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H?rtgen Forest, Battle of, Germany, 1944.

Habitat for Humanity, inc

Hackensmith, C.W.

Hackensmith, C.W.--Interviews

Hacker, Marilyn, 1942- .

Hacker, Ralph

Hacker, Ralph--Interviews

Hackett, David

Hackett, David--Interviews

Hackworth, Neil (2)

Hackworth, Neil--Interviews (2)

Hadden, Carl T., Sr.

Hadden, Carl T., Sr.--Interviews

Hagan, Clifford O.

Hagan, Clifford O.--Interviews

Hagans, Clella

Hagans, Clella--Interviews

Hagans, Luellan

Hagans, Luellan--Interviews

Hagans, Sarah

Hagans, Sarah--Interviews

Hager, John S.

Hager, John S.--Interviews

Hager, Ronald L.

Hager, Ronald L.--Interviews

Haggin, Louis Lee, 1935-

Haggin, Louis Lee, 1935- --Interviews

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute (3)

Hagyard, Charles E., 1901-1995 (5)

Hagyard, Charles E., 1901-1995--Interviews (2)

Hagyard, Edward (2)

Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates (4)

Haiti Earthquake, Haiti, 2010. (114)

Haiti. (114)

Haitians--Kentucky--Lexington (30)

Hale, Jean R.

Hale, Jean R.--Interviews

Hale, Leonard C.

Hale, Leonard C.--Interviews

Hale, Robert R.

Hale, Robert R.--Interviews

Haley, William R. (3)

Haley, William R.--Interviews (3)

Half-track vehicles.

Hall, Anna C.

Hall, Anna C.--Interviews

Hall, Dorothy Jones

Hall, Dorothy Jones--Interviews

Hall, Eula, 1927-

Hall, Eula, 1927- --Interviews

Hall, J.C. (James C.)

Hall, J.C. (James C.)--Interviews

Hall, Jack B.

Hall, Jack B.--Interviews

Hall, Janet McVey

Hall, Janet McVey--Interviews

Hall, Joe B. (Joe Beasman) (17)

Hall, Mary

Hall, Mary--Interviews

Hall, Robert H. (2)

Hall, Robert H.--Interviews (2)

Hall, Wade, 1934-2015

Halliburton Company.

Halstead (Kan.)

Ham, Jean

Ham, Jean--Interviews

Hambleton Tapp

Hamburg Farm (Ky.) (2)

Hamilton, Charles W.

Hamilton, Charles W.--Interviews

Hamilton, Edith, 1867-1963

Hamilton, Edwin Paul

Hamilton, Harold

Hamilton, Harold--Interviews

Hamilton, Joan Adele

Hamilton, Joan Adele--Interviews

Hamilton, Leonard

Hamilton, Richard A. (Richard Alexander)

Hamilton, Richard A. (Richard Alexander)--Interviews

Hammer, Carolyn Reading (6)

Hammer, Carolyn Reading--Interviews (2)

Hammer, Victor

Hammer, Victor, 1882-1967 (2)

Hammon, Neal O.

Hammon, Neal O.--Interviews

Hammond, Lucy T., 1927-

Hammond, Lucy T., 1927- --Interviews

Hammons, James W., 1927- (2)

Hammons, James W., 1927- --Interviews (2)

Hampson, Catherine

Hampson, Catherine--Interviews

Hancock County (Ky.)

Hancock, Hank, 1936- (4)

Hancock, Hank, 1936- --Interviews (3)

Hancock, Michael Wayne

Hancock, Michael Wayne--Interviews

Hand Carved (Motion picture)

Handicapped children--Education (14)

Handicraft--Appalachian Region (26)

Handicraft--Kentucky (26)

Handicraft. (3)

Handy, Ruth E. Wells, 1923-

Handy, Ruth E. Wells, 1923- --Interviews

Handy, Tom, 1919-

Handy, Tom, 1919- --Interviews

Hanes, John W. (John Wesley), 1892-1987

Haney, Robert G.

Haney, Robert G.--Interviews

Hankla, Henry S. (2)

Hankla, Henry S.--Interviews (2)

Hannan, Richard R.

Hannan, Richard R.--Interviews

Hanover College. (2)

Hansel, Pauletta (2)

Hansel, Pauletta--Interviews (2)

Hanson, Lovell

Hanson, Lovell--Interviews

Harbut, Cordelia

Harbut, Cordelia--Interviews

Harder, Mel

Harder, Mel--Interviews

Hardin County (Ky.) (6)

Hardin, Lucien T. (3)

Hardin, Lucien T.--Interviews (2)

Hardinsburg (Ky.) (2)

Hardwick, Elizabeth (6)

Hardwick, Elizabeth--Interviews

Hardwick, Elizabeth. Short stories. Selections

Hardy, Tom, Jr.

Hardy, Tom, Jr.--Interviews

Hardymon, James F. (11)

Hardymon, James F.--Interviews. (11)

Hargis, Mary Jack

Hargis, Mary Jack--Interviews

Harker, Donald F., Jr.

Harker, Donald F., Jr.--Interviews

Harkey, Amelia Ligon, 1913-

Harkey, Amelia Ligon, 1913- --Interviews

Harlan (Ky.) (11)

Harlan County (Ky.) (28)

Harlan County (Ky.) (3)

Harlan County USA (Motion picture)

Harlan County USA (Motion picture)

Harlan Daily Enterprise (Harlan, Ky.)

Harlem Globetrotter (Show horse)

Harlem Globetrotters--History

Harlequin Romance

Harleston, Rebekah M.

Harleston, Rebekah M.--Interviews

Harmon, Angelene

Harmon, Angelene--Interviews

Harness racing

Harper, Kenneth F.

Harper, Kenneth F.--Interviews

HarperCollins (Firm)

Harrell, George T. (George Thomas), 1908-

Harrell, George T. (George Thomas), 1908- --Interviews

Harrell, William D.

Harrell, William D.--Interviews

Harriette Simpson Arnow: 1908-1986 (Motion picture)

Harris, Charles Wesley, 1928-

Harris, Charles Wesley, 1928- --Interviews

Harris, Dorothy

Harris, Dorothy--Interviews

Harris, Elizabeth R.

Harris, Elizabeth R.--Interviews

Harris, Ernest L. (2)

Harris, Ernest L.--Interviews

Harris, Gus, 1909-

Harris, H.B.

Harris, H.B.--Interviews

Harris, Jesse, 1942-

Harris, Jesse, 1942- --Interviews

Harris, Mattie, 1917-

Harris, Mattie, 1917- --Interviews

Harris, O.W., 1916-

Harris, O.W., 1916- --Interviews

Harris, Owen, Sr., 1914-

Harris, Owen, Sr., 1914- --Interviews

Harris, Thomas O.

Harrison County (Ky.) (3)

Harrison, Daniel

Harrison, Daniel--Interviews

Harrison, Lowell H. (Lowell Hayes), 1922-2011

Harrodsburg (Ky.) (2)

Harry Duncan

Hart, Don

Hart, Don--Interviews

Hart, Stephen M. (2)

Hart, Stephen M.--Interviews (2)

Hartford Theological Seminary

Hartford, Ellis Ford, 1905- (2)

Hartford, Ellis Ford, 1905- --Interviews (2)

Harthill, Alex, 1925-2005

Harvard Law School.

Harvard University (3)

Harwell, Ernie

Harwell, Ernie--Interviews

Harwood, Richard

Harwood, Richard--Interviews

Hasan, Saiyid Zafar

Hasan, Saiyid Zafar--Interviews

Haselden, Jane, 1903- (2)

Haselden, Jane, 1903- --Interviews (2)

Hash, Cori

Hash, Cori -- Interviews

Haskins, Harriet B.

Haskins, Harriet B.--Interviews

Haskins, Ovan

Haskins, Ovan--Interviews

Hasty Queen II (Race horse)

Hatch, John Wesley

Hatch, John Wesley--Interviews

Hatchett, Ovan E., Jr.

Hatchett, Ovan E., Jr.--Interviews

Hatfield, Frank

Hatfield, Frank--Interviews

Hatfield, Mark O., 1922-2011

Hatfield, Mark O., 1922-2011--Interviews

Hatfield, Patricia M.

Hatfield, Patricia M.--Interviews

Hatfield, Sandy, 1958- (2)

Hatfield, Sandy, 1958- --Interviews (2)

Hatmaker, Louise B. (Louise Bolton)

Hatmaker, Louise B. (Louise Bolton)--Interviews

Haunted encounters

Haunted houses

Haunted places.

Hauser, Connie

Hauser, Connie--Interviews

Havana (Cuba)

Havens, James H.

Havens, James H.--Interviews

Hawkins, Cozene

Hawkins, Cozene--Interviews

Hawkins, Edna Livingston, 1925-

Hawkins, Edna Livingston, 1925- --Interviews

Haws, Willis

Haws, Willis--Interviews

Hay, E.H. Taylor, Jr.

Hay, E.H. Taylor, Jr.,--Interviews

Hayes, Clarence

Hayes, Edythe J., (Edythe Larcena Jones)

Hayes, Edythe J., (Edythe Larcena Jones)--Interviews

Hayeswood, William

Hays, Heidi

Hays, Heidi--Interviews

Haywood, Charles F.

Haywood, Charles F.--Interviews

Hazard (Ky.) (5)

Hazard Community & Technical College (4)

Hazard Community & Technical College. Lees College Campus

Hazardous wastes (4)

Hazel, David

Hazel, David--Interviews

Hazel, Francis P.

Hazelrig, Bill

HB health facilities series

Headley, Hal Price, 1888-1962 (4)

Health (16)

Health care issues, costs, and access (3)

Health care reform (3)

Health care reform--Kentucky (3)

Health counseling

Health counselors

Health facilities (2)

Health facilities--Kentucky--Lexington (88)

Health facilities--United States (12)

Health insurance--Law and legislation--Kentucky (2)

Health issues

Health maintenance organizations (2)

Health promotion

Health systems agencies

Health. (11)

Healthcare (2)

Healthcare industry

Healthcare law and legislation--Kentucky

Heard, Alexander (4)

Heard, Alexander--Interviews (4)


Heaton, Bernell S.

Heaton, Bernell S.--Interviews

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. (3)

Hechler, Ken, 1914-

Hechler, Ken, 1914- --Interviews

Hedgeman, Anna Arnold, 1899-1990

Hedrick, Kenneth G.

Hedrick, Kenneth G.--Interviews

Heer, Lettie M.

Heer, Lettie M.--Interviews

Hegan, Jim

Hegan, Jim--Interviews

Heine, Cindy

Heine, Cindy--Interviews

Hellard, Vic (3)

Helm, Barbara

Helm, Barbara--Interviews

Helmand (Afghanistan)

Helton, Ernest

Helton, Ernest--Interviews

Hemp (6)

Hemp farmers (4)

Hemp industry (4)

Hemp industry--Kentucky (4)

Henderson (Ky.) (4)

Henderson Community and Technical College (5)

Henderson County (Ky.) (6)

Henderson, Hubert P.

Henderson, Hubert P.--Interviews

Henderson, Jennifer O. (2)

Henderson, Jennifer O.--Interviews (2)

Hendrick, James P. (James Pomeroy), 1901-

Hendrick, James P. (James Pomeroy), 1901- --Interviews

Henrikson, Jon

Henrikson, Jon--Interviews

Henry Bergh (Liberty ship)

Henry Clay Home (Lexington, Ky.)

Henry County (Ky.) (4)

Henry, Aaron, 1922-1997

Henry, Aaron, 1922-1997--Interviews

Henry, Roy M.

Henry, Roy M.--Interviews

Henry, William K.

Henry, William K.--Interviews

Hensley Settlement, Ky. (25)

Hensley, Bige

Hensley, Bige--Interviews

Hensley, Don

Hensley, Don--Interviews

Herald, John A.

Herald, John A.--Interviews

Herat (Afghanistan)

Herbal teas


Herbalists--United States

Herbalists--United States--Interviews



Herbals--North America


Herbs (2)


Heritage farm program

Heritage Village Museum

Herlihy, James Leo

Hernandez, Juan E.

Hernandez, Juan E.--Interviews

Herndon, James

Heroin abuse (8)

Heroin abuse.

Herren, Donald

Herren, Donald--Interviews

Herring, George C., 1936- (2)

Herring, George C., 1936- --Interviews (2)

Herring, Pendleton, 1903- (5)

Herring, Pendleton, 1903- --Interviews (5)

Herrington Lake

Herst, Jonathan Patrick

Herst, Jonathan Patrick--Interviews

Herzner, Thelma

Herzner, Thelma--Interviews

Hesseldenz, Jon

Hesseldenz, Jon--Interviews

Heth, Opal McGuffey

Heth, Opal McGuffey--Interviews

Heyburn, John G. (John Gilpin) 1948-2015

Heyburn, John G. (John Gilpin), 1948-

Heyburn, John G. (John Gilpin), 1948-2015

Hibbs, Dixie P.

Hibbs, Dixie P.--Interviews

Hickman County (Ky.) (2)

Hicks, Edmund

Hicks, Edmund--Interviews

Hicks, Effie

Hicks, Effie--Interviews

Hicks, Joe

Hicks, Joe--Interviews

Higdon, Charles Gregory

Higdon, Charles Gregory--Interviews

Higgins, Russell

Higgins, Russell--Interviews

Higgins, Verdon

Higgins, Verdon--Interviews

High school

High school basketball

High school sports

High school teaching -- Kentucky

High schools

Higher education (22)

Highlander Folk School (Monteagle, Tenn.)

Highlander Research and Education Center (Knoxville, Tenn.) (2)

Highsplint (Ky.)

Hill, Richard, Sr.

Hill, Richard, Sr.--Interviews

Hilliard, Beth

Hilliard, Beth--Interviews

Hilliard, Betty

Hilliard, Betty--Interviews

Hilliard, H. David, 1916-

Hilliard, H. David, 1916- --Interviews

Hills, Roderick M. (Roderick Maltman), 1931-

Hills, Roderick M. (Roderick Maltman), 1931- --Interviews

Himalaya Mountains.

Hindman (Ky.) (3)

Hindman Settlement School

Hinduism (2)

Hindus (4)

Hines, Carl R., Sr.

Hines, Carl R., Sr.--Interviews

Hines, Minnie E., 1909-

Hines, Minnie E., 1909- --Interviews

Hinkle, Tony

Hipkins, Ted P.

Hipkins, Ted P.--Interviews

Hiroshima-shi (Japan)

Hirsch, Max, 1880-1969

Hislope, Leonard R. (3)

Hislope, Leonard R.--Interviews (2)

Hispanic Americans--Kentucky. (9)

Hispanic Americans. (3)

Historians (2)

Historians. (8)

Historic buildings

Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration

Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration--Kentucky--Lexington (8)

Historic house museums

Historic preservation (11)

Historic preservation--Kentucky (4)

Historic restoration (2)

Historical fiction

Historical materialism (2)

Historically black colleges and universities

History (3)

History of science and technology (42)

History--Kentucky (2)

History--Societies, etc.

Hitchcock, Barbara McVey

Hitchcock, Barbara McVey--Interviews

HIV (Viruses)

HIV infections.

HIV-positive gay men.

HIV-positive persons

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) (4)

Hobbes, John


Hobbs, Joseph K.

Hobbs, Joseph K.--Interviews

Hockaday, Jeff

Hockaday, Jeff--Interviews

Hodges, Henry

Hodges, Henry--Interviews

Hoffman, Joan F.

Hoffman, Joan F.--Interviews

Hogan, Stephanie

Hogan, Stephanie--Interviews

Hogans, Winfred D.

Hogans, Winfred D.--Interviews

Hoge, Peyton, III (2)

Hoge, Peyton, III--Interviews (2)


Hogue, Joanne B.

Hogue, Joanne B.--Interviews

Holbrook, Charles R., III (2)

Holbrook, Charles R., III--Interviews (2)

Holbrook, Onda Lee, 1917-

Holbrook, Onda Lee, 1917- --Interviews

Holbrook, Robert

Holbrook, Robert--Interviews

Holden, Cheryl Ann

Holden, Cheryl Ann--Interviews

Holden, Matthew, 1931-

Holden, Matthew, 1931- --Interviews

Holidays--Kentucky (4)

Holidays. (4)

Holladay, Harriett McDowell

Hollenback, Todd

Holliday, Malcolm

Holliday, Malcolm--Interviews

Hollins, Bill

Hollins, Bill--Interviews

Holloway, David

Holloway, David--Interviews

Holloway, Henrida

Holloway, Henrida--Interviews

Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Holman Hamilton

Holmes County (Ohio)

Holmes, John H., Jr. (2)

Holmes, John H., Jr.--Interviews. (2)

Holmes, Sarah B.

Holmes, Sarah B.--Interviews

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) (2)

Holt, Daniel L.

Holt, Daniel L.--Interviews

Holt-Whalen, Reba Virginia (3)

Holt-Whalen, Reba Virginia--Interviews (3)

Holwerk, David

Holwerk, David--Interviews

Home appliances

Home economics (9)

Home economics extension work (2)

Home schooling

Homeless persons.

Homelessness (2)



Homosexuality in the workplace

Homosexuality in the workplace. (2)

Homosexuality--Law and legislation--United States. (2)

Homosexuality--Law and legislation. (3)

Homosexuality--Religious aspects. (4)

Homosexuality--Social aspects. (11)

Homosexuality. (11)


Honesty--Political aspects--United States

Honeycutt, Charles B. (2)

Honeycutt, Charles B.--Interviews (2)


Hong Kong (China)

Hontz, Ervan

Hontz, Ervan--Interviews

Hoover, Elva J.

Hoover, Elva J.--Interviews

Hope Lutheran Church (Frankfort, Ky.) (8)

Hopkins County (Ky.) (3)

Hopkins, James F.

Hopkins, James F.--Interviews

Hopkins, Larry Jones, 1933-

Hopkinsville (Ky.)

Hopkinsville Community College (3)

Hopson, Droxie

Hopson, Droxie--Interviews

Horlacher, Levi Jackson, 1896- (2)

Horlacher, Levi Jackson, 1896- --Interviews (2)

Hornback, Margaret R.

Hornback, Margaret R.--Interviews

Horne, Buster J.

Horne, Buster J.--Interviews

Horrall, Audrey

Horrall, Audrey--Interviews

Horse breeders (9)

Horse breeders--Interviews (2)

Horse breeding (3)

Horse buyers (2)

Horse Cave (Ky.)

Horse farms (8)

Horse farms--Kentucky (7)

Horse farms--Kentucky.

Horse farms--Laborers

Horse farms. (4)

Horse grooms--Interviews (6)

Horse industry (19)

Horse industry--Kentucky (20)

Horse industry--Law and legislation--Kentucky (3)

Horse industry--Law and legislation--United States

Horse industry--Taxation--Law and legislation--United States

Horse industry. (9)

Horse owners (9)

Horse owners--Interviews (12)

Horse racing (11)

Horse racing accidents

Horse racing--Betting (2)

Horse racing--Employees

Horse racing--History

Horse racing--Kentucky (2)

Horse racing--Kentucky. (2)

Horse racing--Law and legislation (3)

Horse racing--Law and legislation.

Horse racing--Rules

Horse racing--Rules. (2)

Horse racing. (4)

Horse show judges

Horse shows--Western division and classes.

Horse trading (7)

Horse trainers (4)

Horse trainers--Interviews (18)

Horse trainers. (2)


Horse-shows. (3)


Horsemen and horsewomen--Kentucky (2)

Horses (19)

Horses--Breeding (13)

Horses--Breeding--Economic aspects

Horses--Breeding--Kentucky (5)

Horses--Care (11)


Horses--Diseases (3)

Horses--Exercise (2)


Horses--Health (5)



Horses--Law and legislation



Horses--Reproduction--History (2)


Horses--Training (3)


Horses--Transportation (4)

Horses--Virus diseases

Horses--Wounds and injuries.



Horseshoers--Interviews (2)

Horvath, Ronald J.

Horvath, Ronald J.--Interviews

Hospice care

Hospice care--Kentucky. (6)

Hospice care. (3)

Hospice of the Bluegrass (Ky.) (5)

Hospital and community. (8)

Hospital buildings -- Design and construction (4)

Hospital buildings--Design and construction (5)

Hospital care--United States. (7)

Hospital operations

Hospital security

Hospitals (2)

Hospitals Administration

Hospitals--Administration (18)

Hospitals--Economic aspects--United States (4)

Hospitals--Employees--Salaries, etc (2)

Hospitals--Employees--Salaries, etc. (2)

Hospitals--Kentucky (2)


Hospitals--Medical staff--Recruiting

Host, W. James (16)

Hostetler, Doran J.

Hostetler, Doran J.--Interviews

Houlihan, Joseph (2)

Houlihan, Joseph--Interviews (2)

Hounshell, Sabrina

Hounshell, Sabrina--Interviews

Hourigan, Kenneth M. (2)

Hourigan, Kenneth M.--Interviews (2)

House construction (3)

House of Representatives (2)

House of Representatives (U.S.)

Household appliances



Housing (4)

Housing development (11)

Housing projects

Housing. (9)

Howard University (2)

Howard, Betty A. McDowell

Howard, Betty A. McDowell--Interviews

Howard, Cassie

Howard, Cassie--Interviews

Howard, Charles E.

Howard, Charles E.--Interviews

Howard, Frances G.

Howard, Frances G.--Interviews

Howard, Jason, 1981- --Childhood and youth.

Howard, Jennifer B.

Howard, Jennifer B.--Interviews

Howard, Richard, 1929-

Howard, Wendell E., 1910-

Howard, Wendell E., 1910- --Interviews

Howe, Carol

Howe, Carol--Interviews

Howe, Dave

Howe, Dave--Interviews

Huaylas, Callejo?n de (Peru)

Hubbard, Anna (3)

Hubbard, Carroll

Hubbard, Harlan (4)

Hubbard, Jr., Carroll, 1937- --Interviews.

Hubbard, Jr., Carroll, 1937- .

Hubley, George, Jr.

Hubley, George, Jr.--Interviews

Huddleston, Walter D. (Walter Darlington), 1926- (21)

Huddleston, Walter D. (Walter Darlington), 1926- --Interviews (2)

Huddleston, Walter D. (Walter Darlington), 1926-2018

Hudson, J. Boyd

Hudson, J. Boyd--Interviews

Huff, Gene

Huff, Gene--Interviews

Huggins, Bob

Hughes, Charles Evans, 1862-1948.

Hughes, G. Edward (2)

Hughes, G. Edward--Interviews (2)

Hukle, George

Hulette, Sarah

Hulette, Sarah--Interviews

Hulette, Sidney H.

Hulette, Sidney H.--Interviews

Human rights

Human rights.

Human services--Appalachian Region (29)

Humana, Inc. (4)



Humes, Clinton A.

Humes, Clinton A.--Interviews

Hummer trucks.

Humphrey, Janet

Humphrey, Janet--Interviews

Humphrey, Winifred

Humphrey, Winifred--Interviews

Hungarian Americans.

Hunt, Bunker, 1926-

Hunter, Ann

Hunter, Ann--Interviews

Hunter, Bush A. (2)

Hunter, Bush A.--Interviews (2)

Hunter, Wilhelmina

Hunter, Wilhelmina--Interviews

Hurricane Katrina, 2005.

Hurricane Sandy, 2012 (59)

Hurst, Hugh Thomas, 1912-

Hurst, Hugh Thomas, 1912- --Interviews

Hutchinson, Edgel, 1915-

Hutchinson, Edgel, 1915- --Interviews

Hyden (Ky.) (20)



Hymns (3)

Hyneman, Charles S., 1900-1985 (3)

Hyneman, Charles S., 1900-1985--Interviews (3)

Hynson, Fred

Hynson, Fred--Interviews