Appalachia Oral History Collection

Residents of Appalachia discuss their personal histories, the Brookside coal strike of 1974, the 1977 film "Harlan County, U.S.A.", the Kentucky Farmers Incorporated farm co-op, the Cranks Creek Survival Center, the Sharp family, Lee County politics, lesbians and gays in the mountains, and Green Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Author Harriette Simpson Arnow is among those interviewed.

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Appalachia   coal   Coal Mining   Immigration   Music   Religion   Women  
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Appalachia: General Oral History ProjectAPP001
They Say in Harlan County: The Alessandro Portelli Oral History ProjectAPP002
Appalachian Appropriate Technology Oral History ProjectAPP003
Appalachian Leadership and Community Outreach Oral History ProjectAPP004
Appalachian Protest Music Oral History ProjectAPP005
Appalachian Regional Commission Oral History ProjectAPP006
Appalachian Simple Lifestyle Expression and Experience Oral History ProjectAPP007
Assembly of God Church Oral History ProjectAPP008
Barthell Coal Company (McCreary County) Oral History ProjectAPP009
Beech Creek Study Oral History ProjectAPP010
Brookside Mine Strike (1973-1974) Oral History ProjectAPP011
Coal Mining Mechanization Oral History ProjectAPP013
Coal Operators Oral History ProjectAPP014
Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission Oral History ProjectAPP015
Family and Gender in the Coal Community Oral History ProjectAPP016
Immigrants in the Coal Fields Oral History ProjectAPP017
Kentucky Farmers Inc. Oral History ProjectAPP018
Landscapes and Forests of Kentucky Oral History ProjectAPP019
Lesbians and Gays in The Mountains Oral History ProjectAPP020
Moonshiners and Revenuers Oral History ProjectAPP021
Mountain Club Oral History ProjectAPP022
Out-Migration Project: Urban Appalachian Women in Cincinnati, Ohio Oral History ProjectAPP023
Roving Pickets Oral History ProjectAPP024
Sharp Family Oral History ProjectAPP025
Social History and Cultural Change in the Elkhorn Coal Fields Oral History ProjectAPP026
Teges Creek Oral History ProjectAPP027
War On Poverty Oral History ProjectAPP028
Women Of Coal Oral History ProjectAPP029
Coal Mining Oral History ProjectAPP030
Cranks Creek Survival Center Oral History ProjectAPP031
Politics in Lee County, Kentucky Oral History ProjectAPP032
Hazel Durbin's Quilted Life Oral History ProjectAPP033
Appalachian Studies Oral History ProjectAPP034
Eastern Kentucky Accents and Discrimination Oral History ProjectAPP035



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