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Dachau (Concentration camp) (2)

Dahan, Chaker

Dahan, Chaker--Interviews

Dahl, Robert Alan, 1915-2014

Dahl, Robert Alan, 1915-2014--Interviews

Daily, Burdette

Daily, Burdette--Interviews

Daingerfield, Keene, 1911-

Dairy farming (3)

Dairy products

Dak To, Battle of, Vietnam, 1967

Dakar (Senegal) (2)

Dake, Marcia A., 1923-

Dake, Marcia A., 1923- --Interviews

Dalai Lamas (2)

Dale, Dick (Guitarist)

Dale, Dick (Vocalist)

Daley, Elizabeth M.

Dallas (Tex.)

Dallas Love Field.

Dam safety

Dams (6)

Dams--Design and construction (5)

Dance (2)

Dance orchestras

Dance parties


Dandridge, Delores

Dandridge, Delores--Interviews

Dandridge, Ray

Dandridge, Ray--Interviews

Daniel Boone National Forest (Agency : U.S.)

Daniel Boone National Forest (Ky.) (49)

Daniel, Jack, 1846-1911

Daniel, James M. (James Meredith), 1919- (2)

Daniel, James M. (James Meredith), 1919- --Interviews (2)

Daniel, Price

Daniel, Price--Interviews

Danube Swabians

Danville (Ky.) (9)

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Dare, Nancy S.

Dare, Nancy S.--Interviews

Dare, Philip N.

Dare, Philip N.--Interviews

Darien (Conn.)

Darters (Fishes)

Dartmouth College

Daschle, Thomas

Database design


Dates (Social engagements)

Dating (Social customs) (3)

Dating violence.

Dauer, Manning Julian, 1909-

Dauer, Manning Julian, 1909- --Interviews

Daugherty, Betty

Daugherty, Betty--Interviews

Daughters (3)

Dause, Charles L.

Dause, Charles L.--Interviews

Davenport, Guy, 1927-2005

David, Paul (16)

David, Paul--Interviews (16)

David, Vivian Fletcher

David, Vivian Fletcher--Interviews

Davidson, Arthur H., 1911-1996 (2)

Davidson, Bobbie

Davidson, Bobbie--Interviews

Davidson, Frank C.

Davidson, Frank C.--Interviews

Davidson, Gordon B.

Davidson, Gordon B.--Interviews

Davies, Gordon K. (4)

Davies, Gordon K.--Interviews (4)

Daviess County (Ky.) (14)

Davig, William A.

Davig, William A.-- Interviews

Davis, Berkley

Davis, Berkley--Interviews

Davis, Betty

Davis, Betty--Interviews

Davis, Clay Parker (2)

Davis, Clay Parker--Interviews

Davis, Clofas

Davis, Clofas--Interviews

Davis, Dee

Davis, Dee--Interviews

Davis, Earl V.

Davis, Earl V.--Interviews

Davis, Elizabeth Jewell (2)

Davis, Elizabeth Jewell--Interviews (2)

Davis, Garland

Davis, Garland--Interviews

Davis, Hanly M.

Davis, Hanly M.--Interviews

Davis, Harry

Davis, Harry--Interviews

Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889.

Davis, Lula King

Davis, Lula King--Interviews

Davis, Mary Ruth Morris (2)

Davis, Mary Ruth Morris--Interviews (2)

Davis, Pearl W.

Davis, Pearl W.--Interviews

Davis, Roscoe

Davis, Roscoe--Interviews

Davis, Taft

Davis, Taft--Interviews

Davis, Theodore R.

Davis, Wayne

Davis, Wayne--Interviews

Davis, William (2)

Davis, William--Interviews (2)

Dawahare, Debra H. (2)

Dawahare, Debra H.--Interviews (2)

Dawahare, Hoover, 1928-2004 (3)

Dawson Springs (Ky.) (3)

Dawson, Dermontti

Dawson, Dermontti--Interviews

Dawson, Karl M.

Dawson, Karl M.--Interviews

Day camps. (9)

Day care aides

Day, Dawn Marie

Day, Dawn Marie--Interviews

Day, Dorothy

Day, Hiarm

Day, Hiarm--Interviews

Day, Leon

Day, Leon--Interviews

Daylight saving--Law and legislation

Daylight saving--United States

Dayton (Ky.)

DDT (Insecticide)


Deafness (2)

Death (17)

Death marches

Death Marches.

Death penalty

Death threats

Death Valley (Calif. and Nev.)

Deaton, Junior (2)

Deaton, Junior--Interviews (2)

Debt (2)

Debts, Public

DeCamp, Richard S., 1931-

DeCamp, Richard S., 1931- --Interviews

Decca Records (Firm) (2)

Decorative arts (29)

Defense contracts--United States.

Defense contracts. (2)

Dekalb Seed Company

Delambre, Jules

Delambre, Jules -- Interviews

Delaney, Lillian G. (Lillian Gillespie), 1925-

Delaney, Lillian G. (Lillian Gillespie), 1925- --Interviews


Delaware Indians

DeLeon, Abel. Jr.

DeLeon, Abel. Jr.--Interviews

Delpont, Victor (2)

Delpont, Victor--Interviews (2)

Delta State (Nigeria)

Delta State University

Delta State University--Basketball

DeMarcus, Harold

Democracy--United States

Democratic National Committee (U.S.)

Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention (1972 : Miami Beach, Fla.)

Democratic Party

Democratic Party (Ky.) (31)

Democratic Party (Pa.)

Democratic Party (U.S.) (20)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of Zaire

Demographics (2)


Demonstrations (5)

Denenberg, Risa

Denenberg, Risa--Interviews


Denham, Mitch



Dennis, Kenneth

Dennis, Kenneth--Interviews

Dental care

Dental hygeine

Dental schools (9)


Dentists (4)


Denton, J.T. (John Tyree)

Department of Psychology

Depauw University

Deployment (Strategy) (2)

Depression, Mental

Depression, Mental. (2)


Depressions, 1929 (2)

Depressions--1929 (67)


Depressions--1929--Kentucky (33)



Depressions--1929--United States

Depressions--1929--United States.

Depressions--1929. (2)

Derby (Horse race) (2)


Derickson, H. T., III, 1935-

Derickson, H. T., III, 1935- --Interviews

Derrickson, Charles

Derrickson, Charles--Interviews

Desegregation (2)

Desegregation in education

Desert Fathers (2)

Design (2)



Deskins, Herbert (2)

Deskins, Herbert--Interviews (2)

Dessie (Ethiopia)

Destroyer escorts.

Detroit (Mich.) (2)

Detroit (Mich.)--Race relations

Deuschle, Kurt W.

Deutsch, Karl W. (Karl Wolfgang), 1912-1992

Deutsch, Karl W. (Karl Wolfgang), 1912-1992--Interviews

Developing countries

DeVincenzo, Joy

DeVincenzo, Joy--Interviews

DeWitt, William O.

DeWitt, William O.--Interviews

Diachun, Stephen, 1912-

Diachun, Stephen, 1912- --Interviews

Dial, Craig

Dial, Craig--Interviews


Diapers--Environmental aspects.


DiBenedetto, Kathleen Marie Disviscour

DiBenedetto, Kathleen Marie Disviscour--Interviews

Dick, David, 1930-2010

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870

Dickey, Elizabeth D.

Dickey, Elizabeth D.--Interviews

Dickey, Frank Graves (14)

Dickey, Frank Graves--Interviews (6)

Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886

Dickson, Margaret

Dickson, Margaret-- Interviews

Didlick, Jennie

Didlick, Jennie--Interviews

Diebold, Larry

Diebold, Larry--Interviews

Diesel locomotives


Digital humanities. (4)


Dillard University

Dillon, C. Douglas (Clarence Douglas), 1909-2003

Dillon, C. Douglas (Clarence Douglas), 1909-2003--Interviews

Dinsmore family

Diplomacy (5)

Diplomats (4)

Directors (2)

Disabilities (22)

Disability awareness.

Disability culture and politics

Disability insurance

Disabled American Veterans.

Disabled veterans

Disaster relief (28)

Disaster relief. (2)

Disaster television programs


Disc jockeys

Discarded household appliances

Discipline (3)

Discipline of children (3)

Discrimination (29)

Discrimination in education (24)

Discrimination in education. (6)

Discrimination in employment (25)

Discrimination in employment--Mississippi

Discrimination in employment. (8)

Discrimination in higher education (17)

Discrimination in housing (12)

Discrimination in housing.

Discrimination in restaurants.

Discrimination in sports (25)

Discrimination in the military

Discrimination--Law and legislation--Kentucky (12)

Discrimination. (36)


Diseases. (6)

Dishman, Oscar, Jr.

Dishman, Oscar, Jr.--Interviews

Disinfectants (2)

Disinfection and disinfectants



Dissertations, Academic (2)

Distance education (2)

Distillation (21)

Distillation. (13)

Distilleries (11)

Distilleries -- Kentucky (8)

Distilleries--Kentucky (30)


Distillers. (21)

Distilling, illicit (14)

Distilling, illicit.

Distinguished Flying Cross (Medal)

District Court (Kentucky : Western District) (2)

District courts

District courts--United States (2)

District courts--United States—Administration (4)

Diversity (10)

Diversity within America

Diving--Equipment and supplies

Divorce (15)


Divorced people

Dixie (Ky.)

Dixon, Charlie, 1914-

Dixon, Charlie, 1914- --Interviews

Dixon, Mabel

Dixon, Mabel--Interviews

Diy?l? (Iraq)

Dnipro (Ukraine)

Doby, Larry

Doby, Larry--Interviews

Dockery, Robert W.

Dockery, Robert W.--Interviews


Documentary arts and culture

Documentary films

Documentary films--Production and direction

Documentary films--Production and direction. (5)

Documentary films. (12)



Dodge Stables (Ky.)

Dodoma (Dodoma Region, Tanzania)

Dog licenses


Dogs--War use.


Doherty, Robert

Doherty, Robert--Interviews

Dollar General Store (Firm) (2)

Dombrowski, James A. (James Anderson), 1897-1983 (3)

Domestic relations

Domestic relations. (13)

Domestic work


Dominican Republic (22)


Donatelli, August J.

Donatelli, August J.--Interviews


Donnelly, James H., Jr., 1941-

Donnelly, James H., Jr., 1941- --Interviews

Donnermeyer, William I., Sr., 1924- (3)

Donnermeyer, William I., Sr., 1924- --Interviews

Donnermeyer, William, Sr. (2)

Donnermeyer, William, Sr.--Interviews

Donovan, Billy, 1965- (2)

Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964 (2)

Doors (Musical group)

Doping in horse racing (3)

Doran, Adron, 1909-2001 (7)

Doran, Adron, 1909-2001--Interviews (5)

Dorma Municipal District (Ghana)

Dorman, Thomas McDonald (2)

Dorman, Thomas McDonald--Interviews (2)

Dorris, Michael (12)

Dorsey, Emmett E.

Dosier, Maureen

Dosier, Maureen--Interviews

Dotson, William S. (2)

Dotson, William S.--Interviews (2)

Douala (Cameroon)

Double bass

Double wedding ring quilts


Douglas, William O. (William Orville), 1898-1980.

Douglass Park (Lexington, Ky.) (7)

Dowd, Tom (2)

Dowd, Tom, 1925-2002 (2)

Downey, David B., Sr.

Downey, David B., Sr.--Interviews

Downingtown (Pa.)


Draft (10)

Draft animals (4)

Draft resisters

Draft resisters.

Draft. (8)

Drafts (3)

Drag kings.

Drag performance (5)

Drag queens. (4)

Drag shows (2)

Drag shows. (5)


Drake University


Dreyfus, Jack, 1913-2009

Dried foods.

Drinking water

Driskell, Leon V., 1932- (2)

Driskill, Kelcy, 1922-

Driskill, Kelcy, 1922- --Interviews

Driving horses

Drought--Economic aspects (2)

Drug abuse (5)

Drug abuse and crime.

Drug abuse counseling. (2)

Drug abuse counselors (2)

Drug abuse in pregnancy.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (Program)

Drug abuse--Law and legislation--Kentucky

Drug abuse--Law and legislation. (4)

Drug abuse--Prevention.

Drug abuse--Social aspects. (5)

Drug abuse--Treatment. (13)

Drug abuse. (7)

Drug addiction (15)

Drug addiction and recovery (13)

Drug addiction--Treatment. (13)

Drug courts--United States

Drug paraphernalia.

Drug tolerance.

Drugs--Overdose. (2)


Drugs--Prescribing. (5)




Drum (2)


Drummers (Musicians)

Drums (Musical instruments)

Drunk driving

Drunk driving--Kentucky

Drunk driving--Law and legislation--Kentucky (2)

Drunk driving--Law and legislation.

Dry Ridge (Ky.)

Dryden, Frank B.

Dryden, Frank B.--Interviews

Dualism (2)

Duck River (Tenn.)

Dudley, George E.

Dudley, George E.--Interviews

Duff, Mike, 1922-

Duff, Mike, 1922- --Interviews

Duffield (Va.) (2)

Duis, Robert

Duis, Robert--Interviews

Duke University

Dunbar High School (Lexington, Ky.) (3)

Duncan, John A.

Duncan, John A.--Interviews

Duncan, Laura Lee

Duncan, Laura Lee--Interviews

Duncan, William

Duncan, William--Interviews

Dungeons and Dragons (Game)

Dunkin' Donuts (Firm).

Dunn, Keller

Dunn, Keller--Interviews

Dunne, Catherine H. (Catherine Helen)

Dunne, Catherine H. (Catherine Helen)--Interviews

Dupree, Thomas P., Sr.

Dupree, Thomas P., Sr.--Interviews

Duquesne University

Durand, Carla M.

Durand, Carla M.--Interviews

Durbin, Hazel (10)

Durbin, Hazel--Interviews (10)

Durocher, Leo, 1905-1991

DuVal, Merlin K., 1922-2006

DuVal, Merlin K., 1922-2006--Interviews

Duvall, Clyde

Duvall, Clyde--Interviews

Dwellings (4)

Dwellings--Remodeling. (4)

Dwellings. (5)

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Aircraft carrier : CVN-69)

Dynamics (3)

Dysart, Lora Robertson

Dysart, Lora Robertson--Interviews