Sue Eakin Louisiana Oral History Collection

These interviews were recorded by Dr. Sue Eakin and students in her History 71 class at Louisiana State University (LSU) in the 1970s. They were transferred from LSU to the University of Kentucky (UK) in 2001, the year Eakin was inducted into the LSU Journalism Hall of Fame. Her recordings are groundbreaking in the field of Oral History. The goal of this project is to serve students of rural Louisiana with an account of their history. To that effect, the analog magnetic tapes of the 1970s were digitized using Sound Forge software and transferred to CD hardware. Topics are: Black History (27 CDs), Plantations (44 CDs), Socialist Party (37 CDs), Louisiana People, General Topics (61 CDs), Louisiana People Specific Topics (38 CDs) and Wars and Battles (8 CDs). At present, there is a total of 225 CDs in 10 boxes. Ultimately, the Eakin collection contains 280 magnetic tapes on 7, 5, and 3 reels. Of these, 167 magnetic tapes have been processed, resulting in 242 separate records and 225 CDs.

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