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Morgan C. Atkinson Documentary Interviews: Live Music, A Tim Krekel Story

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Live Music, A Tim Krekel Story, 2009, was a Morgan C. Atkinson documentary about Louisville rock guitarist and song-writer Tim Krekel. He knew success on the local and national levels but his greatest triumph was in the way he chose to live music. The documentary captures the challenging life of a musician on the margins of the “big-time” as well as what music can mean to a community. Krekel’s music powerfully evokes a period of time in our community’s culture. The documentary was broadcast on KET.

Morgan C. Atkinson has been writing and producing media independently since 1985. There have been commissioned works for a wide array of clients including corporate entities, non-profits, broadcast networks and individuals. There have also been independent works which taken as a whole provide a unique perspective of Louisville, the state of Kentucky, and our changing culture in general.

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