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Paducah (Ky.) (9)

Paducah Junior College (Ky.) (4)

Pagan, Barbara, 1941- --Interviews.

Page, Mitchell

Page, Virginia

Page, Virginia--Interviews

Painter, Ina Mae

Painter, Ina Mae--Interviews


Painting (2)

Paintsville (Ky.) (2)

Pakistan (17)

Pakistan movement (9)

Pakistan--History (36)

Pakistan--Military relations--India. (10)

Pakistan. Army. (12)

Pakistan. Army. General Headquarters.

Pakistan. Navy.

Palawan Massacre, Philippines, 1944


Paleontologists--United States--Biography



Palk, Roy M.

Palk, Roy M.--Interviews

Palladino, John

Palmer, Hugh D.

Palmer, Hugh D.--Interviews

Palmer, Zirl A.

Palmer, Zirl A.--Interviews

Palmore, John S.

Palmore, John S.--Interviews

Panama Canal. (2)

Panjshir (Afghanistan). (5)

Paparella, Joseph

Paparella, Joseph--Interviews



Paredes, J. Anthony (James Anthony), 1939- --Interviews.

Parente, Judy

Parente, Judy--Interviews


Parenting (4)

Parents (4)

Parents of gays. (4)

Parents of murder victims

Paris (France)

Paris (Ky.) (11)

Paris green

Parish, David

Parish, David--Interviews

Park, George

Park, George--Interviews

Park, James, Jr.

Park, James, Jr.--Interviews

Park, R. Smith

Park, R. Smith--Interviews

Parker Tobacco Company (4)

Parker, John David, 1940- --Interviews.

Parker, Richard Harry

Parker, Richard Harry-- Interviews

Parker, William C.

Parker, William C.--Interviews

Parks (3)

Parks, Christine

Parks, Christine--Interviews

Parks, Irvin

Parks, Irvin--Interviews


Parks--Kentucky--Management (2)

Parliamentary practice

Parms, Russell

Parms, Russell--Interviews

Parrent, John

Parrent, John--Interviews

Parris Island (S.C. : Recruit depot) (2)

Parris Island (S.C.) (7)

Parrish, Charles H., Jr.

Parrish, Charles H., Jr.--Interviews

Parrish, Tom

Parrish, Tom--Interviews

Part-time farming (3)

Partition (14)

Partition. (2)

Partoll, Alfred C.

Partoll, Alfred C.--Interviews

Party affiliation--Kentucky

Parvan (Afghanistan). (5)

Pasig River (Luzon, Philippines)

Passenger trains

Passive resistance (4)

Passmore, Norman L., Sr. (2)

Passmore, Norman L., Sr.--Interviews (2)

Patchwork quilts (2)

Patchwork quilts.

Pate, Dewayne

Pate, Dewayne--Interviews


Patkin, Max

Patkin, Max--Interviews


Patten, Mary

Patten, Mary--Interviews

Patterson, John W.

Patterson, John W.--Interviews

Patton, Lucy Hall

Patton, Lucy Hall--Interviews

Patton, Paul E., 1937- (35)

Patton, Paul E., 1937- --Interviews (7)

Paul, Gabriel

Paul, Gabriel--Interviews

Paul, Les

Pavot (Race horse)

Paw Paw (Mich.).

Payne Hollow (Trimble County, Ky.) (2)

Payne, Jenifer

Payne, Jenifer--Interviews

Payne, John V.

Payne, John V.--Interviews

Payne, Marlene Ellis

Payne, Marlene Ellis--Interviews

Payne, Roy Glen Jr.

Payne, Roy Glen Jr.--Interviews

Peabody (Mass.)

Peace Corps (U.S.) (9)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Afghanistan

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Afghanistan--Biography. (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Afghanistan. (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Armenia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Bulgaria

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Cameroon (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Central African Republic

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Chile

Peace Corps (U.S.)--China

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Columbia (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Congo (Democratic Republic)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Costa Rica (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Cote d'Ivoire

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Dominican Republic (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ecuador (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Eritrea (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ethiopia (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Fiji (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Gabon (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Gambia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Ghana (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Guatemala

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Guinea (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--History (88)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--India

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Jamaica

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Jordan (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Lesotho (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Liberia (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Malawi (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Malaysia (4)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Mali

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Micronesia (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Morocco (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Mozambique

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Nevis

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Niger

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Nigeria

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Peru

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Philippines (5)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Russia (Federation)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Senegal (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Slovakia (2)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--South Africa

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Sri Lanka

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Swaziland

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Thailand

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Tonga Islands

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Turkey (3)

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Zambia

Peace Corps (U.S.)--Zimbabwe

Peace Corps (U.S.). Africa Region

Peace officers

Peacetime history.

Peak, Bart N., 1894-1981

Peak, Bart N., 1894-1981--Interviews

Peal, W. Hugh, 1898- (2)

Peal, W. Hugh, 1898- --Interviews

Pearce, Della V.

Pearce, Della V.--Interviews

Pearce, John Ed (7)

Pearce, John Ed. (7)

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941 (3)

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941. (23)

Pearson, Leonard

Pearson, Leonard--Interviews

Pearson, Manda

Pearson, Manda--Interviews

Pearson, Wayne

Pearson, Wayne--Interviews

Peck, Clara S.

Peden, Katherine G.

Pediatric cardiology

Pediatric clinics

Pediatric gastroenterology.


Pediatrics (4)

Pedrick, Willard H.

Peeples, Porter G., Sr. (5)

Peeples, Porter G., Sr.--Interviews (5)

Peercy, O.N.

Peercy, O.N.--Interviews

Pejko, Jeannie

Pejko, Jeannie--Interviews

Peleliu Island (Palau)

Pell, Claiborne, 1918-2009

Pell, Claiborne, 1918-2009--Interviews

Pellegrino, Edmund D., 1920- (4)

Pellegrino, Edmund D., 1920- --Interviews (2)

Pelphrey, John

Pelphrey, Ron, 1944-

Pelphrey, Ron, 1944- --Interviews

Pelster, Gale

Peltason, J. W. (Jack Walter), 1923- (3)

Peltason, J. W. (Jack Walter), 1923- --Interviews (2)

Peltier, Arma M. (2)

Peltier, Arma M.--Interviews (2)

Pendergrass, George D.

Pendergrass, George D.--Interviews

Pendleton County (Ky.) (8)

Penn, Martha V. (Martha Veltschi)

Penn, Martha V. (Martha Veltschi)--Interviews

Penniman, Clara (2)

Penniman, Clara--Interviews (2)

Penniman, Howard Rae, 1916-1995 (5)

Penniman, Howard Rae, 1916-1995--Interviews (5)

Pennings, Joan

Pennings, Joan--Interviews

Pennington, Lee

Pensacola Navy Yard (Fla.)

Pension trusts

Pensions--Law and legislation

People with disabilities

People with disabilities--Family relationships (14)

People with disabilities--Legal status, laws, etc

Peoples, T. H. (Thomas H.), 1939-

Peoples, T. H. (Thomas H.), 1939- --Interviews

PepsiCo, inc.

Pere Ubu (Musical group)

Perfect Mate to a Perfect Jewel (Show horse)


Performing arts

Performing arts--Kentucky. (27)

Periodical editors


Perkins, Carl Dewey, 1912-1984 (2)

Perkins, Dorothy

Perkins, Dorothy--Interviews

Perkins, Evelyn A.

Perkins, Evelyn A.--Interviews

Perkins, Howard E.

Perkins, Howard E.--Interviews

Perkins, James

Perkins, James--Interviews

Perkins, Joseph

Perkins, Joseph--Interviews

Perkins, Roxie C.

Perkins, Roxie C.--Interviews

Perman, Jay A.

Perman, Jay A.--Interviews

Perot, Ruth T.

Perot, Ruth T.--Interviews

Perrin, Noel.

Perry County (Ky.) (7)

Perry, Huey (2)

Perry, Huey--Interviews

Perry, Kristen H.

Perry, Kristen H.--Interviews

Perry, Steve

Perry, Steve--Interviews

Perry, William H., Jr.

Perry, William H., Jr.--Interviews

Persephone (Greek deity)

Persian Gulf War, 1991 (3)

Persian Gulf War, 1991. (2)

Personal Satisfaction

Personnel management. (2)



Pesticides (3)

Peters, Anne M., 1957-

Peters, Anne M., 1957- --Interviews

Peters, Jane S. (2)

Peters, Jane S.--Interviews (2)

Peterson, Frank D. (2)

Peterson, Frank D.--Interviews (2)

Petroleum products

Pettit, H. Foster (3)

Pettit, H. Foster--Interviews (2)

Pharmaceutical industry. (2)



Phelps, Richard

Phelps-Stokes Fund.

Philadelphia (Pa.) (96)

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Politics and government.

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social conditions. (58)

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social life and customs

Philadelphia (Pa.)--Social life and customs. (24)

Philadelphia General Hospital

Philadelphia history (3)

Philip Morris Incorporated

Philippines. (5)

Phillips, Lowell, 1914- (3)

Phillips, Lowell, 1914- --Interviews (3)

Phillips, Mae, 1912-2006 (2)

Phillips, Mae, 1912-2006--Interviews (2)

Phillips, S. H. (Shirley H.)

Phillips, S. H. (Shirley H.)--Interviews

Philosophy (3)

Philosophy--Political aspects (13)

Philpott, Chester

Philpott, Chester--Interviews

Phipps, Charles E.

Phipps, Charles E.--Interviews

Phipps, Faye

Phipps, Faye--Interviews

Phipps, Joseph E.

Phipps, Joseph E.--Interviews

Phipps, Mrs. John

Phipps, Mrs. John--Interviews


Photographers. (2)

Photographs (2)

Photography (4)

Photography--Kentucky (2)


Photography. (3)

Physical education and training.


Physician and patient (2)

Physician and patient. (7)

Physicians (37)

Physicians (General practice) (7)

Physicians' assistants

Physicians' assistants--Education

Physicians' assistants--Education--United States

Physicians' assistants--Education--West Virginia--Philippi

Physicians' assistants--Employment--United States

Physicians--Kentucky (49)

Physicians--Kentucky--Lexington (89)

Physicians--Salaries, etc (6)

Phytophthora nicotianae (Black shank)


Piano music

Picket lines (3)

Picketing (12)

Picketing. (20)

Pickford, James

Pickford, James--Interviews

Picture books

Piekarski, Marie L.

Piekarski, Marie L.--Interviews

Piercy, Marge

Pigman, Larry Gordon

Pigman, Larry Gordon--Interviews

Pike County (Ky.) (25)

Pike County (Ky.) (4)

Pike County (Ky.)--Social life and customs (18)

Pikeville (Ky.) (12)

Pikeville (Ky.) (3)

Pikeville Methodist Hospital


Pin Oak Farm (Ky.)

Pineville (Ky.)

Pinkerton Tobacco Company (2)


Pisacano, Nicholas, J.

Pisacano, Nicholas, J.--Interviews

Pitchers (Baseball)

Pitchers (Baseball)--Biography.

Pitchers (Baseball)--United States--Biography.

Pitching (Baseball) (2)

Pitino, Rick (12)

Place (Philosophy)

Place attachment (8)

Plainfield (N.J.)

Planned communities

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Plantations (40)

Plarr, Margaret, 1951-

Plarr, Margaret, 1951- --Interviews


Playwriting (2)

Plea bargaining

Pleiku (Vietnam)

Ploie?ti (Romania)


Plug Horse Derby

Plum Lane Farm (Ky.)


Plumley, Roscoe

Plumley, Roscoe--Interviews

Plummer, Neil (2)

Plummer, Neil--Interviews (2)

Plymouth Meeting (Pa.)

Poetry (30)


Poetry--Women authors


Poets (6)

Poets, African American

Poets, African--Interviews

Poets, American

Poets, Women


Poets--20th Century--Political and Social views

Poets--20th century. (3)

Poets. (3)

Pogue, Charles, Jr. (2)

Pogue, Charles, Jr.--Interviews (2)

Pogue, Julieanne

Pogue, Julieanne--Interviews

Poitiers (France)


Police administration.

Police brutality

Police brutality.

Police chiefs

Police chiefs.

Police corruption. (2)

Police misconduct

Police stations

Police training.

Police, Rural.

Police--Community relations.

Police--Kentucky (2)

Police--Personnel management.

Police--Salaries, etc.--United States.

Police--Southern States

Police--Study and teaching.

Police-community relations.

Police. (5)

Policy sciences (23)


Political action committees (3)

Political activists

Political activists. (10)

Political anthropology.

Political campaigning

Political campaigns (27)

Political campaigns--Kentucky (68)

Political campaigns--Kentucky

Political campaigns--United States (3)

Political campaigns. (2)

Political concepts and ideologies

Political corruption (11)

Political corruption--Kentucky (15)

Political development

Political ethics (4)

Political ethics--United States (2)

Political participation. (3)

Political parties

Political parties. (2)

Political planning

Political poetry, English

Political science (127)

Political science--Philosophy (2)

Political science--Research

Politicians (306)

Politicians' spouses (2)

Politicians--Kentucky (105)


Politicians--United States (168)

Politics (9)

Politics and culture

Politics and government (326)

Politics and war. (4)

Politics, Practical (4)

Politics, Practical--Kentucky--Fayette County (31)

Politics, Practical--United States

Politics, Practical. (9)

Politics--Kentucky--Lexington (3)

Politics--Kentucky--Logan County (2)


Polka music

Pollard, Ann C.

Pollard, Ann C.--Interviews

Pollution (3)

Pollution--Law and legislation. (2)

Pollution. (28)


Poor People's Campaign.

Poor--Health and hygiene

Poor--Medical care (3)

Pope, Burnam T.

Pope, Burnam T.--Interviews

Pope, Geneva Hunter

Pope, Geneva Hunter--Interviews

Pope, Teresa

Pope, Teresa--Interviews

Popular music

Popular music--Writing and publishing

Popular music--Writing and publishing. (3)

Port Monmouth (N.J.) (8)

Port-au-Prince (Haiti) (114)

Port-au-Prince Bay (Haiti)

Porter, David

Porter, David--Interviews

Porter, Mary

Porter, Mary--Interviews

Porter, Mrs. A.D.

Porter, Mrs. A.D.--Interviews

Portmann, Victor

Portmann, Victor--Interviews

Portraits on quilts (3)

Post, Suzanne, 1933-

Post, Suzanne, 1933- --Interviews

Post-traumatic stress disorder (5)

Post-traumatic stress disorder--United States. (2)

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Postal service

Postsecondary education (6)

Postsecondary education--Kentucky (9)

Postsecondary education--Kentucky--Paducah

Postsecondary education--United States.


Potts, Guy S. (2)

Potts, Guy S.--Interviews (2)

Poundstone, Albert B.

Poundstone, Albert B.--Interviews

Poverty (10)

Poverty--Appalachian Region (40)

Povich, Shirley

Povich, Shirley--Interviews

Poweleit, Alvin C.

Poweleit, Alvin C.--Interviews

Powell County (Ky.) (11)

Powell, Adam Clayton, 1908-1972

Powell, Lindon G., 1945-

Powell, Lindon G., 1945- --Interviews

Powell, Lucille

Powell, Lucille--Interviews

Power (Social sciences)

Powers, Georgia Davis, 1923- (18)

Powers, Georgia Davis, 1923- --Interviews (2)

Powers, Norma

Powers, Norma--Interviews

Poynter, Harriet Rockwell (2)

Poynter, Harriet Rockwell--Interviews (2)

Practical jokes (4)

Practice of law (20)

Practice of law--Kentucky (10)

Practice of law--Kentucky--Greenup

Practice of law--Kentucky--Louisville

Practice of law--Kentucky--Pike County

Practice of law.

Practicing (Music) (4)

Prairie View A & M University (6)

Prather, Joseph (2)

Prather, Joseph--Interviews (2)

Pratt, Don

Pratt, Don--Interviews

Prayer in the public schools (3)

Pre-legislative conferences

Preaching--United States (4)

Preakness Stakes

Preakness Stakes, Baltimore, Md.

Preakness Stakes.

Pregnancy (9)

Pregnancy and infants



Prentice, Colgate S.

Prentice, Colgate S.--Interviews

Preparatory schools

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church--Kentucky (3)

Presidents--Election (3)

Press and politics (2)

Press and politics. (2)

Prestage, Jewel L., 1931-

Prestage, Jewel L., 1931- --Interviews

Preston family

Prestonsburg (Ky.) (6)

Preventive health services (2)

Prewitt, Virginia

Prewitt, Virginia--Interviews

Price, Don Krasher (3)

Price, Don Krasher--Interviews (3)

Price, Dwight

Price, Dwight--Interviews

Price, Hugh Bruce

Price, Hugh Bruce--Interviews

Price, Walter Allen

Price, Walter Allen--Interviews

Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence (31)

Prichard, E. F. (Edward Fretwell)--Interviews (5)

Prichard, E. F., (Edward Fretwell). (15)

Prichard, Robert L.

Prichard, Robert L.--Interviews

Priddy, Dorothy, 1935- (2)

Priddy, Dorothy, 1935- --Interviews (2)

Priddy, Margie (2)

Priddy, Margie--Interviews


Primary care (Medicine).

Primary education

Princeton University


Printing industry. (3)

Printing machinery and supplies. (3)

Printing presses. (3)

Printing--Periodicals. (3)

Printing. (3)


Prison reformers

Prison reformers--Kentucky--LaGrange

Prison-industrial complex

Prisoner of war

Prisoner of war. (7)

Prisoner reformers

Prisoner-of-war camps

Prisoners (2)

Prisoners of war--Germany (4)

Prisoners of war--Japan (5)

Prisoners of war--Philippines (5)

Prisoners of war--United States (8)


Prisons. (2)

Pritchard, Lorene Hensley

Pritchard, Lorene Hensley--Interviews

Pritchett, C. Herman (Charles Herman), 1907-1995 (2)

Pritchett, C. Herman (Charles Herman), 1907-1995--Interviews

Private military companies. (2)

Private practice

Private practice.

Procedure (Law)

Procter & Gamble Company. (3)

Products liability--Law and legislation

Professional ethics

Professional mourners


Professor (Musician) (2)

Professors (20)

Progressive Party (U.S. : 1948) (4)

Progressivism (United States politics)

Prohibition (11)



Property tax--United States


Property. (3)

Prosecution--Decision making

Protest and social movements (13)

Protest movements (8)

Protest movements. (26)

Providence (Ky.)

Provincetown (Mass.)

Pryor, Myka

Pryor, Myka--Interviews


Psychic ability.

Psychic trauma in children--Treatment.

Psychic trauma.


Public affairs (18)

Public anthropology (2)

Public health (3)

Public health. (4)

Public history (2)

Public housing--Maysville (Ky.)

Public housing--Rent

Public law

Public libraries

Public policy (2)

Public policy and politics

Public prosecutors

Public radio.

Public relations and politics

Public schools

Public schools--Kentucky--Lexington

Public schools. (3)

Public sculpture.

Public television

Public utilities--Taxation

Public welfare (3)

Public welfare--Kentucky

Publishers and publishing

Publishers and publishing. (11)

Puerto Rico. (2)

Puerzer, Mary Jude

Puerzer, Mary Jude--Interviews

Pulaski County (Ky.) (10)

Pulitzer Prizes (2)

Pulliam, Elizabeth B.

Pulliam, Elizabeth B.--Interviews

Pumphrey, Dorothy T. (Dorothy Travis)

Pumphrey, Dorothy T. (Dorothy Travis)--Interviews

Pumphrey, Othello J.

Pumphrey, Othello J.--Interviews

Punk rock

Punk rock music (2)

Purcell, George

Purcell, George--Interviews


Purdue University (2)

Purple Heart. (5)

Putnam County (W. Va.)

Pyramids (Gymnastics)