, Clara (2)

Penniman, Clara--Interviews (2)

Penniman, Howard Rae, 1916-1995 (5)

Penniman, Howard Rae, 1916-1995--Interviews (5)

Pennings, Joan

Pennings, Joan--Interviews

Pennington, Lee

Pennsylvania (4)

Pennsylvania State University

Pensacola Navy Yard (Fla.)

Pension trusts

Pensions--Law and legislation

Pentagon Papers

People of color (2)

People with disabilities (3)

People with disabilities in higher education

People with disabilities--Family relationships (14)

People with disabilities--Legal status, laws, etc

Peoples, T. H. (Thomas H.), 1939-

Peoples, T. H. (Thomas H.), 1939- --Interviews

PepsiCo, Inc.


Percussion (3)

Pere Ubu (Musical group)

Perfect Mate to a Perfect Jewel (Show horse)

Performance (6)

Performances (3)


Performing art

Performing arts (4)

Performing arts--Kentucky (2)

Performing arts--Kentucky. (24)

Periodical editors

Periodicals (2)

Perkins, Carl Dewey, 1912-1984 (2)

Perkins, Dorothy

Perkins, Dorothy--Interviews

Perkins, Evelyn A.

Perkins, Evelyn A.--Interviews

Perkins, Howard E.

Perkins, Howard E.--Interviews

Perkins, James

Perkins, James--Interviews

Perkins, Joseph

Perkins, Joseph--Interviews

Perkins, Roxie C.

Perkins, Roxie C.--Interviews


Perman, Jay A.

Perman, Jay A.--Interviews

Perot, Ruth T.

Perot, Ruth T.--Interviews

Perrin, Noel

Perry County (Ky.) (8)

Perry, Huey (2)

Perry, Huey--Interviews

Perry, Kristen H.

Perry, Kristen H.--Interviews

Perry, Steve

Perry, Steve--Interviews

Perry, William H., Jr.

Perry, William H., Jr.--Interviews

Perryville (Ky.)

Persephone (Greek deity)

Persian Gulf War, 1991 (4)

Persian Gulf War, 1991. (2)

Persian language (2)

Personal archives

Personal Satisfaction

Personality (46)

Personnel management

Personnel management. (2)

Peru (13)

Pesticides (4)


Pet medicine

Peter, Paul, and Mary (Musical group) (2)

Peters, Anne M., 1957-

Peters, Anne M., 1957- --Interviews

Peters, Jane S. (2)

Peters, Jane S.--Interviews (2)

Peterson, Frank D. (3)

Peterson, Frank D.--Interviews (3)

Petroleum products

Pettit, H. Foster (3)

Pettit, H. Foster--Interviews (2)

Pewee Valley (Ky.)

Pfizer Inc.

Pharmaceutical industry. (2)

Pharmacists (2)


Phelps-Stokes Fund.

Phenix, Lucy Massie

Philadelphia (Pa.) (108)

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Politics and government

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social conditions (42)

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social conditions. (16)

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social life and customs (17)

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social life and customs. (8)

Philadelphia General Hospital

Philadelphia history (3)

Philip Morris Incorporated

Philip, Prince, consort of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1921-2021

Philippines (18)

Philippines. (4)

Phillips Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips, Lowell, 1914- (3)

Phillips, Lowell, 1914- --Interviews (3)

Phillips, Mae, 1912-2006 (2)

Phillips, Mae, 1912-2006--Interviews (2)

Phillips, S. H. (Shirley H.)

Phillips, S. H. (Shirley H.)--Interviews


Philosophy (7)

Philosophy--Political aspects (13)

Philpott, Chester

Philpott, Chester--Interviews

Phipps, Charles E.

Phipps, Charles E.--Interviews

Phipps, Faye

Phipps, Faye--Interviews

Phipps, Joseph E.

Phipps, Joseph E.--Interviews

Phipps, Mrs. John

Phipps, Mrs. John--Interviews

Phonpei Island (Micronesia)

Photographers (5)


Photographs (8)

Photography (11)

Photography--Kentucky (2)


Photography. (2)

Phú Bài (Vietnam

Physical activity

Physical education and training.

Physical therapy


Physician and patient (4)

Physician and patient. (7)

Physicians (47)

Physicians (General practice) (7)

Physicians' assistants

Physicians' assistants--Education

Physicians' assistants--Education--United States

Physicians' assistants--Education--West Virginia--Philippi

Physicians' assistants--Employment--United States

Physicians--Kentucky (51)

Physicians--Kentucky--Lexington (89)

Physicians--Salaries, etc (6)



Phytophthora nicotianae (Black shank)

Phước Bình (Binh Phước, Vietnam)

Piano (2)

Piano music

Picket lines (3)

Picketing (15)

Picketing. (18)

Pickford, James

Pickford, James--Interviews

Picture books (2)

Pictures (3)

Piekarski, Marie L.

Piekarski, Marie L.--Interviews

Piercy, Marge

Pigman, Larry Gordon

Pigman, Larry Gordon--Interviews

Pike County (Ky.) (27)

Pike County (Ky.) (4)

Pike County (Ky.)--Social life and customs (18)

Pikeville (Ky.) (13)

Pikeville (Ky.) (3)

Pikeville Methodist Hospital


Pin Oak Farm (Ky.)

Pineville (Ky.)

Pinkerton Tobacco Company (2)


Pisacano, Nicholas, J.

Pisacano, Nicholas, J.--Interviews


Pitchers (Baseball)

Pitchers (Baseball)--Biography

Pitchers (Baseball)--United States--Biography

Pitching (Baseball) (4)

Pitino, Rick (12)

Place (Philosophy)

Place attachment (8)

Placekickers (Football)

Plainfield (N.J.)

PLAN International USA

Planned communities

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planning (2)


Plant diseases (2)

Plant physiology

Plantations (40)


Plarr, Margaret, 1951-

Plarr, Margaret, 1951- --Interviews




Playwriting (2)

Plea bargaining (2)

Pleiku (Vietnam)

Ploie?ti (Romania)

Ploiești (Romania)


Plug Horse Derby

Plum Lane Farm (Ky.)


Plumley, Roscoe

Plumley, Roscoe--Interviews

Plummer, Neil (2)

Plummer, Neil--Interviews (2)

Plymouth Meeting (Pa.)

Poetry (35)

Poetry readings (Sound recordings)


Poetry--Women authors

Poets (10)

Poets, African American

Poets, African--Interviews

Poets, American

Poets, Women


Poets--20th Century--Political and Social views

Poets--20th century. (3)

Poets. (2)

Pogue, Charles, Jr. (2)

Pogue, Charles, Jr.--Interviews (2)

Pogue, Forrest C.

Pogue, Forrest C.--Interviews

Pogue, Julieanne

Pogue, Julieanne--Interviews

Poitiers (France)


Police (3)

Police administration.

Police brutality (2)

Police chiefs

Police chiefs.

Police corruption. (2)

Police misconduct

Police stations

Police training (2)

Police training.

Police, Rural.

Police--Community relations

Police--Kentucky (4)

Police--Personnel management.

Police--Salaries, etc.--United States.

Police--Southern States (3)

Police--Study and teaching.

Police-community relations.

Police. (5)


Policy development and analysis

Policy sciences (23)

Poliomyelitis (2)

Political action committees (3)

Political activists (5)

Political activists. (7)

Political anthropology

Political campaigning

Political campaigns (38)

Political campaigns--Kentucky (91)

Political campaigns--Kentucky

Political campaigns--United States (4)

Political candidates (2)

Political careers

Political cartoons (2)

Political concepts and ideologies

Political corruption (12)

Political corruption--Kentucky (24)

Political culture (2)

Political development

Political ecology

Political ethics (7)

Political ethics--United States (2)

Political leadership (2)

Political participation (3)

Political parties (4)

Political planning

Political poetry, English

Political science (129)

Political science--Philosophy (2)

Political science--Research

Political violence

Politicians (338)

Politicians' spouses (4)

Politicians--Kentucky (157)


Politicians--United States (247)


Politics (15)

Politics and culture

Politics and government (350)

Politics and war (4)

Politics and war.

Politics, Practical (22)

Politics, Practical--Kentucky--Fayette County (31)

Politics, Practical--United States

Politics, Practical. (7)

Politics--Kentucky--Lexington (3)

Politics--Kentucky--Logan County (2)

Politics. (2)

Polk, James Knox


Polka music

Poll taxes

Pollard, Ann C.

Pollard, Ann C.--Interviews


Pollution (6)

Pollution prevention

Pollution--Law and legislation

Pollution--Law and legislation.

Pollution. (29)


Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka)

Ponce (Puerto Rico)

Poor People's Campaign

Poor--Health and hygiene

Poor--Medical care (3)


Pope, Burnam T.

Pope, Burnam T.--Interviews

Pope, Geneva Hunter

Pope, Geneva Hunter--Interviews

Pope, Teresa

Pope, Teresa--Interviews


Popular music (2)

Popular music--Writing and publishing (2)

Popular music--Writing and publishing. (6)

Popularity (11)



Port Monmouth (N.J.) (8)

Port-au-Prince (Haiti) (114)

Port-au-Prince Bay (Haiti)

Porter, David

Porter, David--Interviews

Porter, Mary

Porter, Mary--Interviews

Porter, Mrs. A.D.

Porter, Mrs. A.D.--Interviews

Portmann, Victor

Portmann, Victor--Interviews

Portraits on quilts (3)



Porţ (Romania)

Post, Suzanne, 1933-

Post, Suzanne, 1933- --Interviews

Post-traumatic stress disorder (10)

Post-traumatic stress disorder--United States

Post-traumatic stress disorder--United States.

Post-traumatic stress disorder. (4)

Post-war world

Postal service (2)


Postmasters general


Postsecondary education (6)

Postsecondary education--Kentucky (9)

Postsecondary education--Kentucky--Paducah

Postsecondary education--United States

Potomac (Md.) (3)


Potts, Guy S. (2)

Potts, Guy S.--Interviews (2)


Poundstone, Albert B.

Poundstone, Albert B.--Interviews

Poverty (29)

Poverty--Appalachian Region (47)

Poverty. (5)

Povich, Shirley

Povich, Shirley--Interviews

Poweleit, Alvin C.

Poweleit, Alvin C.--Interviews

Powell County (Ky.) (11)

Powell, Adam Clayton, 1908-1972

Powell, Alfred

Powell, Alfred--Interviews

Powell, Lindon G., 1945-

Powell, Lindon G., 1945- --Interviews

Powell, Lucille

Powell, Lucille--Interviews


Power (Social sciences)

Powers, Georgia Davis, 1923-2016 (21)

Powers, Georgia Davis, 1923-2016--Interviews (8)

Powers, Norma

Powers, Norma--Interviews

Poynter, Harriet Rockwell (2)

Poynter, Harriet Rockwell--Interviews (2)

Practical jokes (4)

Practice of law (21)

Practice of law--Kentucky (9)

Practice of law--Kentucky--Greenup

Practice of law--Kentucky--Louisville

Practice of law--Kentucky--Pike County

Practicing (Music) (8)

Prairie View A & M University (6)

Prather, Joseph (2)

Prather, Joseph--Interviews (2)

Pratt, Don B., 1944- (22)

Pratt, Don B., 1944- --Interviews (22)

Prayer (4)

Prayer in the public schools (3)

Pre-legislative conferences

Preaching--United States (4)

Preakness Stakes

Preakness Stakes, Baltimore, Md.

Preakness Stakes.

Pregnancy (10)

Pregnancy and infants

Pregnant women

Prejudice (11)

Prejudices (2)

Premedical education.

Prenatal care.

Prentice, Colgate S.

Prentice, Colgate S.--Interviews

Preparatory schools

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church--Kentucky (3)

Preservation and restoration

Presidential candidates

Presidential elections

Presidents (11)

Presidents--Election (4)

Presley, Elvis, 1935-1977

Press (6)

Press and politics (4)

Press and politics. (4)

Pressure (2)

Prestage, Jewel L., 1931-

Prestage, Jewel L., 1931- --Interviews

Preston family

Prestonsburg (Ky.) (8)

Preventive health services (2)

Prewitt, Virginia

Prewitt, Virginia--Interviews

Price, Don Krasher (3)

Price, Don Krasher--Interviews (3)

Price, Dwight

Price, Dwight--Interviews

Price, Hugh Bruce

Price, Hugh Bruce--Interviews

Price, Walter Allen

Price, Walter Allen--Interviews

Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence (31)

Prichard, Edward F., Jr., 1915-1984 (99)

Prichard, Edward F., Jr., 1915-1984--Interviews (29)

Prichard, Robert L.

Prichard, Robert L.--Interviews

Priddy, Dorothy, 1935-2008 (2)

Priddy, Dorothy, 1935-2008--Interviews (2)

Priddy, Margie (2)

Priddy, Margie--Interviews


Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

Priests (2)



Primary care (Medicine).

Primary education

Princeton (Ky.) (3)

Princeton University (3)



Printing industry

Printing industry. (2)

Printing machinery and supplies. (3)

Printing presses

Printing presses. (2)


Printing--Periodicals. (2)

Printing. (2)


Prison reformers

Prison reformers--Kentucky--LaGrange

Prison sentences

Prison-industrial complex

Prisoner of war (5)

Prisoner of war. (3)

Prisoner reformers

Prisoner-of-war camps

Prisoners (3)

Prisoners of war (3)

Prisoners of war--Germany (4)

Prisoners of war--Japan (5)

Prisoners of war--Philippines (5)

Prisoners of war--United States (8)

Prisons (3)

Prisons--United States

Prisons. (2)

Pritchard, Lorene Hensley

Pritchard, Lorene Hensley--Interviews

Pritchett, C. Herman (Charles Herman), 1907-1995 (2)

Pritchett, C. Herman (Charles Herman), 1907-1995--Interviews

Private military companies (2)

Private practice (2)

Private schools (2)

Private schools.

Pro-choice movement

Pro-life movement

Procedure (Law)


Procter & Gamble Company (2)

Procter & Gamble Company.


Products liability--Law and legislation

Professional athletes

Professional employees

Professional ethics

Professional mourners

Professional relations

Professional relationships (3)

Professional sports

Professional sports. (2)

Professions (3)


Professions. (8)


Professor (Musician) (2)

Professors (25)

Program budgeting (2)

Program budgeting.

Progressive Party (U.S. : 1948) (4)

Progressivism (United States politics)

Prohibition (17)


Project management (2)


Property (4)

Property tax--United States


Prophetic Christianity

Proposal writing for grants

Proposal writing for grants--United States


Prosecution--Decision making

Prosecution--United States

Prosecution--United States--Decision making (2)





Protest and social movements (14)

Protest movements (25)

Protest movements. (14)

Protest songs (2)

Protestants (2)


Protests (Negotiable instruments) (5)

Protests (Negotiable instruments)

Providence (Ky.)

Providence College

Provincetown (Mass.)

Pryor, Myka

Pryor, Myka--Interviews

Psychiatric hospitals (2)

Psychiatrists (2)

Psychiatry (4)

Psychic ability.

Psychic trauma in children--Treatment

Psychic trauma.

Psychological abuse (2)

Psychological warfare

Psychologists (3)

Psychology (3)

Psychology, Pathological (3)


Psychotherapy (2)

PTSD (Psychiatry)

Public administration (2)

Public anthropology (3)

Public art

Public health (10)

Public health. (6)

Public history (2)

Public housing--Maysville (Ky.)

Public housing--Rent

Public interest

Public interest groups

Public lands (2)

Public lands--Recreational use

Public lands.

Public law

Public libraries

Public opinion

Public policy (4)

Public policy and politics

Public prosecutors

Public radio

Public records

Public relations (6)

Public relations and politics

Public relations firms.

Public relations.

Public schools (6)

Public schools--Kentucky--Lexington

Public schools. (4)

Public sculpture

Public speaking.

Public television

Public utilities--Taxation

Public welfare (3)

Public welfare--Kentucky

Public works (4)

Publicity (6)

Publishers and publishing (9)

Publishers and publishing. (3)

Puerto Ricans

Puerto Rico (3)

Puerto Rico. (2)

Puerzer, Mary Jude

Puerzer, Mary Jude--Interviews

Pulaski County (Ky.) (29)

Pulitzer Prizes (4)

Pulitzer Prizes.

Pulliam, Elizabeth B.

Pulliam, Elizabeth B.--Interviews

Pumphrey, Dorothy T. (Dorothy Travis)

Pumphrey, Dorothy T. (Dorothy Travis)--Interviews

Pumphrey, Othello J.

Pumphrey, Othello J.--Interviews

Punk culture. (11)

Punk rock

Punk rock music (2)

Punk rock music--Philosophy and aesthetics. (11)

Punk rock music. (10)

Punk rock musicians. (10)

Purcell, George

Purcell, George--Interviews


Purdue University (2)

Purple Heart (5)

Putnam County (W. Va.)

Pyramids (Gymnastics)