Interview with Otis A. Singletary, August 24, 1990

In this interview, Dr. Singletary continues a discussion of the Cassidy controversy and newspaper editorials about it. He talks about public policy and lobbyists within Cassidy and Associates. It was the December after his resignation that Singletary became a consultant for Cassidy and this raised a lot of speculation about the nature of Cassidy's relationship with the University of Kentucky. He talks about the University of Arkansas moving into the Southeastern Conference. Dr. Singletary addresses the desire to have a U.K. versus Louisville basketball game in the spring of 1983. In a board meeting, Singletary said that he "yearn[ed] and pine[d] for the day when the really true serious matters of the University of Kentucky will get the same kind of expressions of interest and concern that have attended this item." He discusses the public pressure that was felt by the U.K. Board of Trustees. Dr. Singletary comments on Don Clapp as an administrator and his replacement, James Orville King. In November 1983, Martha Layne Collins was elected governor. Singletary mentions their cordial, but not close, relationship. In 1984 five million dollars was given to the university by the Markey Foundation. Being the largest single gift to Kentucky at the time, the monies went to equine studies and medical research. In January 1984, John Stephenson was named the president of Berea College. Singletary discusses what he really likes about Berea College and leads into his opinions about other institutions in Kentucky. He finishes with a discussion of his optimism going into the 1984-1985 school year and the role of Guy Davenport.

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