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Mabson, Bennie

Mabson, Bennie--Interviews

MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964.

MacArthur, Laura B.

MacArthur, Laura B.--Interviews

MacDowell Colony (Peterborough, N.H.)


Mack, Alalia

Mack, Alalia--Interviews

Mack, Louie (2)

Mack, Louie--Interviews (2)

Mack, Wayne, 1911-2000

Mackey, Ray, 1927-

Mackey, Ray, 1927- --Interviews

Macomber, William B. (William Butts), 1921-2003

Macomber, William B. (William Butts), 1921-2003--Interviews

MacPhail, Lee

MacPhail, Lee--Interviews

MacRae, Duncan, Jr.

Macy, Kyle

Maddox, J. Edward, 1920-

Maddox, J. Edward, 1920- --Interviews

Maddox, Patricia L.

Maddox, Patricia L.--Interviews

Maddox, Paul

Maddox, Paul--Interviews

Madison County (Ky.) (8)

Madison, Cecil R.

Madison, Cecil R.--Interviews

Madison, Clarence D.

Madison, Clarence D.--Interviews

Madison, Ralph (2)

Madison, Ralph--Interviews (2)

Madisonville (Ky.) (4)

Madisonville Community College (3)


Maggard, Buck

Maggard, Buck--Interviews

Maggard, Hobert

Maggard, Hobert--Interviews

Maglie, Sal, 1917-

Maglie, Sal, 1917- --Interviews

Magloire, Jamaal (2)

Magnetic recorders and recording.

Magoffin County (Ky.) (3)

Magraw, Richard M.

Magraw, Richard M.--Interviews

Major League Baseball (Organization) (2)

Majority, Frank

Majority, Frank--Interviews


Malawi (6)

Malaysia (4)

Male cheerleaders (3)


Maloney, Patricia

Maloney, Patricia--Interviews

Man o' War (Race horse) (2)

Man-woman relationships. (2)

Management. (2)

Manahawkin (N.J.)

Mandolin music (Bluegrass)

Manhattan Beach (New York, N.Y.)


Manic-depressive illness

Manic-depressive illness.

Manley, Effa, 1897-1981

Manley, Effa, 1897-1981--Interviews

Mann, Terry L. (3)

Mann, Terry L.--Interviews

Manners and customs (66)

Manning, Bayless

Manning, Bayless--Interviews

Manning, Conley

Manning, Conley--Interviews

Manors. (3)

Mansfield, Harvey C. (Harvey Claflin), 1905-1988

Mansfield, Harvey C. (Harvey Claflin), 1905-1988--Interviews

Mantle, Mickey, 1931-1995

Manual High School (Louisville, Ky.)

Manzi, Elizabeth

Manzi, Elizabeth--Interviews

Manzi, Fred

Manzi, Fred--Interviews

March of Dimes Birth Defect Foundation

Marching bands

Marcum, Leo

Marcum, Leo--Interviews

Mares (4)

Marijuana (2)


Marine Combat Training (MCT)

Marine Corps spouses

Marines (3)

Marion County (Ky.) (3)

Marion, Martin W.

Marion, Martin W.--Interviews

Marital violence--Law and legislation--Kentucky

Marital violence.

Maritime anthropology (5)

Markesbery, William R., 1932- (3)

Markesbery, William R., 1932- --Interviews (3)


Markham River Valley (Papua New Guinea)

Marlatt, Abby L. (3)

Marlatt, Abby L.--Interviews (3)

Marra, Mary

Marra, Mary--Interviews

Marriage (24)

Married life (2)

Marsalis, Wynton, 1961-

Marshall, Andrew B., Jr.

Marshall, Andrew B., Jr.--Interviews

Marshall, Thurgood, 1908-1993

Marshall, Thurgood, 1908-1993.

Marshall, Willard W.

Marshall, Willard W.--Interviews

Martial law (2)

Martial law.

Martin County (Ky.) (4)

Martin, Alene S.

Martin, Alene S.--Interviews

Martin, Allen

Martin, Allen--Interviews

Martin, Alma Phipps

Martin, Alma Phipps--Interviews

Martin, Daniel A.

Martin, Daniel A.--Interviews

Martin, Dean, 1917-1995

Martin, James Walter, 1893-1990 (16)

Martin, James Walter, 1893-1990--Interviews (16)

Martin, Joe H.

Martin, Joe H.--Interviews

Martin, Judy

Martin, Judy--Interviews

Martin, Leslie L.

Martin, Leslie L.--Interviews

Martin, Oscar

Martin, Oscar--Interviews

Martin, Robert

Martin, Robert R.

Martin, Robert R.--Interviews

Martin, Robert--Interviews

Martin, William H.

Martin, William H.--Interviews

Mary Breckinridge (2)

Mary Breckinridge Hospital (4)

Mary Helen (Ky.)

Maryland (Battleship)

Maryville (Tenn.)

Mason County (Ky.) (2)

Mason, Ann S. (2)

Mason, Ann S.--Interviews (2)

Mason, Belinda

Mason, Bobbie Ann

Mason, Crystal

Mason, Crystal--Interviews


Mass media -- Law and legislation -- Kentucky

Mass media and technology. (2)

Mass media--Influence--United States (2)

Mass media--Political aspects (2)

Massey, Everett P.

Massey, Everett P.--Interviews

Massey, Faye

Massey, Faye--Interviews

Massie, Joseph L. (10)

Massie, Joseph L.--Interviews (10)

Master classes

Master Derby (Race horse)

Mastin, Bettye Lee

Mastin, Bettye Lee--Interviews


Maternal health services (22)

Maternal health services. (2)

Maternity Center Association (New York, N.Y.)

Mateus, Lois

Mateus, Lois--Interviews


Matheson, R. G. "Dean" (3)

Mathews, Ruth

Mathews, Ruth--Interviews

Mathias, Charles McC. (Charles McCurdy), 1922-2010

Mathias, Charles McC. (Charles McCurdy), 1922-2010--Interviews

Mathis, Mary Stuart

Mathis, Mary Stuart--Interviews

Matousek, Irene

Matousek, Irene--Interviews

Matt, Fred C.

Matt, Fred C.--Interviews

Mattingly, James W., Jr.

Mattingly, James W., Jr.--Interviews

Maury County (Tenn.)

Maxey Flats (Ky.)

Maxfield, Emma P.

Maxfield, Emma P.--Interviews

Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center

May, Bert

May, Bert--Interviews

May, Beverly--Interviews

May, Joseph M.

May, Joseph M.--Interviews

May, Woody, 1929-

Mayer, Henry C.

Mayer, Henry C.--Interviews

Mayer, John A.

Mayer, John A.--Interviews

Mayfield (Ky.) (2)

Mayhew, Linda N.

Mayhew, Linda N.--Interviews

Mayhew, Mary L. (2)

Mayhew, Mary L.--Interviews (2)

Mayo, Walker P.--Interviews







Mayors--Kentucky--Taylor Mill

Mays, Benjamin E. (Benjamin Elijah)

Maysville (Ky.) (4)

Maysville Community and Technical College (Maysville, Ky.) (4)

Mazzoli, Romano L. (4)

Mazzoli, Romano L.--Awards

Mazzoli, Romano L.--Interviews (2)

McBane, Minnie Hitch

McBane, Minnie Hitch--Interviews

McBee, William K.

McBee, William K.--Interviews

McBrayer, W. Terry, 1937- (8)

McBrayer, W. Terry, 1937- --Interviews (3)

McCallum, Shelby

McCandless, Judith

McCandless, Judith--Interviews

McCann, Anna

McCann, Anna--Interviews

McCann, Calvert C.

McCann, Calvert C.--Interviews

McCann, Claire, 1934-

McCann, Claire, 1934- --Interviews

McCann, James W., (James William)

McCann, James W., (James William)--Interviews

McCann, William H., Sr.

McCann, William H., Sr.--Interviews

McCarthy, Joseph, 1908-1957 (3)

McCarty, Anita (2)

McCarty, Gambrell (2)

McClanahan, Ed (2)

McClatchey, Devereaux F.

McClatchey, Devereaux F.--Interviews

McClellan, John Little, 1896-1977

McClellan, John Little, 1896-1977--Interviews

McClure, J. Edwin

McClure, J. Edwin--Interviews

McConathy, Elwood

McConathy, Elwood--Interviews

McConnell, Mitch (10)

McConnell, William G.

McConnell, William G.--Interviews

McCosky, William B. (William Barney)

McCosky, William B. (William Barney)--Interviews

McCowan, Robert T.

McCowan, Robert T.--Interviews

McCoy, Joseph Marvin

McCoy, Joseph Marvin--Interviews

McCracken County (Ky.)

McCracken, Branch, 1908-1970

McCracken, John

McCracken, John--Interviews

McCreary County (Ky.) (78)

McDavid, Christopher

McDavid, Christopher--Interviews

McDermott, Pat

McDermott, Pat--Interviews

McDonald family

McDonald, Alice C. (2)

McDonald, Alice C.--Interviews (2)

McDonald, Lloyd

McDonald, Lloyd--Interviews

McDonald, Virginia S.

McDonald, Virginia S.--Interviews

McDowell County (W. Va.) (3)

McDowell, Cloyd D., 1914- (2)

McDowell, Cloyd D., 1914- --Interviews (2)

McDowell, Robert C., 1935-

McDowell, Robert C., 1935- --Interviews

McEwan, O.B.

McEwan, O.B.--Interviews

McFarland, Cecil

McFarland, Cecil--Interviews

McFarland, Kathleen--Interviews

McFarland, Sheila

McFarland, Sheila--Interviews

McGee, Mary Woods

McGee, Mary Woods--Interviews

McGee, Thelma Dolores

McGee, Thelma Dolores--Interviews

McGee, William R., 1917- (3)

McGee, William R., 1917- --Interviews

McGraw, Darrell

McGraw, Darrell--Interviews

McGraw, Warren

McGraw, Warren--Interviews

McIntyre, Deborah (2)

McIntyre, Deborah--Interviews (2)

McKane, Julius, 1910-

McKane, Julius, 1910- --Interviews

McKee, Willis P.

McKee, Willis P.--Interviews

McKenzie, Carl, 1905-

McKenzie, Carl, 1905- --Interviews

McKenzie, Helen Irene, 1921-

McKenzie, Helen Irene, 1921- --Interviews

McKenzie, Opal

McKenzie, Opal--Interviews

McKinney, Lloyd

McKinney, Lloyd--Interviews

McLaughlin, Michael (2)

McLaughlin, Michael--Interviews (2)

McLaughlin, Raymond P.

McLaughlin, Raymond P.--Interviews

McMillen, Howard "Leo"

McMillen, Howard "Leo"--Interviews

McSurely, Alan, 1936-

McVey, Edmund

McVey, Edmund--Interviews

McVey, Frances Jewell, 1889-1945 (8)

McVey, Frank LeRond, 1869-1953 (13)

McVey, Frank, Jr.

McVey, Frank, Jr.--Interviews

Meade County (Ky.) (2)

Meade, Don

Meade, Herb

Meade, Herb--Interviews

Meagher, Charles T., 1940-

Meagher, Charles T., 1940- --Interviews

Meanwell, Walter E. (Walter Earnest), b. 1879

Measel, D.L.

Measel, D.L.--Interviews



Medical assistance

Medical care (137)

Medical care, Cost of (10)

Medical care--Appalachian Region (77)

Medical care--Appalachian Region, Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965

Medical care--Kentucky (49)

Medical care--Kentucky--Fayette County (56)

Medical care--Kentucky--History (26)

Medical care--Law and legislation (2)

Medical care--Law and legislation--Kentucky (2)

Medical care. (4)

Medical centers--Administration (12)

Medical centers--Cost of operation (2)

Medical centers--Finance (3)

Medical centers--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia

Medical centers--Planning (2)

Medical College of Virginia.

Medical colleges. (3)

Medical education (47)

Medical education--Kentucky--Lexington--History

Medical examiners (Law)

Medical innovations. (2)

Medical laws and legislation (6)

Medical offices. (3)

Medical personnel

Medical practice

Medical practices

Medical residents (3)


Medicare. (3)

Medication abuse. (10)

Medicine (10)

Medicine, Military (3)

Medicine, Preventive

Medicine, Rural (8)


Medicine--Kentucky--Fayette County (56)

Medicine--Kentucky--Lexington (88)





Medicine--study and teaching (6)

Medicine--Study and teaching (Continuing education)--Social aspects (9)

Medicine. (10)

Melgar, Noah

Melgar, Noah--Interviews

Mellon, Paul (2)

Melton, James (2)

Melton, James--Interviews (2)

Memories. (2)

Memphis (Tenn.) (2)

Men of Note (Jazz group) (3)

Mendes, Guy

Mendes, Guy--Interviews

Menifee County (Ky.) (4)


Mental health (7)

Mental health counselors--Kentucky--Biography

Mental health laws

Mental health laws--Kentucky (2)

Mental health. (4)

Mental illness. (2)



Mercer County (Ky.)

Mercier, Maurice (2)

Mercier, Maurice--Interviews (2)

Mercury Record Corporation

Mercy-Douglass Hospital (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Meredith, Ronald E. (Ronald Edward), 1946-1994

Meredith, Ronald E. (Ronald Edward), 1946-1994--Interviews

Merit pay (6)

Merit pay--Kentucky (2)

Meriwether, Hugh (2)

Meriwether, Hugh--Interviews (2)

Merrick, Charlie

Merrick, Charlie--Interviews

Merrill, James, 1926-1995. (7)

Merritt, Ann

Merritt, Ann--Interviews

Mertens, Mary Jo

Mertens, Mary Jo--Interviews

Mervyn H. Sterne Library

Merwin, W. S. (William Stanley), 1927-

Messer, Flem R.

Messer, Flem R.--Interviews

Messer, Mickey

Messer, Mickey--Interviews

Messer, Tena

Messer, Tena--Interviews

Metcalfe County (Ky.) (4)

Methodist Church

Metro, Charlie, 1918-

Metro, Charlie, 1918- --Interviews

Metropolitan government

Meyer, Joe

MGM Records

Miami (Fla.)

Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)--Basketball

Michigan State University--Basketball

Mickum, George B., III

Mickum, George B., III--Interviews


Micronesia (3)

Middeldorf, Ulrich, 1901-1983

Middle class (2)

Middle class African Americans

Middle East. (2)

Middle schools

Middlebury (Vt.)

Middlebury College

Middlesboro (Ky.)

Middleton, Clyde (2)

Middleton, Clyde--Interviews (2)

Middleton, R. Hunter (Robert Hunter), 1898-1985

Middleton, R. Hunter (Robert Hunter), 1898-1985.

Middletown (Jefferson County, Ky.)

Middletown (N.J.) (6)

Midthun, Ruth C.

Midthun, Ruth C.--Interviews

Midway, Battle of, 1942.

Midwifery (28)

Midwifery--Appalachian Region (17)

Midwives (27)


Midwives--Appalachian Region (11)


Midwives--United States

Midwives--United States--History

Midwives--United States--History--20th Century


Migrant agricultural laborers--Kentucky

Migrant workers (3)

Migration, Internal (2)

Migration, Internal--Appalachian Region

Migration, Internal. (18)

Mike, Joshua--Interviews

Milburn, William

Milburn, William--Interviews

Milby, Robert L.

Milby, Robert L.--Interviews

Miles Park (Ky.)

Miles, Phil

Miles, Phil--Interviews

Military (2)

Military bases. (6)

Military discharge. (2)

Military discipline.

Military education. (5)

Military historians. (8)

Military history (9)

Military hygiene.

Military intelligence.

Military leaves and furloughs.

Military life (2)

Military life. (22)

Military police. (2)

Military rations--United States. (4)

Military service (4)

Military service, compulsory (2)

Military Service, Voluntary--United States (7)

Military service, Voluntary--United States. (31)

Military service, Voluntary--United States.;

Military service, Voluntary. (8)

Military spouses

Military supplies (3)

Military training camps (8)

Military weapons

Mill Ridge Farm (Ky.)

Miller, Ann

Miller, Ann--Interviews

Miller, Becky

Miller, Becky--Interviews

Miller, Bob

Miller, Bob--Interviews

Miller, Derrick

Miller, Ellen

Miller, Ellen--Interviews

Miller, Frank, 1936-

Miller, Frank, 1936- --Interviews

Miller, George D., 1934-

Miller, George D., 1934- --Interviews

Miller, Harold F.

Miller, Harold F.--Interviews

Miller, J. Lester

Miller, J. Lester--Interviews

Miller, J.D.

Miller, J.D.--Interviews

Miller, James M., 1948- --Interviews.

Miller, Jim Wayne (2)

Miller, John C.

Miller, John C.--Interviews

Miller, Joyce S.

Miller, Joyce S.--Interviews

Miller, Larry S.

Miller, Larry S.--Interviews

Miller, Mackenzie, 1921- (2)

Miller, Mackenzie, 1921- --Interviews (2)

Miller, Malta R., 1901- (2)

Miller, Malta R., 1901- --Interviews (2)

Miller, Marcella Chandler (4)

Miller, Marcella Chandler--Interviews (2)

Miller, Mitch

Miller, Pam (4)

Miller, Perry, 1905-1963

Miller, Scott, Jr., 1927- (2)

Miller, Scott, Jr., 1927- --Interviews (2)

Miller, W. Scott, Jr.

Miller, W. Scott, Jr.--Interviews

Miller, Warren E. (Warren Edward), 1924- (3)

Miller, Warren E. (Warren Edward), 1924- --Interviews (3)

Miller, Will J.

Miller, Will J.--Interviews

Miller, William A. (William Arthur), 1943-

Miller, William A. (William Arthur), 1943- --Interviews

Miller-Spillman, Kimberly A. (3)

Miller-Spillman, Kimberly A.--Interviews (3)

Million, Ruth

Million, Ruth--Interviews

Mills, Donald Rhey, 1936- (2)

Mills, Donald Rhey, 1936- --Interviews (2)

Mills, Kermit C.

Mills, Kermit C.--Interviews

Mills, Okey

Mills, Okey--Interviews

Mills, Wilbur D. (Wilbur Daigh), 1909-1992

Milward, Burton, 1943-

Milward, Burton, 1943- --Interviews

Mine accidents

Mine safety

Miner's Memorial Hospital (Hazard, KY)

Mines and mining

Minesweepers. (2)

Minimum wage (2)

Minimum wage -- Law and legislation -- Kentucky


Mining camps (5)

Minneapolis (Minn.) (2)

Minor league baseball--Missouri--Joplin

Minorities (2)

Minorities and journalism

Minorities in higher education (8)

Minorities in journalism

Minorities in politics


Minorities--Political activity

Minorities--Social conditions

Minorities--Social conditions. (3)


Minority artists

Minority journalists

Miscegenation (2)

Misconduct in office--Kentucky

Missionaries (11)



Mississippi (6)

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Mississippi--Social conditions

Missouri (Battleship : BB 63)

Mitchell, Arnold L.

Mitchell, Arnold L.--Interviews

Mitchell, Laura

Mitchell, Laura--Interviews

Mitchell, Nancy M.

Mitchell, Nancy M.--Interviews

Moberly, Harry, Jr. (3)

Moberly, Harry, Jr.--Interviews (2)

Mobley, Terry

Mobley, Terry--Interviews

Mock, Clifton O.

Mock, Clifton O.--Interviews

Moffett, Judith, 1942- --Interviews. (15)

Moffett, Thomas, 1924- --Interviews

Moloney, Michael R. (8)

Moloney, Michael R.--Interviews

Moloney, Richard P.

Moloney, Richard Patrick, 1902-1963 (2)

Molten, Robert R.

Mongiardo, Vincent J.

Mongiardo, Vincent J.--Interviews

Monroe County (Ky.) (7)

Monroe County (Ky.)--Religion

Monroe, Jeff

Monroe, Jeff--Interviews

Montemitro, Margaret

Montemitro, Margaret--Interviews

Monterey (Aircraft carrier)

Monterey (Ky.)

Montgomery County (Ky.) (5)

Monticello (Ky.) (2)

Montre?al (Que?bec) (3)

Moody, William R. (William Robert), 1900-

Moody, William R. (William Robert), 1900- --Interviews

Moog synthesizer

Mooney, Stephen, 1913-1971

Moore, Addie

Moore, Addie--Interviews

Moore, David Louis, Sr.

Moore, David Louis, Sr.--Interviews

Moore, Eddie J., 1921-

Moore, Eddie J., 1921- --Interviews

Moore, Ernestine

Moore, Ernestine--Interviews

Moore, Ferdinand

Moore, Ferdinand--Interviews

Moore, George M.

Moore, George M.--Interviews

Moore, James F.

Moore, James F.--Interviews

Moore, Joan M.

Moore, Joan M.--Interviews

Moore, Joe, Sr.

Moore, Joe, Sr.--Interviews

Moore, K.L.

Moore, K.L.--Interviews

Moore, Laura Wendell (2)

Moore, Laura Wendell--Interviews (2)

Moore, Lefkathea Collis

Moore, Lefkathea Collis--Interviews

Moore, W.F.G.

Moore, W.F.G.--Interviews

Moore, Wickliffe B. (2)

Moore, Wickliffe B.--Interviews (2)

Moorman, George

Moorman, George--Interviews

Moral conditions


Moravitz, Fran

Moravitz, Fran--Interviews

Morehead State University (14)

Morehead State University--Presidents (2)

Morehead, Maureen Podshadley, 1951-

Morehouse College (Atlanta, Ga.) (2)

Moreland, Jack (4)

Moreland, Jack--Interviews (4)

Moreland, Lois B. (Lois Baldwin), 1933-

Moreland, Lois B. (Lois Baldwin), 1933- --Interviews

Moreland, Robert E.

Morford, Michal L. (2)

Morford, Michal L.--Interviews (2)

Morgan County (Ky.) (4)

Morgan, Anne Tracy, 1873-1952

Morgan, Betty

Morgan, Betty--Interviews

Morgan, Daymon

Morgan, Daymon--Interviews

Morgan, Ed, 1902-

Morgan, Ed, 1902- --Interviews

Morgan, John W., 1933-

Morgan, John W., 1933- --Interviews

Morgan, Peggy, 1931-

Morgan, Peggy, 1931- --Interviews

Morgan, Wanda

Morgan, Wanda--Interviews

Morgan, William N.

Morgan, William N.--Interviews

Morgenthau, Hans J. (Hans Joachim), 1904-1980

Mormon Church.

Morocco (3)

Morris, Alvin L., 1927-

Morris, Betty

Morris, Betty--Interviews

Morris, Emery Hugh, 1914-

Morris, Virginia McVey

Morris, Virginia McVey--Interviews

Morrison, David C.

Morrison, David C.--Interviews

Morse code. (2)

Morse, Louise B.

Morse, Louise B.--Interviews


Morton, Jelly Roll, -1941.

Morton, Robert

Morton, Robert--Interviews

Morton, Thruston B. (Thruston Ballard), 1907-1982 (3)

Morton, W.P.

Morton, W.P.--Interviews

Moseley, Douglas D.

Moseley, Douglas D.--Interviews

Moseley, T.R.

Moseley, T.R.--Interviews

Moses, Jean Elizabeth

Moses, Jean Elizabeth--Interviews

Mosul (Iraq)


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Organization)


Motion picture industry--Finance. (4)

Motion picture producers and directors

Motion picture producers and directors. (3)

Motion picture studios.

Motion pictures

Motion pictures and youth.

Motion pictures--Production and direction

Motion pictures--Production and direction. (8)

Motion pictures.

Motion sickness.

Moubray, Ronald

Moubray, Ronald--Interviews

Mount Sterling (Ky.) (5)

Mount Vernon (Ky.) (5)

Mountain biking.

Mountain horses (2)

Mountain life (32)

Mountain people--United States--Public opinion (2)

Mountaintop removal mining (2)

Mountaintop removal mining--Appalachian Region

Mountjoy's Premier Starheart (Show horse)

Mountjoy, Billy (2)

Mountjoy, David

Mountjoy, David--Interviews

Mouth--Surgery (2)


Mowery, Tom

Mowery, Tom--Interviews

Moynihan, Daniel P. (Daniel Patrick), 1927-2003


Mt. Sterling (Ky.)

Mudd, Paul W.

Mudd, Paul W.--Interviews

Muhlenberg County (Ky.)

Muir, Mary

Muir, Mary--Interviews

Mullins, Mike

Mullins, Mike--Interviews

Mullins, Sarah

Mullins, Sarah--Interviews

Mulloy, Joseph T. (2)

Mulloy, Joseph T.--Interviews

Mulloy, Karen B.

Mulloy, Karen B.--Interviews

Mulloy, Pat


Multiple sclerosis

Muncy, Opal Mae Hughes

Muncy, Opal Mae Hughes--Interviews

Mundy, Bruce

Mundy, Bruce--Interviews

Munford, Tyler (2)

Munford, Tyler--Interviews (2)

Munich (Germany)

Municipal government (6)

Municipal government--Kentucky (24)

Municipal government--Kentucky--Lexington (31)

Munzel, Edgar

Munzel, Edgar--Interviews

Murder victims


Murphy, Daisy

Murphy, Daisy--Interviews

Murphy, Delbert S. (2)

Murphy, Stephanie Lynn

Murphy, Stephanie Lynn--Interviews

Murphy, Thomas W.

Murphy, Thomas W.--Interviews

Murray State University (12)

Murray, Natasha

Murray, Natasha--Interviews

Murray, Roscoe L.

Murray, Roscoe L.--Interviews

Murrell, Joseph "Butch", 1943- (2)

Murrell, Joseph "Butch", 1943- --Interviews (2)

Museum exhibits


Musial, Stan, 1920-

Musial, Stan, 1920- --Interviews

Music (79)

Music & musicians

Music audiences (5)

Music business (13)

Music critics

Music fans. (5)

Music festivals

Music festivals. (6)

Music history (4)

Music icons (8)

Music, Inez, 1915-

Music, Inez, 1915- --Interviews

Music--America. (2)

Music--Appalachian Region (2)


Music--Competitions (2)

Music--Economic aspects. (10)

Music--History and criticism. (9)

Music--History--20th Century (3)

Music--Instruction and study (9)

Music--Instruction and study. (18)


Music--Performance (5)

Music--Performance. (40)

Music--Social aspects. (3)

Music--United States.

Music. (7)


Musical ability in children. (4)

Musical ability. (7)

Musical families (15)

Musical groups

Musical groups. (38)

Musical instrument makers. (2)

Musical instruments. (23)

Musical inventions and patents. (2)

Musical performance (39)

Musicians (26)

Musicians--United States

Musicians--United States--20th Century--Interviews

Musicians--United States.


Muskogee Indians

Muslim women (3)

Muslims (16)

Myrdal, Gunnar, 1898-1987 (4)